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2024-05-13 Release Notes


May 13, 2024


70 issues

Important highlights from this release

  • Payment contact information

  • Merchant settings

  • Time Off Plan Balances snapshotted per payroll (DBPayroll only)

  • UCC Profiles Portal and Data Hub Work

  • Minor bug fixes and enhancements

All updates for this release

Data Import

  • API-1677 Story - /imports endpoint

  • API-1679 Story - Spike a solution for uploading files

  • ENG-2515 Story - Data Import Tool


  • FER-246 Story - Add IPs for h40-h42 to allowed IP list

  • API-1867 Story - Add IPs for h40-h42 to allowed IP list

Error Handling

  • FER-245 Bug - Error returned when there is already a provision of that type

Field Manager

  • API-1836 Story - Return render map for resources

  • API-1837 Story - Set type of resource to component engage will show as a related record

  • API-1863 Story - Add notes column to address.address in fieldmanager/acp

  • API-1866 Story - Add notes to `conference_finances_configuration`

Master Coding System

  • API-1819 Story - Enhance v3 master code input to take in multiple code types

Payment Administration

  • ENG-3023 Story - Add Organization Email and Phone Number fields to Organization in Engage Settings

Payment System

  • API-1874 Bug - Cannot create an account through pay processor

  • WMT-1654 Story - Pull in Organizations's Name, Email, and Phone on Payment form in WMT

  • API-1822 Story - Tempe Banking Holidays endpoint

  • API-1840 Story - Add Organization Email and Phone Number to Organization endpoint(s)

  • API-1865 Story - Create an endpoint to return merchant settings

  • ENG-3077 Story - Replace SST credentials with Merchants


  • ENG-3137 Bug - YTD FICA displays as 0

  • API-1854 Story - Endpoint to return time off for each payroll

  • ENG-3013 Story - Ability to view time off balances for a specific period in time/specific paid date


  • UPD-36 Story - Create an Endpoint that Renders RSS

  • UPD-37 Story - Fix RSS Feed Rendering


  • ENG-3054 Story - Add pop-up notification for when an Admin accesses Engage or CDM+ to enter Payment Contact Details

  • ENG-3055 Sub-task - Update Engage Organization Settings in the Help Center

Suran Web Framework

  • ENG-2687 Story - Build positions component

  • ENG-3017 Story - Generalize conference finance component to link grid

  • ENG-3018 Story - Use resource type instead of resource key to render as related resource

  • ENG-3030 Story - Prototype SWF Component Store

  • ENG-3066 Story - Build NUMBER inputs and ui controls

UCC Data Hub

  • API-1864 Bug - Association Per Capita Dues/Apportionments and Association Ministerial Dues Finance's Total field not rounding to a whole number.

  • ENG-2755 Bug - After adding a Conference, the tab key does not work adding additional conference records

  • ENG-2876 Bug - Conference Finances does not load at top of page

  • ENG-2890 Bug - Description for Other Education Level should be a text field

  • ENG-3016 Bug - Housing Allowance displays a single decimal place in view mode

  • ENG-3069 Bug - Receives Error Message after Deleting a Conference

  • ENG-3075 Bug - Search and Call value not saved with conference update

  • ENG-3098 Bug - Continues to be in Edit Mode after navigating away from page.

  • ENG-3121 Bug - Conference Record Disappear when clicking on Cancel on swal

  • API-1843 Story - Add basic people resource endpoint to be able to populate individual dropdown for position component

  • API-1856 Story - Conference Ministerial Dues field needs updated to say, "Amount per Minister"

  • API-1857 Story - Set Field Settings for Conference Finance fields

  • API-1858 Story - Return title from association_staffs endpoint

  • API-1859 Story - Update Search and Call field to Search and Call Contact

  • API-1860 Story - Correct spelling for "Participants"

  • API-1861 Story - Finance numbers right align when in edit mode.

  • ENG-2763 Story - Add view for conference staff

  • ENG-2930 Story - Expose Association Staff

  • ENG-2939 Story - LCP draft form: When tables don't have a response, show No Response text instead of a table

  • ENG-2948 Story - Handing decimal numbers for fields that only except whole numbers

  • ENG-2950 Story - Update Year Validation for Conferences

  • ENG-2958 Story - More LCP Polish Tasks

  • ENG-2978 Story - Polish Conference Finances

  • ENG-3056 Story - Enhance `configureForeignKeyField` method to be able to create missing classes

  • ENG-3096 Story - Polish Conferences

  • ENG-3113 Story - Polish Conference Finance Pop Up

  • ENG-2981 Sub-task - Add Banner Message for Outgoing/Expenses section

  • ENG-3080 Sub-task - "Create An Address for this record." Instructions for Conference and Association Address Component

  • ENG-3086 Sub-task - Center the gray background highlight

  • ENG-3088 Sub-task - Make Finance Titles less Bold

  • ENG-3090 Sub-task - Add name of Specific Component for all "Add Rows"

  • ENG-3091 Sub-task - Update Header Format to be consistent for "Add a Row" components.

  • ENG-3095 Sub-task - Update Delete Instructions to say "Delete this..."

UCC Profiles Portal

  • ENG-3065 Bug - Church Positions page does not load correctly when conference/association has no church positions

  • ENG-3102 Bug - LCP Finance view still uses ministry_position table

  • API-1853 Story - Populate entered circulation datetime when updating status to Published from On Hold

  • API-1855 Story - Create endpoint to get published local church profiles

  • ENG-2921 Story - In LCP view mode, constrain parsonage pictures to the container

  • ENG-2924 Story - Fix Current Staff box and Ordained/Commissioned/Lay Ministers boxes on Standard form.

  • ENG-2957 Story - Allow Anyone with a Regional Position linked to a Conference or Association to view Published LCPs

  • ENG-2965 Story - Rename "Save and Go Back" button on first page of multi-page form for LCP and Minister Profile

  • ENG-2977 Story - LCP Status Pathways

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