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CDM+ 9.1r8

Released on May 17, 2012


CDM+ 9.1r8.2387
Download for macOS
163 MB

CDM+ 9.1r8.2387
Download for Windows
173 MB

Installation Steps

Step 1: Check system requirements

Check the CDM+ System Requirements to ensure all computers that will run the version version meet system requirements. This is especially important when upgrading between major versions.

Step 2: Backup your data

Back up all databases that will be updated to the new version. If you subscribe to CDM+ SAAS or Data Hosting you can contact support to make a backup or simply rely on the nightly backup.

Step 3: Download the installer

Click the link above to download the installer for your platform.

Step 4: Install the new version

Follow the Installing CDM+ guide to install CDM+. This will remove previous versions of CDM+ from your computer. 

Step 5: Update your database(s)

Open CDM+ and update your database(s) to the current version. 

Issues resolved in CDM+ 9.1r8


  • AP Reports will no longer continue if a begin date is not entered in
  • AR Aging report will no longer mistakenly give Advanced find options on invoices
  • Auto-draw entries from PR and AP were entering a '0' rather than leaving the field empty causing Check Listing report to combine entries by vendor.
  • Check And Deposit tab, on ledger window, will now handle accounts greater than 4 digits
  • Error 'Cannot Mark AP Entry as printed without an asset link.' when entering a check through the ledger that is tied to a vendor and advanced fund accounting is turned on.
  • Error when they attempting to change the vendor name of a Vendor when items had been posted to that vendor via ledger checks.
  • Fixed Error received when trying to close a year after adding a new account.
  • Fixed Error when Double clicking on a payment item, to open ledger item, in Vendors
  • Fixed reprint of auto draw checks from the ledger
  • Full Account description, on related accounts, now updates properly when a Fund, Category, or Subcategory code/number is updated.
  • New POs will now display in results list until window
  • Newly created invoices will now display in results list.
  • Optimized opening the AR Invoices report in a database with a large number of customers
  • Quarterly Comparison report for user 1639 will now print the column headings properly and the buttons below the account listings are no longer hidden.
  • The difference of Total Liabilities and Funds on the Account Balances report is now calculating properly.


  • Archiving chart of accounts using a standard search will no longer produce an error


  • When Running the Attendance History update if there was no attendance in the current giving period the message was that you needed to enter in a beginning date instead of warning you of no attenance.


  • Automatic Backups can now be configured to backup to the root level of mapped drives under Windows
  • Restoring a backup will now clear restore terminated connections that were in place at the time of backup.
  • The automatic backup cleanup will no longer attempt to cleanup backups that did not succeed
  • The Database Backup Log will now load data correctly


  • Added Validation at Check In/Check Out self check on for valid event selected

COG Regional

  • Church Award reports will now run without having to modify them first.
  • COG Church Award report will no longer generate an error if no giving funds are selected.
  • COG WR Post Income will now post to the correct income account
  • Fixed Error when trying to recalc an award year
  • Fixed Issue of New Ministers not being recognized by the validation on the Minister report window
  • Fixed Issue where COG Award Calc clears out all award detail for all but the award you last calc'd.
  • Fixed issue where Girls Club Award Calc was not totaling SMCH Giving
  • Fixed Position foreign key not always being set on the church tab of the individual table.
  • Girls Club Award Report on Contributions now has all Giving Areas
  • Ledger Reference Number for COG Regional Post Income reports now displays the reference rather than 'N/A' .
  • Optimize Award Calc for COG
  • Optimize COG Award Reporting
  • Tithe Average And Worship Average report not showing church name

COG Women's Ministries

  • Added a database-level integrity check to prevent duplicate women's reports
  • Added Women's report Points Award Report
  • Church code now populates on Women's Reports submitted by the WR WMT
  • Improved the reliability of selecting designations on Women's Reports
  • Replaced references to "Giving Fund" on the Financial tab of Women's Reports with "Designation"
  • Women's Reports submitted by the Women's Report WMT will now have a source of "WMT" instead of "Other".


  • Added Test for valid Routing Number after check scanning and before saving it to the giving unit.
  • Error when deleting a giving unit tied to a church
  • Fixed an issue where entering data into certain combo boxes (such as giving funds on Contributions entry) and typing the full value would not hold.
  • Fixed Creating a giving unit from the GU jump button of the Church Record, Caused the GU to be associated with an Address Record ID that was the same as the Church ID.
  • Fixed Issue where Actual vs. Pledge report was not reporting all giving to date in Detail mode. It printed the composite report correctly.
  • Giving Fund name changes do not cascade down to All Tables
  • Goal Amount on Windows cutting off right side till window is resized
  • Including individual names in the results list on Giving Unit information no longer produces error
  • Sorting the giving statements using Discount Mail will now list chronologically within giving unit.
  • The nightly recurring transaction import will no longer fail to import some transactions.

