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CDM+ 9.3.6

Released on July 20, 2016


Download for macOS
168 MB

Download for Windows
210 MB

Installation Steps

Step 1: Check system requirements

Check the CDM+ System Requirements to ensure all computers that will run the version version meet system requirements. This is especially important when upgrading between major versions.

Step 2: Backup your data

Back up all databases that will be updated to the new version. If you subscribe to CDM+ SAAS or Data Hosting you can contact support to make a backup or simply rely on the nightly backup.

Step 3: Download the installer

Click the link above to download the installer for your platform.

Step 4: Install the new version

Follow the Installing CDM+ guide to install CDM+. This will remove previous versions of CDM+ from your computer. 

Step 5: Update your database(s)

Open CDM+ and update your database(s) to the current version. 

Issues resolved in CDM+ 9.3.6


  • [CDM-2814] - Restoring a deleted investment, loan, or loan payment record doesn't restore child records
  • [CDM-2821] - Loan memos don't always save
  • [CDM-2872] - Activities Custom Listing is missing related records
  • [CDM-2873] - Changes to Name under System Preferences aren't saving
  • [CDM-2889] - Master Listing Report does not have Activity Records or Activity Registration Records under Related Records tab
  • [CDM-2907] - Closing out investments can produce a SQL error
  • [CDM-2922] - Check number and reference number are missing on Withdrawals for ELF
  • [CDM-2924] - The Activity Registrations related record on Registration reports doesn't provide the expected results
  • [CDM-2957] - Attempting to delete a bank charge or interest produces a message the entry is tied to a bank reconciliation and cannot be deleted


  • [CDM-2804] - Loan Investment Support Shakedown
  • [CDM-2805] - Investment Shakedown for UID 8782 May 2016
  • [CDM-2812] - Mark interest payments to receive 1099
  • [CDM-2816] - Statement of Activities shakedown
  • [CDM-2886] - Fix accounts on withdrawals
  • [CDM-2887] - Add Vendor Code to the Investment Activity Report
  • [CDM-2977] - Allow a longer position for the custom Certification report for UID 382

Changes in the original 9.3.6, build 6070

Bug Fixes

  • [CDM-1259] - Individual Name Badges can print the wrong photo for the wrong individual on the last page
  • [CDM-1962] - There were errors updating a database from 9.0r17 to 9.2.16
  • [CDM-2408] - Individuals that are assigned to groups are not automatically highlighting when going through the check-in process
  • [CDM-2499] - Using the Individual Names field on a custom listing with an advanced find against certain fields produces an error
  • [CDM-2574] - You cannot open the Statement of Activities report for UID 12763 at the same time as Fund Activity
  • [CDM-2575] - The Statement of Activities custom report shows for all users, not just 12763
  • [CDM-2576] - The Statement of Activities custom report for UID 12763 can produce a Divide by Zero error
  • [CDM-2602] - The Statement of Activities report can select the wrong year when using a fiscal year
  • [CDM-2624] - User attempts to add individuals to Address Record window and receives a SQL Error
  • [CDM-2625] - An error can occur updating a 9.0r1 database to 9.3.5
  • [CDM-2669] - User receives a SQL Error when attempting to move an individual to another Address Record
  • [CDM-2680] - Custom listing subtotal headers don't extend to use multiple lines when needed
  • [CDM-2685] - Refresh data on minister association doesn't retain filter on redraw
  • [CDM-2714] - An error can occur updating a 9.0r18 database to 9.3.5
  • [CDM-2728] - Adding a code on the fly doesn't gracefully handle a duplicate entry
  • [CDM-2762] - The program does not gracefully handle adding a duplicate pay item description
  • [CDM-2770] - After updating to CDM+ 9.3/DonorWorks 9.1, the cached position values on church assignments can be incorrect
  • [CDM-2772] - Adding a withdrawal to an investment can cause a SQL error
  • [CDM-2773] - Posting report overprints the column headers on the first line of data
  • [CDM-2775] - Including Not Tax Deductible on Contributions Maintenance can cause extra result lines to appear
  • [CDM-2779] - Long reference responses can cause text to overprint on the 2013 Minister Profile Report
  • [CDM-2810] - Reloading results in the Minister Association Tool is slow
  • [CDM-2813] - An error can occur updated a CDM+ 8.2r14 database to 9.3.5


