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Reporting on gifts from Engage Giving

CDM+ offers a number of reports and searchable fields to identify gifts from Engage.

Which Giving Units have made Contributions through Engage?

To find giving units that make contributions through Engage, you need to use an advanced find on the Giving Unit Record.

On the Primary Record tab of the Advanced Find window, you might limit the search to active giving units by specifying Inactive = No.

Then on the Related Records tab, add a related record search for matching Giving Unit Contribution Records.

Search for contribution records where the Source is equal to Engage, Engage (Guest), or both.

The results of this search will return all giving units that have ever made a contribution using Engage.

Finding Text Giving Contributions in CDM+

Click here to find text gifts.

Finding who has active recurring giving

The Recurring Contributions Listing report (Reports → Contributions Reports → Recurring Giving → Recurring Contributions Listing) lists the setup for recurring gift. Use the Sources option to limit this report to Engage gifts to see active recurring giving.

Finding who has setup an Engage account

Engage is accessed by individuals, even when looking at a shared giving unit. You can find individuals with an Engage account by searching for records with the username is not empty.

Searching against the individual username field requires access to administer Engage credentials.

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