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Individual Records in Regional

Minister Check Box

In the Information section on the Name tab of the Individual Records window, CDM+ Regional adds a check box that is labelled Minister. When checked, this box indicates that the selected individual is regarded as a minister by the judicatory.

In the customized subversions of CDM+ Regional, having the Minister box checked provides access to credentials, reports, and other information pertinent to denominational requirements.

Church Tab

The Church tab on Individual Records in CDM+ Regional creates connections with Church Records and populates information on the Members and Past Members tabs on the Church Records window. An Individual Record can be connected to one or more Church Records.

To add a church connection on the Church tab, first click Change in the sidebar, then click the Add Church button at the bottom of the Church tab. Select a church from the drop list in the Church column. 

If applicable, select a Position. Positions are defined in the Codes section of the Master Coding System under the program Groups. Positions can also be added to the Master Coding System directly from the Church tab.

Add the Begin Date and End Date for the position, if applicable. When an End Date is entered, this individual will appear on the Past Members tab of the Church Records window.

Multiple church lines can be created for the same Church Record to indicate different positions held in the church.

Church Positions in CDM+ Mobile

CDM+ Mobile looks at the positions entered on the Church tab as a group type called Church Positions. Each position is then available for selecting the individuals with that position, looking up individuals or sending group text messages and emails from CDM+ Mobile.

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