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CDM+ 9.1r16

Released on May 23, 2013


CDM+ 9.1r16.2989
Download for macOS
173 MB

CDM+ 9.1r16.2989
Download for Windows
182 MB

Installation Steps

Step 1: Check system requirements

Check the CDM+ System Requirements to ensure all computers that will run the version version meet system requirements. This is especially important when upgrading between major versions.

Step 2: Backup your data

Back up all databases that will be updated to the new version. If you subscribe to CDM+ SAAS or Data Hosting you can contact support to make a backup or simply rely on the nightly backup.

Step 3: Download the installer

Click the link above to download the installer for your platform.

Step 4: Install the new version

Follow the Installing CDM+ guide to install CDM+. This will remove previous versions of CDM+ from your computer. 

Step 5: Update your database(s)

Open CDM+ and update your database(s) to the current version. 

Issues resolved in CDM+ 9.1r16


  • Deposit Processing will correctly redraw when there are new transactions that reconciled.
  • Fixed issue an issue where the date formatting would be lost when a user re-sorts the Ledger Entries Results List while in Add mode.
  • Found and fixed recurring gifts that have been through deposit processing and correctly linked them to related items.

COG Regional

  • Treasurer Report now populates statistics information after entering church code.


  • Fixed an issue where the incorrect fonts were printing on Giving Receipts.
  • Pledge notices are now coming up when the user performs a proper search.
  • Regional: Contribution Detail report is now printing the Congregation Addresses when using Unit Comp Address report type.
  • Selecting Pledge Notices report no longer opens the Labels report.


  • Custom Quarterly report for user 8270 now opens when selected.
  • Custom Receipt for User 10203 now shows church address.
  • Custom Receipt for User 12296 now prints individual receipts for each batch.

Discount Mail

  • CASS exports sent via email from Windows now includes exported data in the file.
  • Non-Machinable mailing now has all sortation levels (5D, 3D, ADC and AADC).
  • Updated USPS Mailing Data

DOC General

  • Fixed an issue on Search and Call records where professional codes may not be displaying correctly.


  • A problem with unicode characters in E-Mails breaking images and other E-Mail content has been fixed.
  • Fixed an issue where Online Giving Notices were being sent with some empty fields.
  • Fixed an issue where some Gmail users received emails that appeared blank.
  • The Test button on the SMTP setup window will now provide proper feedback during testing.

Event Registration

  • Added fields to show digital signatures received through CDM+ Web Ministry Tools
  • Fixed an issue where some fields would not be replaced in e-mails.
  • Fixed an issue with the Event Registration Notice Queue window not sending emails properly.
  • Gender will now save consistently when entering registration information.
  • The Event Master Listing report option 'Group by Gender' properly breaks out list by gender.


  • Fixed error generated when a field was renamed and contained brackets [ ].


  • Advanced Find now populating fields on Address Yearbook report.
  • Fixed a rare program crash under Windows XP. If you experience crashes, please uninstall and re-install CDM+ to get the fix.
  • Individual Export window now showing correct window title.
  • Regional: Field 'Minister' on Individual find lists now shows the correct name.


  • AP Invoices will once again be created when posting payroll if the system preference to post payroll to accounts payable is enabled
  • Employee deduction setup was loading defaults even if deduction did not change thus overwriting changes.
  • Payroll no longer marks Payroll items as posted when a user loses Internet connection during the Posting process.
  • Updated Idaho Tax Tables
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