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2024-05-23 Release Notes


May 23, 2024


28 issues

Important highlights from this release

  • Refinements to payment contact information from the 2024-05-13 release

  • Speed improvements in Settings

  • UCC Data Hub and UCC LCP improvements

  • User customizations

  • Groundwork for future platform enhancements

  • Bug fixed and internal enhancements

All updates for this release

API Integration

  • API-1758 Story - New Endpoint to show NOT YET DEPOSITED ACH and FAILED CREDIT CARD

Data Import

  • API-1831 Story - Add ledger model for /imports endpoint

  • ENG-3103 Story - Import Page Polish


  • API-1881 Story - Add an endpoint that determine if engage.branding exists


  • ENG-3162 Bug - Refund Appearing at the top of each page on the Payment/Donation Form

  • ENG-3145 Story - Optimize saving settings


  • API-1877 Bug - Getting Error Message when going to the Merchant Settings and you don't have Payroll

  • ENG-3153 Bug - Engage for DB Payroll databases shows Billing in Admin sidebar

  • ENG-3178 Bug - New Registration page does not load

  • ENG-2600 Story - Ability to right click and open in new tab from Universal Navigation

Payment Administration

  • ENG-3161 Bug - Getting Error Message when going to the Merchant Settings and you don't have Payroll

  • ENG-3163 Bug - Pop-Up Message for Engage Admin users to add Org's Contact Details Not Appearing

Payment System

  • PAY-30 Story - Enhance account end point to accept String type as ACH

  • PAY-31 Story - Fixing tests from PAY-30

  • API-1876 Story - Debugging PAY repo

  • API-1879 Story - Remove loggers from API-1876


  • ENG-3114 Story - Add dropdown to select year for viewing a payroll


  • API-1870 Story - Optimize saving engage settings

  • ENG-3054 Story - Add pop-up notification for when an Admin accesses Engage or CDM+ to enter Payment Contact Details

UCC Data Hub

  • ENG-2748 Bug - Make sure Back to List returns to the list of results

  • ENG-3112 Bug - Display Type for Phone and Email for all Conference, Association, People, and Church Records

  • ENG-3140 Story - Polish Conferences v2

UCC Profiles Portal

  • ENG-3118 Bug - Page content floats behind 'Choose a Profile Category

  • ENG-3149 Bug - Approved Ordination and Lay Ministerial date does not clear if checkbox is unchecked

  • API-1878 Story - Bug Fix for ENG-3149

  • ENG-2912 Story - Make the Edit button "Sticky" when in view mode on both the short and standard LCP

  • ENG-2938 Story - Fix tabbing on worship times table

  • ENG-2952 Story - Make View Draft button sticky when in Edit Mode on both the short and standard LCP

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