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Taking Mobile Attendance

You can use your device running iOS or Android to take attendance with CDM+ Mobile.

A person record of past attendance is viewed in the Individuals feature.

Login to CDM+ Mobile. If the Launcher opens, tap the Attendance icon.

If the Launcher does not open and you are in another area of CDM+ Mobile, return to the Launcher by tapping the icon at the top right of the screen 


Attendance Setup

After you tap Attendance, the Attendance Setup window appears. Attendance setup has 2 parts:

  • To adjust the Date, tap on the date and scroll through the date fields to choose the date of the event for which you're taking attendance—usually the current date. You can also tap today to get today's date.

  • Tap the name of the group or class for which you're taking attendance.

Taking Attendance

  • Tap the name of each individual who is present. The individual moves from the left "Individuals" list to the right "In Attendance" list.

  • If you make a mistake, tap the name again. The individual moves back to the lefthand list and out of the "In Attendance" list.

Nineteen of twenty-six members of the Couples' Fellowship are present.

Attendance information for individuals marked "present" is immediately updated.

Viewing the Just-Taken Attendance in CDM+ Mobile

You can check this by going back into Individuals, selecting any of the members of the class who were just marked present, and checking the Attendance pane for that individual. Abby Adams' attendance pane from Individuals is shown below. Her December 15, 2013 attendance in the Couples' Fellowship is already recorded. 

Viewing the Just-Taken Attendance in CDM+ Church Management Software

The attendance marked in CDM+ Mobile also shows up immediately in CDM+ Church Management Software. Go to List Attendance from the CDM+ Program Menu.

Find the Current Church Groups List Attendance Entry window for the Couples' Fellowship of December 15, 2013. The same nineteen people we just marked present through CDM+ Mobile are marked Present here. The attendance is also already filed.

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