Data Import

  • Importing *Groups, *OtherInformation and *OtherPhones for individuals will now link fmAddress_ID on the ancillary tables

DOC General

  • Cover sheet for references and profiles printed from RegionalDatabase-level integrity check to ensure unique minister emails
  • E-Mail address on Minister Master File in DOC General is now a scrolling single line entry to prevent trailing spaces in text
  • Implement new disclosure form language
  • Invite email will report any failure now
  • Minister Statistics report will consider anyone with an Order of Minister beginning with OM as ordained
  • Reference will automatically be set to complete when Signed
  • Toggling the historical status on a reference now holds after saving


  • Fixed error when sending an email out of contributions and including a staff member that is linked to an individual
  • Resending email progress message will now show messages sent correctly. Messages sent will only reflect number being resent not original total messages
  • When a new email notice is created, it now picks up the sender's name and address

Event Registration

  • Event Registration Master list added sort by registration date
  • Event Registration Social Security number now format as XXX-XX-XXX rather than XXX-XXX-XXXX.
  • Fixed Error on Event registration report when trying to do an advanced find on registration information with a composite report
  • When loading event notices the current event will no longer show as an option


  • Removed extra error text on data integrity errors
  • Sending feedbacks and error reports when connected to a hosted database will now be much faster
  • User Management will once again correctly report users as logged in
  • Windows Only issue: In Advanced Search window, when you tab to create a new line, the cursor will now move to the next line and not the And/Or drop down in the upper right.


  • Periodical Mailing now sorting 3dg Schemes and SCF Properly


  • A cleared photo in Address/Individual Records now delete upon saving.
  • Address Yearbook: City, State and Zip field does not include the words "Alternate Address" for the Alternate city, state and zip like Address Lines 1 an 2.
  • Exports will now refresh properly if using Advanced find only and a change is made the the search
  • Individual Labels, one per household, will now sort by zip properly
  • Individual Report Searches now have a include historical option
  • Membership Defaults of city, state, etc are now automatically populating Address Records on regional program
  • Transfer button on Visitor attendance will now be disabled if no record is selected


  • Add a true "Employer Matching Deduction"
  • Added Validation for employee routing number
  • Adding a deduction to an existing payroll now saves the deduction
  • Adding an account record to an employee during an add does not retain the account or routing number
  • Changing an existing payroll and choosing to recalculate taxes will now recalculate percentage-based deductions that are calculated on hours
  • Changing deductions and federal tax withheld on View Payroll and electing not to recalculate taxes will now save the changes to federal tax
  • Cleaned up Employee divider on Calculate Hourly Payroll being off when list is resorted
  • Contractual Payroll button on Payroll Launcher will now open the Calculate Contractual window
  • Corrected the OR tax tables for larger pay rates.
  • Deduction detail now has related record finds for Address Records
  • Do method command without a valid method name After Calculating Contractual Payroll
  • Employee info window/deduction tab, the wording "Employer Tax" changed to 'Employer Matching Deduction'
  • Employee lists on Calculate payrolls does not adjust the Employee name column properly when resized
  • Federal ID number appears to be modified in the setup window, but after closing the window and looking at fgSystem the number is not updated.
  • Final Payroll posting report now shows the total Employer Portion of Tax line correctly.
  • Fixed : Payrolls calc'd with a single pay item exempt from all deductions were still calculating deductions with an add on amount
  • Fixed an issue where some windows would redraw excessively when saving.
  • Fixed Sort buttons on hourly and contractual payroll lists
  • Fixed Visual problem when calculating Regular payroll. Window will reset not reset after calculation
  • ID tax table 4/20/2012 update
  • If calculate a payroll then zero everything out and add a positive or negative amount under Deductions to adjust deductions for an employee, the program will take the deduction amount to 0.00 rather than hold the amount.
  • Post payroll checks will now only show pay items that have a Paid Date and a Check Number instead of Check Number only
  • Provide the ability to add missing deductions in View Payroll at $0.00
  • Recalculating percentage-based deduction on View Payroll does now respects pay item exclusions
  • Renaming a deduction will now cascade that change to employee setup and payroll.
  • The Select Address window off Employee Information will now open more reliably
  • Updating a payroll check number, in the ledger, will now update multiple pay items related to the ledger entry
  • User cannot delete a deduction from and employee with unposted payrolls containing that deduction
  • When you have Process Hourly checked in the Calculate Regular Payroll, the hourly window will now show the same pay period date

Record framework

  • Enhance the record frame save

Regional (All Versions)

  • Error in regional when trying to update an address record related to a Registration record that has a church link that no longer exists.


  • Fixed Error when attempting to duplicate an event in roommate
  • Room descriptions in Roommate now update on calendar when changed
  • The blue 'i' under the Event Information window of Roommate is now showing who entered/modified and dates.
  • Time formatting will now assume AM/PM display if 'Use 24 Clock' is not selected
  • When Resource information is exploded the data is now displayed properly
  • While adding Resources, room names did not populate or save successfully when adding a record but populated just fine when making a change to the record.


  • Processing Deposits that include Clerk Reports or Womens Reports will no longer result in a SQL error.
  • Recurring Gifts will now have a contribution type (if one has been configured on the options page for that tool.).


  • COG Regions get an error on migration 225 when updating from 9.0r17 instead of a notice to upgrade to 9.1r6 first
  • Fixed an error running migration 283 on non-COG Regional databases.
  • Fixed an issue reorganizing older database manager versions
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