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CDM+ 9.1r9

Released on October 31, 2012


CDM+ 9.1r9.2592
Download for macOS
166 MB

CDM+ 9.1r9.2592
Download for Windows
175 MB

Installation Steps

Step 1: Check system requirements

Check the CDM+ System Requirements to ensure all computers that will run the version version meet system requirements. This is especially important when upgrading between major versions.

Step 2: Backup your data

Back up all databases that will be updated to the new version. If you subscribe to CDM+ SAAS or Data Hosting you can contact support to make a backup or simply rely on the nightly backup.

Step 3: Download the installer

Click the link above to download the installer for your platform.

Step 4: Install the new version

Follow the Installing CDM+ guide to install CDM+. This will remove previous versions of CDM+ from your computer. 

Step 5: Update your database(s)

Open CDM+ and update your database(s) to the current version. 

Issues resolved in CDM+ 9.1r9


  • Account balances report Balance sheet will now handle long account descriptions
  • Accounts Payable vendor lists sorts are now case insensitive
  • Added check to make sure that bank reconciliation charges and interest have correct classification.
  • Added Default Account to Vendor window options and Vendor custom listing
  • Advance Fund Accounting Bank Rec Current Balance will now be correct if an account is added after creating the bank rec
  • Balance column on Accounting setup is no longer cuting off on windows Vista
  • Budget Report Monthly to Text/Clipboard was not showing monthly breakdown correctly
  • Custom budget report, monthly summary budget, detail now shows.
  • Fixed: If you select the Auto-Draw option in Mark Invoice to pay the cycle button begins with Check rather than the item selected.
  • Fixed: Mark Invoices to Pay window, Accrued Invoice tab: The first line will not cycle to the Auto-Draw choice. It will select Check, CC, then Check rather than AD.
  • Fixed Custom report, Monthly Summary with Budget, for user 11724, is not calculating the 6 month total correctly. It is calculating it for 5 months instead of 6.
  • Fixed error when trying to update check counters.
  • Fixed Issue of When running the Account Balances report, Page by fund, Last fund shows up with all 0s, but its total is still added to the subtotal
  • Fixed issue when Closing a Major period generates an Error if you have 2 years of periods closed before closing a year
  • Fixed Recurring invoice in Accounts receivable not linking to the customer record when the user creates a new customer without saving the record first.
  • Local/Other Deductions will now allow you to enter in a vendor if none exists
  • Printing a filed back rec will now show the correct summary figures
  • Printing to screen of the Accounts Receivable Accrue Posting Report no longer goes to full screen.
  • Uncleared items on the Bank Reconciliation are now sorting by date correctly
  • Vendor Recurring setup 'Vendor' now in heading of detail line
  • When marking an invoice for payment from the Invoices window, the asset selection and payment type will carry through to Mark Invoices to Pay
  • You can now reliably create a bank rec for assets with numbers more than 4 characters in length

Advanced Find

  • Record frame Find now displays 'Advanced Find' after doing an Advance find


  • Deleting a visitor record will now report the correct total numbers to be deleted.
  • Fixed Missing Analysis Report: ERROR: null value in column preflistline violates not-null constraint
  • Visitor Labels will now recognize sort if done after letters
  • When viewing a List Attendance, in change mode, canceling the process will no longer cause 'Those Present' to disappear.


  • Fixed an issue where some tables were missing a unique index on the ID column
  • The FTP backup sync will now handle FTP backup paths and local backup paths that are different.

CDM+ Mobile

  • Fixed a mis-spelling in e-mail for mobile provisions
  • Fixed an issue where repurposed fields would still show in personal history.
  • Restoring a database with mobile provisions to a non-hosting server will no longer disable access to the hosted database from already-provisioned devices
  • When marking attendance for events, individuals will now reliably appear in all databases.


  • FIXED CICO is showing individuals from the membership records rather than the visitor records. on self check in
  • Fixed Error when trying to do an advanced find on individual information in the check in/check out log
  • Removed 'Individual Names' as an option on CICO labels

COG Church

  • Treasurer Report Detail report is now an option when printing from the TR Window on church version.

