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CDM+ 9.2.5

Released on January 21, 2014


Download for macOS
135 MB

Download for Windows
196 MB

Installation Steps

Step 1: Check system requirements

Check the CDM+ System Requirements to ensure all computers that will run the version version meet system requirements. This is especially important when upgrading between major versions.

Step 2: Backup your data

Back up all databases that will be updated to the new version. If you subscribe to CDM+ SAAS or Data Hosting you can contact support to make a backup or simply rely on the nightly backup.

Step 3: Download the installer

Click the link above to download the installer for your platform.

Step 4: Install the new version

Follow the Installing CDM+ guide to install CDM+. This will remove previous versions of CDM+ from your computer. 

Step 5: Update your database(s)

Open CDM+ and update your database(s) to the current version. 

Issues resolved in CDM+ 9.2.5



  • [CDM-7] - When voiding a payroll, CDM+ is not creating an offsetting entry for the employer portion of payroll in ledger nor is it creating an offsetting invoice.
  • [CDM-8] - DHM Invite Emails not going out
  • [CDM-9] - A recurring gift is recreated that shouldn't be when Deposit Processing is opened
  • [CDM-13] - The buttons to copy the link to view a reference form or open directly do nothing for 2013-style references
  • [CDM-17] - The profile report for 2013-style profiles is missing the Other Significant Training data
  • [CDM-18] - Linked records are missing on 2013-style profiles imported to a regional database
  • [CDM-19] - Salary is missing on 2013 profiles in the regional database
  • [CDM-22] - vyW2TaxType is dropped when updating taxmanager.backup
  • [CDM-24] - Checking Modify References does not allow entry into fields on the reference tab for ministers with 2013-style profiles
  • [CDM-30] - Viewing a contribution with a scanned check image no longer shows the button to view the image
  • [CDM-32] - Attempting to post payroll with advanced fund accounting for payroll enabled produces SQL errors
  • [CDM-35] - Individual Labels will not print the barcode for regional offices when using discount mail
  • [CDM-43] - Fonts on the downloaded form for legacy references are wrong
  • [CDM-47] - 2013 Minister Profile has incorrect link for moving companies
  • [CDM-48] - Overlapping text in Areas of Ministerial Practice on the 2013 profile
  • [CDM-49] - 2013 profile report missing the Updated date
  • [CDM-56] - Ministerial and Vocational Service table overprints the page
  • [CDM-58] - 2014 Maryland tax tables are missing frequencies
  • [CDM-59] - 2014 Illinois tax tables
  • [CDM-60] - 2014 Massachusetts tax table changes are missing in 9.2
  • [CDM-63] - COG Process Treasurer Reports would not set the 'Calculated' State and Missions on the Process All
  • [CDM-64] - Error occurs when adding ACH information for a church's treasurer's reports
  • [CDM-98] - When minister submits a 2013 style form, the published date needs to be saved on minister record
  • [CDM-99] - 2014 tax tables for Michigan are missing
  • [CDM-100] - 2014 tax tables for Oregon are missing
  • [CDM-106] - 2014 tax tables for the District of Columbia are missing
  • [CDM-107] - 2014 tax tables for North Dakota are missing
  • [CDM-108] - 2014 tax tables for Vermont are missing
  • [CDM-109] - 2014 tax tables for New Mexico are missing the highest brackets
  • [CDM-116] - 2014 tax tables for Connecticut are incorrect
  • [CDM-117] - Reimbursable Personal Expenses section of the 2013 profile has X marks off by one line
  • [CDM-118] - The profile for the DHM Crash Test-Dummy minister will not print on MS Windows


  • [CDM-41] - Payments not Correct on 941
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