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CDM+ 9.3.1

Released on January 03, 2016


Download for macOS
166 MB

Download for Windows
204 MB

Installation Steps

Step 1: Check system requirements

Check the CDM+ System Requirements to ensure all computers that will run the version version meet system requirements. This is especially important when upgrading between major versions.

Step 2: Backup your data

Back up all databases that will be updated to the new version. If you subscribe to CDM+ SAAS or Data Hosting you can contact support to make a backup or simply rely on the nightly backup.

Step 3: Download the installer

Click the link above to download the installer for your platform.

Step 4: Install the new version

Follow the Installing CDM+ guide to install CDM+. This will remove previous versions of CDM+ from your computer. 

Step 5: Update your database(s)

Open CDM+ and update your database(s) to the current version. 

Issues resolved in CDM+ 9.3.1

Bug Fixes in CDM+ 9.3.1

  • [CDM-2334] - Error applying migration 577
  • [CDM-2335] - Updating a COG database with EP codes produces an error
  • [CDM-2342] - Error updating CDM+ to 9.3 because of values in fmIndividual.idcaregiver_desc
  • [CDM-2343] - Infinite loop during migration 560

What's New in 9.3

Bug Fixes in CDM+ 9.3

  • [CDM-431] - Church Letter and Church Email Notices have an extra space in the menu
  • [CDM-563] - Deleting an other information set with no other information items will cause a SQL error
  • [CDM-652] - Deleting check formats can cause the program to crash
  • [CDM-666] - The labels for Account Payable and Accounts Receivable are truncated to Accounts in Administration
  • [CDM-783] - The menu title and window title for the window that posts Accounts Payable invoices to the ledger disagree
  • [CDM-983] - An error occurs adding the Individuals Names field to a Church Position Custom Listing that includes an advanced find
  • [CDM-1013] - The Daily Report of Gifts does not use terms support for Events in the Sort Order group box
  • [CDM-1068] - The menu and report titles disagree for the Attendance Directory
  • [CDM-1111] - Payments tab on Vendor records does not save column adjustments
  • [CDM-1117] - The Payments and Invoices tabs on Vendor Records do not use all available space
  • [CDM-1143] - When I find CDM+ in Spotlight, it shows a 203 copyright year
  • [CDM-1171] - The menu title and window title for Online Contribution Notices disagree
  • [CDM-1293] - The Add Fund button on the Giving Funds window needs terms support
  • [CDM-1295] - The search description on the Actual vs. Pledge report needs terms support
  • [CDM-1308] - The Archive Utility does not use terms support
  • [CDM-1311] - Fields on the Pledge Summary report need terms support
  • [CDM-1312] - The standard search on the Totals by Month report does not use terms support for events
  • [CDM-1324] - Giving Statement and Receipt reports need terms support
  • [CDM-1456] - Missouri Taxes not Calculating Allowances Correctly
  • [CDM-1651] - Adding Address ID/Barcode ID to the results on Giving Unit Records can cause the panes to not display information
  • [CDM-1710] - After generating the Aatrix forms 941 and 944 with the same data the Wages, tips, and other compensation are not the same value
  • [CDM-1803] - Printing the chaplain's annual report generates a SQL error
  • [CDM-1811] - The Accounts Payable Invoice window doesn't size properly
  • [CDM-1814] - An individual custom listing can attempt to print an address block for fmindvgroup and produce an error
  • [CDM-1815] - The treasurer report financial summary isn't constraining by payment type
  • [CDM-1839] - Certificates report for Christian Church is not working