  • [CDM-625] - Add User Fields to Vendor Records
  • [CDM-2031] - Build the Attendance Analysis for Cancer Support Community
  • [CDM-2167] - Ability to set a flat accrual amount per payroll on a time off plan
  • [CDM-2306] - Ability to mark minister to regional positions
  • [CDM-2413] - Standardize codes for DOC Ministers
  • [CDM-2414] - Standardize the DOC Minister fields
  • [CDM-2432] - Ability to access Investor Records
  • [CDM-2465] - Redesign the Sales Order Records window to fit the minimum screen resolution better
  • [CDM-2493] - Build Account tab of Investment Account Records
  • [CDM-2516] - Build Loan Records
  • [CDM-2523] - Create a posting routine for Investment Deposits and Loan Payments
  • [CDM-2525] - Create trigger to validate withdrawal and deposit date
  • [CDM-2538] - Add investment.loan_payment table
  • [CDM-2539] - Build Loan Payment Records
  • [CDM-2540] - Build Post Interest window
  • [CDM-2541] - Function to generate interest on investments
  • [CDM-2542] - Investment Interest report
  • [CDM-2543] - Add a Close Out feature to Investments
  • [CDM-2544] - Ability to add a withdrawl
  • [CDM-2545] - Ability to add/change/delete a deposit
  • [CDM-2546] - Add payment method to investment.payment
  • [CDM-2547] - Create a trigger to set last interest generated date on investments
  • [CDM-2551] - Build function
  • [CDM-2552] - Build investment.queue_interest_posting_ap_invoice
  • [CDM-2554] - Build a view for posting.activity
  • [CDM-2555] - Build a Posting Report
  • [CDM-2556] - Build the posting tables for ledger
  • [CDM-2557] - Build investment.queue_interest_posting function
  • [CDM-2558] - Window to generate Investment Interest
  • [CDM-2559] - Function to insert generated interest
  • [CDM-2560] - Build posting.post_ledger function
  • [CDM-2561] - Build posting.post_ap_invoice function
  • [CDM-2562] - Create a basic we_Church smartfield
  • [CDM-2572] - Add a trigger to calculate the loan balance on insert or update of the original loan amount
  • [CDM-2577] - Remove the requirement that a church on a minister's previous work location
  • [CDM-2580] - Create trigger to prevent updating or deleting investment deposits and withdrawals after interest has been generated
  • [CDM-2581] - Trigger to prevent updating interest
  • [CDM-2583] - Include the city when submitting ministerial information changes
  • [CDM-2585] - Limit the churches on the the loan payment record frame to those that have a loan with a balance
  • [CDM-2586] - Consider both Work Location and Church for Place of Employment from DOC General
  • [CDM-2588] - Prevent changing the loan or payment ID on a loan_payment record
  • [CDM-2589] - Extend the toolbar for Investments
  • [CDM-2590] - Polish the Investments window
  • [CDM-2591] - Polish the Generate Interest report
  • [CDM-2592] - Polish the Loan Records window
  • [CDM-2593] - Polish the Loan Payment Records window
  • [CDM-2603] - Enhance the Statement of Activities Report to have some of the standard accounting report options
  • [CDM-2607] - Ability to track loan investment support
  • [CDM-2608] - Loan Investment Support Report
  • [CDM-2609] - Investment Custom Listing
  • [CDM-2610] - Loan Custom Listing
  • [CDM-2612] - Add descriptions to investment table classes
  • [CDM-2617] - Calculate the initial payment amount when adding a loan
  • [CDM-2618] - Add a read-only Loans tab to Church Records
  • [CDM-2619] - Add a read-only Investments tab to Vendor Records
  • [CDM-2621] - Build the posting tables for Accounts Payable
  • [CDM-2623] - Loan Payments Shakedown for UID 8782
  • [CDM-2626] - Investment Records Shakedown for UID 8782
