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Deposit Processing



CDM+ users will need the User can access Deposit Processing permission.

  1. Go to File Administration
  2. Select the user
  3. Scroll down to Accounting
  4. Check User can access Deposit Processing
  5. Save


Ensure you've populated income and fee accounts on Giving Funds.

Event Registration

Ensure you've populated income and fee accounts on Event Records.

Using Deposit Processing

Program Ledger Deposit Processing

All deposits made to your bank account are listed on the left side of the window. When you select a deposit, the top list on the right displays the actual online transactions that make up that deposit. These may be from different days and be a mix of contributions, online registrations or manual merchant transactions. The lower list on the right displays the account number breakdown including fees. A deposit marked with a yellow dot simply needs to be reviewed and then marked for processing by pressing cmd-k (Mac) ctrl-K (Windows). Deposits in red indicate missing account numbers. Missing account numbers can be from the income or fee side of the setup.

Missing account numbers can be corrected on this window. Click on a red line from the list on the left. Transactions with missing account numbers will show on the right side with a red dot. By double-clicking on the red dot marked lines you can supply the appropriate account numbers. CDM+ will also then correct the setup windows related to these transactions and any others that make up this deposit.

When all deposits have been Marked for Processing, click the Continue button to post these transactions to your Ledger. A preliminary posting report will be generated to the screen with a Post button active. Click on the Post button to continue.

To view deposits processed go to the ledger entry window. The source of all deposit processing will be listed as Stewardship Technology.

Deposit Processing Credentials

When your merchant account is activated, the account credentials are automatically entered into CDM+. Only the Asset Account to which the monies are deposited needs to be entered by the user. The Asset Account is the checking account you provided with your Stewardship Technology merchant account application for settlement of funds.

All credit card numbers are stored on the computers of Stewardship Technology and are not entered in your CDM+ database. Stewardship Technology adheres to all U.S. Banking policies and procedures and this information is highly encrypted.

Reprinting Posting Reports

You can re-print a posting report to view full details on a specific deposit, including the transaction fees.

  1. Go to Program Ledger Deposit Processing
  2. Click History
  3. Select a posted deposit
  4. Click Print

Un-Processing a Deposit

You can un-process a previously deposited transaction.

  1. Go to Program Ledger Deposit Processing
  2. Click History
  3. Select the deposit to be un-processed
  4. Click Mark for Un-Processing
  5. Click Continue

Mark Transactions as Already Entered

  1. Go to Program Ledger Deposit Processing
  2. Select deposit that has already been entered into Ledger
  3. Click Mark Already Entered
  4. Click Continue

Printing Transaction Details

You can print a listing of transactions in each deposit, including fees.

  1. Go to Program Ledger Deposit Processing
  2. Click History if the deposit is already posted
  3. Select the deposit in question
  4. Right-click or ctrl-click (macOS) any line in the Breakdown by Transactions list
  5. Choose Print

Resizing the Panes Within Deposit Processing

Sometimes you need to get a better view of what is listed. You can adjust the size of the different panes in Deposit Processing.

To adjust the Breakdown by Transactions and Breakdown by Accounts panes, hover your mouse over the line separating them. When you see a little up and down arrow, click and drag the panes to the desired size.

To adjust the Deposits pane, hover your mouse over the line separating it from the other panes. When you see a little side to side arrow, click and drag the pane to the desired size.

Completed Processing Options

When processing is complete, there are options to finish and close the window, go to Ledger Entry Records, or return to Deposit Processing.

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