  • [CDM-1843] - A blank field with an asterisk appears when a user attempts to print the Individual Custom Listing report with 'Address under column 1' checked.
  • [CDM-1848] - Ministers' credential region is not showing on the credentials tab
  • [CDM-1857] - Add term support to error message in "Totals by Month" when no Giving Fund/Designation is selected
  • [CDM-1882] - 2013 Minister Profile find field list has an extra space between a couple of the selections
  • [CDM-1966] - Minister ordination date is not being set when you enter the three parts of the date
  • [CDM-2009] - Minister Profiles are not printing page numbers
  • [CDM-2012] - You cannot view the most recently-submitted profile for a minister who is not in Search and Call
  • [CDM-2023] - AR Invoices and Payments record frames' titles show as "-14"
  • [CDM-2026] - Taxable local 2 is generating a SQL error when the user attempts to file a 941
  • [CDM-2032] - Restoring a user's database on a development machine breaks users' ability to connect to their hosted database
  • [CDM-2033] - After changing ordination information only in Minister Records, allow the minister to re-publish their profile
  • [CDM-2046] - Importing background checks will clear the credential region description
  • [CDM-2057] - User getting Omnis error when writing checks in Accounts Payable
  • [CDM-2060] - Treasurer Report Financial Summary report is not printing the church name
  • [CDM-2175] - The label preferences window doesn't show a helpful preview
  • [CDM-2176] - Button text on the Scan Checks window is cut off
  • [CDM-2180] - SQL logging does not include timing
  • [CDM-2192] - CDM+ Mobile 1.7.1 will not connect to a 9.3 database
  • [CDM-2203] - User receives a SQL Error when checking 'Include Do Not Print' on Individual Custom Listing report
  • [CDM-2213] - The Visitation Listing report title needs terms support
  • [CDM-2235] - Adding Address ID to the Individual Advanced Find Results does not display the address ID
  • [CDM-2245] - User receives SQL error in Giving Unit Field Maintenance when using 'Is Church' query
  • [CDM-2256] - Missing Directory term on the menu does not agree with the title of the report and setup window
  • [CDM-2257] - Pledge Summary Custom Listing string table lookup is incorrect
  • [CDM-2263] - Members are not appearing on the Members tab of the Church Record
  • [CDM-2264] - Minister and Position columns of Church Ministers report is not populating
  • [CDM-2270] - Paging by code doesn't work on the Church Ministers report when using a church group
  • [CDM-2274] - Ordination date does not populate on DOC individual email notices
  • [CDM-2276] - Getting SQL Error when attempting to update database
  • [CDM-2278] - Getting a duplicate key SQL Error when creating a duplicate Detail Set
  • [CDM-2279] - Detail window on Record Frame is not clearing from the initially selected Detail Set
  • [CDM-2282] - Opening Vendor Records truncates the first tab
  • [CDM-2283] - The batch code can be cut off on Contributions Maintenance
  • [CDM-2294] - Marking a pay item as exempt can cause the deduction to be recalculated incorrectly on the paycheck
  • [CDM-2311] - When adding a new Address Record Group drop-down list does not populate all codes
  • [CDM-2312] - When adding a new Address Record, the 'Giving Unit' tab does not come up when you click 'Yes' to add a giving unit
  • [CDM-2319] - Customer Records labels the code field as ID
  • [CDM-2320] - A space is needed in the warning box for a duplicate Givers Code
  • [CDM-2327] - User receives SQL Error when trying to add a registrant to an event
  • [CDM-2329] - When no group types are selected in the new MCS, you do not see all of the warning text