  • [CDM-2627] - Loan Records Shakedown for UID 8782
  • [CDM-2628] - Disallow deleting an entry in a closed period or on a bank reconciliation
  • [CDM-2631] - Generate Interest Shakedown for UID 8782
  • [CDM-2636] - Allow selecting multiple funds on the Pledge Custom Listing
  • [CDM-2637] - Add the YTD pledge balance to the Pledges tab on Donor Records
  • [CDM-2638] - Add the Pledge Amount to Gift Entry
  • [CDM-2639] - Investments Shakedown for UID 9989
  • [CDM-2640] - Loan Records Investments tab Shakedown for UID 9989
  • [CDM-2643] - Generate Interest Shakedown for UID 9989
  • [CDM-2646] - Remove the old Loan customization for UID 9989
  • [CDM-2648] - Enhance the posting report to show accounts payable invoices
  • [CDM-2649] - Loan Records Shakedown for UID 9989 (onsite)
  • [CDM-2650] - Custom Listing for Investment Deposits
  • [CDM-2651] - Custom Listing for Investment Withdrawals
  • [CDM-2652] - Custom Listing for Investment Interest
  • [CDM-2654] - Investments Shakedown for UID 9989
  • [CDM-2655] - Add contact name to Vendors
  • [CDM-2657] - Generate Interest Shakedown for UID 9989 Round 2
  • [CDM-2658] - Build a reusable Posting window
  • [CDM-2662] - Add triggers to prevent deleting an accounts payable invoice when appropriate
  • [CDM-2663] - Multiple copies of the electronic ministerial information submission email can be sent
  • [CDM-2665] - Adjust 1st and 15th interest payments to be a flat monthly amount when generating interest
  • [CDM-2666] - Generate interest when taking a withdrawal for 1st and 15th interest due investments
  • [CDM-2668] - Add Loan Payment Custom Listing and Export
  • [CDM-2671] - Loan Payment Shakedown for UID 9989
  • [CDM-2676] - Posting Shakedown
  • [CDM-2678] - Avoid compounding interest
  • [CDM-2679] - Optimize the Dedicated Accounts report for UID 11044
  • [CDM-2681] - Refactor wcGivingUnitInfo_4Estimate and corresponding integration test
  • [CDM-2687] - Permission to be able to submit changes to OCV
  • [CDM-2688] - Limit which positions are sent with DOC Ministerial Changes
  • [CDM-2689] - Expose occupation data on DOC Minister tab as read/write
  • [CDM-2690] - Submit work location from occupation data
  • [CDM-2691] - Allow selecting multiple ethnicities on Minister Records in the General Office version
  • [CDM-2692] - Allow selecting multiple ethnicities on the DOC Minister tab
  • [CDM-2693] - Add Has Standing to preview fields on both sides of Minister Association tool
  • [CDM-2697] - Add Flagged Minister Email Notices
  • [CDM-2698] - Create an Investment Statement
  • [CDM-2699] - Create a Loan Statement
  • [CDM-2700] - Prevent changing posted AP and ledger entries
  • [CDM-2701] - Withdrawals and closeouts should automatically post
  • [CDM-2713] - Change investment tables to foreign key to posting ledger entries
  • [CDM-2717] - Consider deposits and withdrawals as affecting the next day's balance when calculating daily interest
  • [CDM-2720] - Migrate the DOC Yearbook Import to a database function
  • [CDM-2721] - Add Sales Orders to the user Menus preference pane
  • [CDM-2723] - Add ability to find on function driven fields for pledge records
  • [CDM-2767] - Remove the doc.minister.circulationregions column
  • [CDM-2768] - Update the Christian Church in Kentucky custom certificate reports for the common DOC codes
  • [CDM-2793] - Enhance the Mac check image scanner to look in /usr/local/bin/ruby and then in /usr/bin/ruby
  • [CDM-2800] - Investment and Loan Statements Shakedown
  • [CDM-2803] - Add a transfer feature to Investments
  • [CDM-2805] - Investment Shakedown for UID 8782 May 2016
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