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Visitation Tab

Any visits to the individual entered through the Visitation portion of CDM+ appear on this pane.

To add a Visitation Record directly from this window, click on the Add Visitation Record button at the bottom of the window. Click on the calendar icon to select the Date of the visit. Click on the first dropdown box to select the Type of visit. Click on the second dropdown box to select the Staff person making the visit.

Adding New Types and Codes

If you have not set up Visitation Call Types and Staff Codes, or wish to add new ones, simply type the new type or code and press Tab. A new window will appear.

Click Yes.

Viewing the Details of a Record

To view the details of the visit, click the Visitation button on the left sidebar of the Individual Records window. This will open the Visitation Records window.

Deleting a Record

To delete a Visitation Record, click the red X next to the desired record.

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