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How to set Android phones to allow Support Links

When attempting to provision an Android phone, you get the error, "'cdmmobile' links are blocked". 

To fix this error, you will need to allow supported links for CDM+ Mobile, under Android app settings. Follow the instructions that follow.

Steps apply to Android 11 (Release year 2020), newer versions of Android may have different steps to enable supported links

  1. On their Android phone, find the CDM+ Mobile icon on the Home Screen
  2. Press and hold on the icon to reveal the App setting options.

  3. in the window that appears,, tap “App Info”

  4. This will open the App Info screen, tap “Advanced” at the bottom.

  5. In the Advanced screen, find “Open by default” and tap.

  6. In the Open by default screen, there will be an 'Open supported links' option, tap it to open.

  7. This screen will display radio buttons to set how the app will handle link. Tap the setting 'Allow app to open supported links'.

With the app set to allow supported links, you can back out of the Advanced settings and try to provision CDM+ Mobile again.

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