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CDM+ 9.1r7

Released on April 03, 2012


CDM+ 9.1r7.2303
Download for macOS
226 MB

CDM+ 9.1r7.2303
Download for Windows
173 MB

Installation Steps

Step 1: Check system requirements

Check the CDM+ System Requirements to ensure all computers that will run the version version meet system requirements. This is especially important when upgrading between major versions.

Step 2: Backup your data

Back up all databases that will be updated to the new version. If you subscribe to CDM+ SAAS or Data Hosting you can contact support to make a backup or simply rely on the nightly backup.

Step 3: Download the installer

Click the link above to download the installer for your platform.

Step 4: Install the new version

Follow the Installing CDM+ guide to install CDM+. This will remove previous versions of CDM+ from your computer. 

Step 5: Update your database(s)

Open CDM+ and update your database(s) to the current version. 

Issues resolved in CDM+ 9.1r7


  • 1099 Recipient name does not wrap long vendor names
  • Ability to e-mail AR invoices
  • Account Range tab in Select Accounts window placed a '-' when tabbing through fields.
  • Added additional checks, in Write AP checks, that Invoices get marked as printed afterwords.
  • Added Database-level integrity check on faAcctPayable Status
  • After closing a year and clearing beginning balances, the beginning balances for income and expense will now be zero
  • Check Listing was combining all of the payroll auto-draw entries into one entry
  • Custom Quarterly Report was not showing descriptions in the quarter drop-down
  • Federal/State EIN entry now available under accounting standard
  • Fixed a print manager error with an attempt to add duplicate section on Budget Report Monthy
  • Fixed a Null pref list line error on Trial Balance when all types are selected
  • Fixed an error on Deposit Processing when jumping to the ledger when item was not yet posted
  • Fixed an error trying to update a ledger entry tied to a payroll item with an alpha-numeric check number
  • Fixed an error when voiding payroll
  • Fixed an error when writing checks out of the ledger
  • For items on the Bank Reconciliation report with a transaction date within the date range of the selected bank reconciliation that cleared on a future bank reconciliation, the report did not display them if both Print Uncleared Items is checked AND Print Uncleared Items after End Date is checked.
  • Generate AR Statements were not producing statements for all customers
  • If a chart of account did not have unique 4 digit fund codes, Income and Expense reports displaying all accounts and paged by fund may not group accounts to correct fund
  • If an employee's pay item expense is linked to a chart of account ID that does not exist, the expense field showed some other account number and description
  • Printing Budget Report to Clipboard did not include the Account numbers even though they are selected to be included.
  • The instructions for the 1099 had five orphaned words on the left side.
  • The program appears to reset the check number (sets it back to 1) when printing auto-draw checks in the AP or Payroll module.
  • The Purchase Order Report, when printed from Purchase Orders did not show the total amount of purchase order or vendor information
  • When an error arises in posting a payment, the program will now hide the posting progress bar.
  • When printing the budget report as a worksheet, detail, display ytd, show all detail - you do not get a subtotal on the displayed ytd if there is a blank line in the list.


  • Attendance by Date report was printing the same class code under the date when using Totals by date, but printing a second time displayed the correct code
  • Attendance by Individual report: when you want to search for Visitor's only, the program will no longer add Membership Status codes to the seach criteria
  • Attendance Custom Listing and Attendance Membership Custom Listing was not printing one per line even though there were no fields present that would cause the reports to give individual attendance entries.
  • Fixed a syntax error when attempting to perform an Attendance Export
  • Fixed an error about an ambiguous column when producing an Attendance Export with multiple Date Endered fields in the list.
  • Fixed an error when performing an advanced find on visitor information from Attendance Labels
  • Visitor Address User Defined Groups are now available for export
  • Visitor Master Listing report will now allow related record searches for Followup Records


  • CDM+ will now detect an additional error when restoring backups and report it accordingly
  • Cleanup of automatic backups will now run correctly
  • Fixed a case where automatic backup notification e-mails could be resent erroneously
  • If pg_dump dies, CDM+ will now correctly report a failed backup
  • Optimized opening Database Browser when there are a large number of automatic backups
  • System databases will no longer be automatically backed up
  • The FTP sync during automatic backups will now correctly remove stale remote files whose names begin with a space character

