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CDM+ 9.2.9

Released on June 12, 2014


Download for macOS
136 MB

Download for Windows
197 MB

Installation Steps

Step 1: Check system requirements

Check the CDM+ System Requirements to ensure all computers that will run the version version meet system requirements. This is especially important when upgrading between major versions.

Step 2: Backup your data

Back up all databases that will be updated to the new version. If you subscribe to CDM+ SAAS or Data Hosting you can contact support to make a backup or simply rely on the nightly backup.

Step 3: Download the installer

Click the link above to download the installer for your platform.

Step 4: Install the new version

Follow the Installing CDM+ guide to install CDM+. This will remove previous versions of CDM+ from your computer. 

Step 5: Update your database(s)

Open CDM+ and update your database(s) to the current version. 

Issues resolved in CDM+ 9.2.9


  • [CDM-72] - When entering a check in ledger if the vendor selected is marked to receive a 1099 the 1099 box is not automatically checked on the ledger entry.
  • [CDM-80] - With update to 9.2.4, the 'Modify Visitor Records' checkbox is getting unchecked.
  • [CDM-93] - Memorial Gifts Given window is not adding the selected designee
  • [CDM-146] - When upgrading a user from CDM+ 7 to CDM+ 9.2, the users permissions may not be maintained.
  • [CDM-155] - Visitor Attendance Custom Listing Should not give Address/Individual Fields as options
  • [CDM-192] - Adding a minister and trying to populate the personal, credentials and overview tabs during the add causes the Save button to not save or change the window mode back to view
  • [CDM-197] - The Account Usage window generate a SQL error when searching for payroll usage
  • [CDM-237] - Registering an individual through the registrations tab on individual records does not assign the church
  • [CDM-282] - Accounts Receivable Invoice E-Mail Notices missing embeddable fields
  • [CDM-300] - Assign the church on Minister Reports from the most current active church link on the Individual, then use the Address Link if an individual link is unavailable
  • [CDM-315] - Process Treasurers Reports will show a message saying the payment gateway is down when the church is missing an ACH account
  • [CDM-321] - User does not have access to add to Ledger, but can post payables by going through Write Checks window
  • [CDM-376] - Attempting to save church ACH information, the user gets a SQL Error
  • [CDM-387] - If an error occurs when saving changes on Ledger Entries, the program does not recover smoothly
  • [CDM-388] - Updating a minister can produce the error "Minister has not granted permission to enter circulation"
  • [CDM-389] - When updating a minister we do not clear legacy references before importing new ones, which can produce a "You cannot create more that one reference for each type" integrity error
  • [CDM-406] - Running the Payroll Worksheet without any frequencies selected will produce a SQL error
  • [CDM-427] - Getting a null value error when closing the Attendance Summary
  • [CDM-450] - SAC Gen Office Yearbook Directory is showing overlapping text on first line of entries
  • [CDM-451] - SAC Gen Office Minister Directory has overlapping text
  • [CDM-465] - Selecting All on the Minister Master Info report does not toggle the report selection to All
  • [CDM-517] - The SAC Office Circulation Lists report is only printing one minister
  • [CDM-542] - The Reconcile Transactions (Demo) special function does not work
  • [CDM-566] - Require the same fields on payers as the Aatrix registration server
  • [CDM-572] - You cannot create a mobile provision without access to Personal tab, Attendance tab , or Attendance app
  • [CDM-588] - Entry order of Batch Contributions is not maintained when user saves, closes window and logs out of CDM+
  • [CDM-594] - Account usage does not respect user permissions
  • [CDM-595] - An error can occur sending client information to Aatrix
  • [CDM-610] - Record frame windows can recall an invalid sort field and produce an error when finding results
  • [CDM-613] - When toggling the Exempt settings on FICA/Medicare taxes for an existing payroll and choosing to recalculate taxes, the W-2 amount is not updated
  • [CDM-616] - An error can occur updating a 9.2.1 database to 9.2.7 when there is a system check scanner setting
  • [CDM-618] - Modifying basic user information can clobber unsaved changes in permissions
  • [CDM-619] - PDF Server throws an error when called
  • [CDM-626] - Confirmation emails from WMT are not showing as sent under the Sent Notice tab of the Registration Entry window.
  • [CDM-631] - Changing churches in CDM+ does not invalidate the church list in WMT
  • [CDM-635] - The word Turn is misspelled on Administration in the Turn on All Permissions button
  • [CDM-643] - Updating a COG Regional database from 9.1r19 to 9.2.8 will fail in migration 396
  • [CDM-644] - Gifts made through the Single Gift Tool will appear twice in Deposit Processing
  • [CDM-658] - Award Setup does not save changes to 'Worship, Discipleship On/Off Campus Figured on'
  • [CDM-685] - Backing up a database on Windows fails if the Windows user's name has a space in it
  • [CDM-689] - Sending a large number of giving statements is slow
  • [CDM-700] - Exporting Address Records is slow
  • [CDM-715] - Regional Programs. Gifts entered through Online Giving are not getting assigned a fmChurch_ID
  • [CDM-731] - The Relocated Circulation List does not display the minister's name and other information if they were circulating with a 2013-style profile
  • [CDM-752] - The address under column 1 on the Individual Custom Listing does not display newlines properly against a PostgreSQL 9.1 server


  • [CDM-46] - Only show current users in the Modified By check list on the Master List
  • [CDM-205] - Add the date generated to the 2013 reference PDF
  • [CDM-247] - Move data import utility down to the database to increase speed and ease of use
  • [CDM-351] - The DOC General Office should be able to view the last published legacy profile after a minister switches to 2013 forms, but before they submit the 2013 form
  • [CDM-352] - Add regions from the Credentials tab of the Minister Master File to the available find fields
  • [CDM-355] - Ensure we're sending minimal information to SST when creating donors
  • [CDM-393] - Pledge Notices should have the same fields as Pledge Custom Listing/Exports
  • [CDM-411] - Add giving fund columns to Pledge Custom Listing, Exports, and Notices
  • [CDM-423] - Refine the 2013 Reference report to be clearer to read
  • [CDM-524] - When creating a donor in Stewardship Technology's system, use any available address line if Address Line 1 isn't populated
  • [CDM-577] - Only show Check-In and Check-Out tabs if the user own CICO
  • [CDM-623] - Prevent un-published profiles in DOC regional databases
  • [CDM-662] - Change the verbiage used when the program cannot automatically update to a new release
  • [CDM-673] - Implement Intelligent Mail Tray Tags
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