COG Regional

  • Add Export Option for COG TR Missing Report
  • COG TR Detail Statistics report now showing detail in text format
  • Custom Treasurer Report Summary for user 10420 now printing Church Names
  • Fixed Changing Rank doesn't go through and change every individual's usertype4_DESC with the new updated value
  • Fixed Error when setting up ministers to vote
  • Fixed error when trying to submit women's reports to international
  • Fixed Issue where if a church's bank account is closed, the ACH tab loses all information and the office cannot enter the new bank account information in the ACH tab.
  • Fixed Women's reports saved searches trying to find on old women's report structure
  • When entering/Updating Treasure reports Clicking on Stats tab, and not Tabbing to it, causes Month and year from getting updated

COG Women's Ministries

  • COG Womens International Regions ACH tab is not cut off and refers to women's reports now
  • Fixed Women's Reports record frame is recalling some Womens Report Qtr saved searches


  • Actual vs. Pledge by Month now properly handles giving unit code ranges
  • Doing an advanced find only on a check deposit report will now produce results
  • Error when a change is made to a giving unit with giving unit email maintenance open
  • Fixed error generated when updating giving unit information with the Giving unit Email Maintenance window open in the background
  • Fixed Error on pledge window when a Pledge record is select with no pledge fund selection
  • Giving Unit custom listing now shows as a report option on the giving unit window
  • Giving unit list off of contribution entry will now remember display setting.
  • Selecting Order as a sort column on the Giving Custom Listing longer produces error
  • The blue info button under the 'Email' tab of Giving Unit Information window will now save changes in Change mode


  • Conversion of CDM+ 7 databases was not activating the proper products and licenses that are associated with the embedded serial number.


  • Customization to add Actual to Budget window for user 6744
  • Who's Where Changes

DOC General

  • Cannot change a reference number if other changes are happening
  • Chaplain Scans now correctly identifying image types
  • DHM Scans tab no longer has a printer icon
  • Importing PDF Scans to Minister Records now works
  • The feature to mark a reference as incomplete is now working

DOC Regional

  • Church Fields are now available on Registration Exports/Custom Listing and Name Badges in Regional Programs
  • Fixed Font issues on SAC Disclosure form
  • MInister profile will now print permission section if all options are selected
  • Removed List Assignment from Church Custom Listings/Export field options
  • Report defaults under S&C are now loading correct values.
  • Search and Call Disclosure form on Windows no longer cuts the right and bottom sides of the text box.
  • The DOC Regional minimum version check failed if the program version is equal to the minimum version


  • Send e-mail as BCC groups will now work.
  • Sending BCC e-mail will now send all messages

Event Registration

  • Event Registration Activity Report Composite now shows correct information
  • Fixed : Loading an e-mail notice on an event creates a new notice, but re-uses the template notice from the old event
  • Registration entry will hold registrant list sort after changing a record
  • Registration will load linked address when linking a registration record to an individual


  • CDM+ on Windows would not open URLs from within the app
  • Corrected spelling on unique error text.
  • Fixed an issue where CDM+ would fail to launch under Mac OS X if the user's home folder was not on the boot drive.
  • Fixed Error when trying to test FTP settings in backup setup
  • Fixed On the Omnis Report field Editor>Item Settings window, Arial font reverting to geneva on mac
  • Optimized printing reports with a large number of records
  • Phone tree export now recognize Delimiter and Path preferences
  • Report search description for the MCS report is now correct
  • When serialized as 8.1.2 or later, the Enhanced Notices item should not appear on Serialization


  • Discount Mail Fixed Issue with the 3 digit tray on Periodical letter
  • Fixed issues with the flat scheme bundles/sacks
  • Fixed Error when importing case files
  • Fixed On a standard letter mailing , the sortation grouped 3 DG SCF addresses with AADC addresses into a 3DG tray.
  • Fixed: The ADC sortation that the program used assigned the STD AADC destinations rather than the FCM ADC destinations.
  • Mailing Tray tags Zip desc now lines up with blocks below to allow for greater margin adjustments
  • When running a FCM non machineable mailing, the summary numbers were incorrect. The total was good, but the presort number did not include anything except the MAAC.