CDM+ Mobile

  • Add the ability to provision CDM+ Mobile for access to hosted databases
  • Publish CDM+ Mobile 1.0


  • Fixed an issue where full-screen check-in would be positioned incorrectly for some resolutions
  • Validation fields on Check in/Check Out should not have allowed the selection of individual date components, such as Birth Month, Birth Day, or Birth Year

COG Church

  • The COG Treasurer's report will now set the paper size to US Letter regardless of the default paper for the printer

COG International

  • In the COG International Program, the phone number from the previous record was displayed when adding a new Region record
  • The length of the Region name and Label Name now longer and their entry fields will now horizontally scroll
  • When tabbing to the Label Name, the Region Name will now populate into the Label Name.

COG Regional

  • Added an integrity check on COG Individual Records for unique Minister File Number
  • COG Form report, from Regional Program, did not include the 'Other' designation
  • COG Treasure reports does not have leading zeros in cents or 00 if none
  • Fixed an error when opening Process Minister Reports
  • Fixed an error when opening the Minister Reports window after making changes to Region System Preferences
  • Fixed an error when running the Minister Directory and no master coding type of "Web Page" existed
  • Giving Fund selection on Minister Reports, Treasurer Reports, and Women's Reports would select the first fund when tabbing if fund did not have an account specified
  • The COG Post Income window did not respect Advanced Fund Accounting

COG Women's Ministries

  • Create a new, unified Women's Reports structure with support for the Women's Reports WMT and electronic sumbission to the International Office


  • Added a test to disallow duplicate Giving Unit records in the same pledge fund.
  • Canadian Tax Receipts: Allowed the changing of a Contribution tied to a receipt.
  • Change which e-mail addresses show for church-based Giving Units
  • Clicking the Show All button on the Giving Statement report did not retain the giving fund selection
  • Deposit Processing produced an error if any account numbers contained non-numeric characters
  • Fixe an error that would occur when runing the Giving History Comparison report with a giver code range
  • Fixed an error in Exports and Custom Listings if more than one Date Entered column was selected
  • Fixed an error that would occur when running the Giving History Reports with a related record find on individuals
  • Fixed an error that would occur when running the Pledge Comparison report with an advanced find including projected pledges
  • Fixed an error when trying to tansfer more than 2,500 contributions from one giving unit to another
  • Giver Code range find was not producing correct results for givers codes with dashes (-)
  • Giving Statements Header: Church Name will now follow thealignment option unless there is an indent setting, in which case it will left align. This allows for the centering of report heading and left align church heading
  • Giving Unit E-Mail Maintenance did not respect anadvanced find
  • If pending gifts are processed after their deposits have been processed into the ledger, they will now pick up the deposit date, deposit id and ledger reference number correctly.
  • In Process Pending Gifts, the street address of the unmatched contributor was missing
  • Nightly Recurring Transaction Sync should not consider any transactions that aren't "Cleared"
  • Optimized Updating Giving Fund order on databases with a large Giving Fund list and number of history records
  • Printing Giving Statements by Line using the Discount Mailing sort will now print detail contributions in correct chronological order
  • The delete button will now enable correct on Contributions Batch Maintenance
  • The message "You Must Select an Address" will no longer appear when adding a giving unit while the History tab is exploded
  • The nightly recurring gift sync should now run correctly even if you don't have an SST asset account configured.
  • The payment type was not auto-completin under Windows XP
  • The PDF Settings on Email Giving Statments was not initialized properly and could cause PDF reader programs to prompt for password when attempting to print the statement
  • The screen alignment of the Show All button under Giving Funds was raised into the Giving Fund selection field on Contributions total by month.
  • Update giving history will no longer allow duplicate descriptons
  • When you enter contributions using Multi-Add and enter an 'Entry Memo' CDM+ does not clear out the 'Entry Memo' field when it creates the next contribution entry.

