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Create Room Configurations

CDM+ Roommate allows you to classify Rooms using Room Configurations. Think about how the different parts of your facility are used throughout the year. Some Room Configurations you might consider are:

  • Classroom
  • Lecture
  • Reception
  • Worship
  • Grounds
  • Banquet
  • Office
  • Childcare
  • Kitchen
  • Recreation
  • Music
  • Vehicle
  • Small Group Meeting

Room Configurations are not limited to just rooms, e.g., Vehicle or Grounds-type “rooms” may be configured for short-range or long-range transportation, picnic or playground setups, or anything else you can think of!

Room Configurations are managed from the Master Coding System. See Appendix B for instructions on using the Master Coding System.

You may add, change or delete Room Configurations at any time—just open the Master Coding System and select Room Configurations. Access to the Master Coding System can be controlled from User Management. See the Administrative Tools section of this manual for help using User Management.

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