Enhancements in CDM+ 9.3

  • [CDM-86] - Create a function to display a summary of a pledge breakdown
  • [CDM-101] - Use full state names on the Tax Table window and describe ancillary lookup tables, like O2 and A2
  • [CDM-124] - The window that opens by going to Main -> Import Background Checks should be titled "Import Background Checks"
  • [CDM-412] - Add functions to Pledge Notices and Custom Listing/Exports to allow sending pledge reminders
  • [CDM-536] - Jumping to Individuals from Address Records should not close and re-open Individual Records
  • [CDM-705] - Change the default when transferring contributions to Selected instead of All
  • [CDM-843] - Ability to add aggregates to subtotals on Custom Listings
  • [CDM-1169] - Add a function-based field to giving units that display Total Selected Contributions
  • [CDM-1858] - As an administrator, I can define one or more time off plans
  • [CDM-1859] - When generating payroll, accruable hours will be generated for the correct pay items
  • [CDM-1861] - Before generating pay checks, a user can review time off accruals
  • [CDM-1862] - Validate time off accruals before writing checks
  • [CDM-1863] - Accrue accruable hours when writing checks
  • [CDM-1864] - As a user I can see time off activity on an employee's record
  • [CDM-1865] - Ability to add time off balances to payroll check layouts
  • [CDM-1866] - As a user I can make manual accrual and usage adjustments to time off
  • [CDM-1990] - Update remaining time_off tests
  • [CDM-2014] - Optimize the Reset First Gift special function
  • [CDM-2018] - Update the customization for user 141 to use Care Groups
  • [CDM-2045] - Handle expired SST accounts
  • [CDM-2052] - Create a database function that sanitizes a credit card number
  • [CDM-2064] - Polish the Minister Association Tool prototype
  • [CDM-2065] - Display a list of ministers from the OCV in the Minister Association Tool
  • [CDM-2066] - Function to get the DOC general credentials
  • [CDM-2067] - Table for doc.minister_association
  • [CDM-2068] - Create a view to get the list of local ministers with their associations
  • [CDM-2069] - Functions to mark, update and unmark a minister as reviewed
  • [CDM-2070] - Function to apply associations
  • [CDM-2071] - When marking or un-marking a minister as reviewed, save that in the database
  • [CDM-2072] - Display the ministers and their associations in the Minister Association Tool
  • [CDM-2079] - Show Regional and General Ministers side-by-side on Individual Records
  • [CDM-2114] - Add Pay Period Begin Date field to the Pay Check setup window
  • [CDM-2169] - Enhance the Minister Association window to show an expanded summary for General and Regional ministers
  • [CDM-2183] - Build 9.3 installers
  • [CDM-2189] - Remove the NSSCode and NSSCodeEntry fields from the master coding system
  • [CDM-2191] - Remove the CustomVersionNumber from the Master Coding System
  • [CDM-2194] - Remove the BANK code
  • [CDM-2195] - Remove the Master Coding System enhancements for MCN and RCCG
  • [CDM-2196] - Remove TrackCheckInOut from the Master Coding System
  • [CDM-2197] - Create a function to generate the Aatrix PYR Record
  • [CDM-2198] - Create a function to generate the Aatrix RCP Record
  • [CDM-2199] - Create a function to generate the Aatrix RMG Record
  • [CDM-2201] - Remove the contractual employee feature
  • [CDM-2210] - Enable the pledge receipts report for user 6789
  • [CDM-2211] - Remove the customization for MCN
  • [CDM-2212] - Remove the customization for RCCG
  • [CDM-2215] - Remove redundant columns on group assignments and redundant upper-case columns
  • [CDM-2216] - Add the Customizations window
  • [CDM-2217] - Rename Other Information to User Fields and add terms support
  • [CDM-2219] - Factor minister awards out of group assignments
  • [CDM-2220] - Format regional minister names like the general ministers' names on the Minister Association Tool
  • [CDM-2221] - Replace the universal foreign key on fmIndvGroup to a foreign key to feVoteSetup
  • [CDM-2224] - Remove the fgcodetype_id column from attendance
  • [CDM-2227] - Move integrity checks for fgCodeType to the database
  • [CDM-2228] - Move integrity checks for fgMasterCode to the database
  • [CDM-2229] - Move integrity checks for fmIndvGroup to the database
  • [CDM-2230] - Move integrity checks for fmUserField to the database
  • [CDM-2231] - Move integrity checks for fmUserFieldSet to the database
  • [CDM-2232] - Eliminate unnecessary code type links
  • [CDM-2241] - Code-sign our windows installers
  • [CDM-2246] - Add ability to sort Past Members tab by the available columns
  • [CDM-2247] - Add State field under Name tab of Minister Report Records to Search fields
  • [CDM-2250] - Implement the Codes pane in Master Coding System
  • [CDM-2251] - Implement the Groups pane in Master Coding System
  • [CDM-2252] - Implement the User Fields pane in Customization
  • [CDM-2253] - Ability to generate an AUF for 1099s from CDM+
  • [CDM-2266] - Ability to add aggregates to grand totals on Custom Listings
  • [CDM-2273] - Add the ability to use Counts Only with subtotals selected
  • [CDM-2292] - Change the term "Regional Minister" to "DOC Minister"
  • [CDM-2295] - Split tax forms to Payroll Tax Forms and 1099 Tax Forms
  • [CDM-2328] - Suggest that you change text 'Move Set' to 'Move to Set' to make it clearer
  • [CDM-2330] - Suggest that the Group Types Code column have a minimum width that allows you to see more of the descriptions
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