Data Import

  • The data import will now correctly import data into Giving Unit groups
  • The data import will now reinitialize the Master Coding System after an error

DOC General

  • Added an integrity to check to ensure ministers grant permission to circulate correctly
  • Enhance the standard search on the master list edited report to find "those where last modified by begins with"
  • Fixed an occasional SQL error when saving/updating ministers.

DOC Regional

  • On the Minister Profile report, page 2 for the first reference overprinted text on question 5


  • CDM+ can now send email to email addresses containing a single-quote.
  • Fixed an error that could occur when trying to send an individual email
  • Fixed SQL errors that could occur when sending e-mails directly from the outbox
  • Improve the Test SMTP settings feature to use a valid e-mail address
  • Resolved some issues re-sending e-mails from the E-Mail outbox
  • Using the Send Test button from the Email Confirmation window will now send attachments correctly

Event Registration

  • Fixed a duplicate key error that would occur when trying to load event notices from another event
  • On the Event Registration contact tab, the tab order is now logical
  • The cached Church Name and Church City will now be populated correctly on registrations entered through WMT
  • The clipboard version of the Payments report will no longer combine the check number and amount columns


  • CDM+ will now correctly display idle users as still logged in for hosted databases
  • Fixed an issue where the date formatting was corrupted after bringing up the vendor selection window from Invoices if the vendor list was never sorted
  • From Contribution Welcome, Canadian Tax Receipts will now open
  • Improved support for running CDM+ on Mac OS X when the home folder is not on the boot drive.
  • Windows XP: Fixed an issue where if a user has tool bars active all around their screen then there is a problem with how the program will display the calendar popups when they are at the top of the screen. Calendar will be behind toolbar


  • Adjusted the import for the mailing program to handle the middle name differently
  • Fixed an issue where trying to update mailing lookup lists from the web returned an FTP Error
  • Mailing sortation was not sorting out SCF/Schemes into their own container


  • Ability to rename "Mailing Code"
  • Adding an individual title on the fly did not put it in the Individual Titles group
  • Address Records will now fit correctly on a 800 X 600 display
  • Address Summary report did not recognize Certified/Uncertified options
  • Address YB directory did not include individual fields for Address Line 1 and Address Line 2
  • Birth Date, Baptism Date, Death, Join Date, etc were not showing as available for use in notices. Dates will now show for those will full dates
  • CASS Import will no longer fail to run if first record in import file is non certified
  • Changing The name of partial date fields (ie Baptism date) in Individual Records did not update the name on the corresponding Day/Month/year Fields
  • Clearing the church school class field on Individual Records will now correctly remove the individual from that class
  • Discount mail label sorts will now be correct when printing
  • Fixed an error when deleting an email attachment with a quote in the file name.
  • Fixed an issue sending CASS And NCOA files
  • Giving Unit,Registration,Visits buttons will now enable correctly on Individual Records
  • Pastoral Records did not allow you to find records and the record data did not change as you select records at the top.
  • PDF documents created on a Mac using Geneva font will now display properly in Windows
  • Print to Text File and Print to Clipboard are once again for Address Yearbook Directory
  • Printing the Individual Directory to the clipboard will now show names and also display the City head appropriately
  • The label for the Salutation field changed to Salutation Name instead of just Salutation.
  • Visitation Records will now show all visits when using Visit Jump button off the Individual Record.
  • When adding a visitation record, the default users for view/modify will load correctly even if the Access tab is not selected during data entry
  • Yearbook Directory will no longer show multiple listings for the same family if 2 families have the same last name and no salutation
  • You can now find on a phone number if there is no default formatting specified


  • Address Last Name field will now print on emails sent through Address Email Notice. Last name will need to be deleted and reselected on the notice for fix to be permanent.
  • Email send list did not always refresh when using an advanced find