Master Coding System

  • Events in Master coding system now have module listed as ALL instead of visitor


  • Address Name Badges will now recognize the margin settings on the label setup
  • Entering the entire description for a code Field and tabbing and then saving did not save the change to the database.
  • Error when doing an advanced find only option on address custom listing and Address individuals in in Field List.
  • Field style on marital status is now correct.
  • Fixed error when running a summary search on Title.
  • List maintenance will now check for duplicates when transferring(Copying) from an existing list
  • List Maintenance will now select the last transferred individual in the right hand list.
  • Removed Individual Sent Notice, Resend Selected button tool tip of Swap Primary and alternate addresses
  • Report of Uncertified address from Address Utilities will no longer try to page by selected code.
  • TN AOG FIXED Error when running Minister Directory


  • Added better messaging when trying to open an email attachment that no longer exists
  • Fixed an issue where e-mails with embedded date fields would not display the correct dates in the plain text version of the e-mail.


  • Adding an Employee after making a Time Off adjustment caused the time off data to not display in Employee Information record window
  • Auto draw checks wil now print in Alpha order
  • Auto Draw payroll checks will now print correctly from Ledger window
  • Calculate Hourly payroll window is displaying a drop down to select whether or not to use default hours. This should not be in CDM+.
  • Can now select asset in view payroll when Advanced fund accounting is turned on
  • Changing a pay item description on an employee pay item will now change related payroll detail
  • Fixed error when writing checks and YTD is figured on Paid Date.
  • Fixed Issue: view payroll window will not allow you to make a change on the summary tab to the federal tax withheld, or state tax withheld, or local tax withheld if you have changed the gross on the detail tab and selected re-calculate taxes.
  • Fixed rare instances of Pay items from one employee moving to another
  • Import tax tables now gives message if import file is missing.
  • MI Tax table update
  • New Employee pay items were not saving if there is a default pay setup in Use
  • On Advanced Fund payroll posting Splitting of Withholdings was not consistently happening
  • On view payroll if exclude from w2 is unchecked and Exempt is checked on FICA/MED Taxable and W2 Wages will be cleared out when the auto calc set exclude is checked because Exempt is checked.
  • Payroll Posting dialog at end in Advanced fund accounting no longer shows a −14.
  • Payroll will now figure deductions based upon taxable fed correctly now
  • Taxable Income Detail Combined the Withheld and Taxable federal columns when sent to clipboard
  • Verified that a user cannot delete a pay item in payroll if there are payrolls associated with it

Record Framework

  • Potentially fixed a rare issues that would copy information from one record frame to another
  • Window results Total is now updating properly when window is open from a jump button

Regional General

  • Fixed Individual and Address name badges not showing selected fields from Church Records
  • Fixed Regional Individual Directory, Advanced find only, not finding individuals who are not linked to a church

Report Framework

  • Fixed Error on labels when number across is zero


  • Fixed an issue where changing a recurring event midway through its occurrence and choosing to change all events created a second event.
  • Fixed Event Listing Report sometimes duplicating data in place of another event
  • The calendar popup window under the Monthly Calendar Worksheet now has months and years showing in their respective drop-downs.


  • Fixed error in Migration when there were invalid Bank Rec Entries
  • Fixed issue where Database fails to reorganize when updating from 2387 to 2514 with an error at migration 300.
  • Fixed: Apply database migration 299 failed when updating from 8.2r15 to build 2533
  • Migration 225 will only require build 2110 for COG Regional databases, not any regional database.
  • Repaired the ability to create mobile provisions in recent incremental updates
  • Suran Server will no longer fail to update the template database when running on a non-standard port
  • System will notify and quit process if import files are missing during reorganize.


  • Ability to add e-mail addresses to the directory tool
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