  • A bug in Oregon State calc could cause Non Weekly Payrolls to calc less than the required amount
  • Ability to cap payroll deductions on percentage of employee gross or a flat amount
  • Add COA number to pay items on employee record report
  • Allow negative hours on calculate hourly payroll
  • AR Tax tables now current as of 2012
  • Calculate regular payroll icon in Payroll toolbar and in the Payroll Window will now open the Calculate Regular Payroll window correctly
  • Default employee setup information was not holding if never created before
  • Fill in text on W2 and 1099 on Mac is now correctly Courier
  • Fix an error on the Payroll detail report when running by paid date and all employes are selected
  • Fixed an edge case where state tax withholdings for certain states would not pick up additional amounts
  • Fixed an issue when creating a deduction and assigning the calculation it will show YTD under "applies from", but if you don't click YTD and save, it will save as Period.
  • Improved the ability to find on numbers with decimal places
  • Payroll Period Summary missing column headers if subtotals is on a new page
  • Payroll setup window said Accounting setup instead of Payroll Setup
  • Support enter as tab on calculate hourly payroll
  • The Check Listing report didn't break correctly for alphanumeric check numbers
  • The Liabilities tab on Employee Information will now accept account numbers longer than 4 characters.
  • Updated the 941 for 2012 changes
  • User Deductions StandardPercent was showing 5 decimal places but 2 decimals when trying to search on it
  • Visual enhancements to Calculate Hourly Payroll
  • W3 Box 12a will now limit to just codes 'D','E','F','G','H','S','Y','AA','BB','EE'
  • When deleting the only pay type on an employee, the COA fields will now redraw to show no account selected
  • When editing an employee and no pay items are selected, the fields to configure a pay item will now be disabled
  • Write Payroll Checks will now auto-increment the last check number correctly even if it was alphanumeric

Record Framework

  • Record frame divider will no longer allow a position larger than the window.

Regional General

  • Address Photos will now save correctly
  • Fixed an error on Church Records when trying to jump to an individual member and member is not selected
  • Offer a formatting option to select Church Name or Church Label Name on Church labels and Church directories
  • When sending an individual email the name on the recipients list will show the individual's name, not the church's name

Report Framework

  • Fixed a Null pref list line error on COG Top List report
  • Fixed an fgWindowPreferences integrity error when printing system information before logging in


  • Fixed an issue where changing "This and all future events" in roommate would not create instances in the cache for the new event
  • Fixed an issue where changing the date of a recurring event mid-stream would not update the dates on the room's events
  • Fixed an issue where selecting rooms for an event did not consistently select a room
  • Optimized several functions, including duplicating and deleting events
  • The Roommate Cache system preference will no longer require the cache dates to be non-blank

Simple Find

  • Drop-down find check lists will now display correctly
  • Performing multiple simple finds on character fields will no longer fail


  • Fixed a cosmetic issue when entering SST credentials from church records ACH tab
  • Monthly gifts in CDM+ will no longer be incorrectly translated into 1st and 15th of the month gifts in Stewardship Technology's system.
  • Opening the Deposit Processing window will no longer incorrectly enter transaction records for recurring gifts that weren't entered by the nightly sync for some reason.
  • The nightly import of recurring transactions into CDM+ Contributions will no longer import any transactions whose status is not "Cleared".
  • The nightly transaction sync will now work properly for recurring transaction after the first transaction has been processed.
  • The Reconcile Transactions (demo) special function should now work correctly. The exception is recurring transactions - it simply won't enter anything.
  • Transactions that fail with an error code that includes alphabetic characters will no longer produce a false positive.

Suran Server

  • CDM+ on Windows will now recognize the Caracas time zone.
  • Fixed an error where terminated sessions would not be cleared correctly.
  • Fixed an issue where Suran Server would fail to install on OS X if there were parentheses or spaces in the path to the install script
  • Suran Server will now install successfully on Mac OS X when a Kodak wireless printer is also installed


  • Cleanup visual artifacts with the web update icon on Windows XP
  • Fixed a rare error updating the database cluster
  • Fixed a reorganization issue in migration 137
  • Fixed an error updating a 8.2r15 database to 9.1r7
  • Fixed an issue that prevented updating past build 2110 from an earlier build
  • Fixed the error "column ayclearkstartmonth cannot be cast to type integer" when converting from 9.0
  • Migration 164 error updating a 9.0r12 database
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