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CDM+ 9.0r9

Released on February 14, 2011


CDM+ 9.0r9.1247
Download for macOS
214 MB

CDM+ 9.0r9.1247
Download for Windows
145 MB

Installation Steps

Step 1: Check system requirements

Check the CDM+ System Requirements to ensure all computers that will run the version version meet system requirements. This is especially important when upgrading between major versions.

Step 2: Backup your data

Back up all databases that will be updated to the new version. If you subscribe to CDM+ SAAS or Data Hosting you can contact support to make a backup or simply rely on the nightly backup.

Step 3: Download the installer

Click the link above to download the installer for your platform.

Step 4: Install the new version

Follow the Installing CDM+ guide to install CDM+. This will remove previous versions of CDM+ from your computer. 

Step 5: Update your database(s)

Open CDM+ and update your database(s) to the current version. 

Issues resolved in CDM+ 9.0r9


  • (Bug Fix) Account balances report running balance not correct on Payroll Liabilities
  • (Bug Fix) Adjusting gifts that were processed from pending giving (including adding new breakdown lines) will correctly update the pending deposit so that it processes correctly in Deposit Processing.
  • (Bug Fix) Create Recurring Ledger Entries Transaction Date field does not auto-populate when you select it and click the Change button.
  • (Bug Fix) Date field in ledger entries not disabled in view mode
  • (Bug Fix) Existing charges from Web Ministry Tools that had incorrect breakdown amounts and/or processing fee amounts have been repaired.
  • (Bug Fix) Fixed accruing of invoices to multiple AP accounts
  • (Bug Fix) In the Deposit Processing window, transactions that have multiple breakdowns will now show the correct amount for each breakdown, instead of the total amount of the transaction for each breakdown.
  • (Bug Fix) Loading of PO is blanking out account number unless you fill out an amount or invoice date.
  • (Bug Fix) Multi-Add Invoices loaded in default account from previous entry into new detail line items
  • (Bug Fix) On the Deposit Processing Window, the list is resorting when you select a line and after you fill in accounts
  • (Bug Fix) On the Deposit Processing window, when you assign accounts to all the transactions of a deposit, the status of that deposit will now correctly change to Accounts Selected (yellow bubble) instead of staying at Accounts Missing (red bubble).
  • (Bug Fix) Print manager error: 'Attempt to add duplicate section' When Running Budget report by month
  • (Bug Fix) Removed an obsolete special function that could cause data problems.
  • (Bug Fix) The Deposit Processing window will still show the correct Transaction Reference number for transactions that had to be filled in during the reconciliation step (ie, they weren't inserted into the database when the transaction was originally processed).
  • (Bug Fix) Transactions that have not been deposited, which were showing as transactions without a date on the Deposit Processing window, will no longer be displayed.
  • (Bug Fix) When changing a previously created recurring ledger entry, the entries changed after the first one will not move in the upper list to the new date unless you physically enter the date.
  • (Bug Fix) When posting AP fails, the posting report still appears as does a message saying posting complete

Advanced Find

  • (Bug Fix) Advance Find using Other Information and modifier other than 'equal to' giving wrong results
  • (Bug Fix) Advanced Finds with related Other Information date fields are bringing back correct results.
  • (Bug Fix) On advanced Find Saved searches Replacing an existing search appears to clear it if you select a different one the reload the replaced one. Closing window and reopening gives you the new search


  • (Bug Fix) Standard searches in the archive utility will now display fully visible.


  • (Bug Fix) Attendance worksheet could open with no type selected causing issue with the 'Code' selection.
  • (Bug Fix) Consecutive dates in the Missing Analysis Report is giving all except those that missed within the consecutive range.
  • (Bug Fix) The size of the class selection window, On attendance Worksheet , does not expand with window.

COG Regional

  • (Bug Fix) COG Florida. Error when opening insurance window
  • (Bug Fix) New COG church databases not reading in % in Treasurer reports


  • (Bug Fix) Error when trying to select an individual in Check in Check Out


  • (Bug Fix) Access to pledges was not getting disabled in some reports and launcher window when user did not have access enabled
  • (Bug Fix) After making a change to a recurring gift amount, the amount does not show up to be loaded in the window.
  • (Bug Fix) Canadian Receipts error when trying to generate receipts
  • (Bug Fix) Error opening daily report of giving when a saved search was used for loading selected batches
  • (Bug Fix) Fixed Issue that contributions would not post if created under non advanced fund accounting and unposted under advanced fund accounting.
  • (Bug Fix) Giving Unit find on last name equal to does not work on Giving Units entered during contribution entry
  • (Bug Fix) Making a change to recurring gifts in Giving Unit Information window shows that the change is made, but when you click the pencil icon again it shows the original amount and distribution
  • (Bug Fix) Modifying a contribution in Batch Contributions (before posting) causes the total amount to change to whatever the change is to the first distribution line.
  • (Bug Fix) Total Giving on Detail contributions not getting updated properly if a contribution has line items added to it after initial save
  • (Bug Fix) Window toolbar buttons on the Canadian Receipts Maintenance window will now appear correctly on Windows.
  • (Bug Fix) Working from the Prefs button on the Batch Contributions window is not holding the payment change.


  • (Enhancement) Added a time out safety check when interacting with 8.1 databases
  • (Enhancement) Conversions from CDM+ 8.1 now have better error checking


  • (Enhancement) Finalized customization for Foursquare Nigeria
  • (Enhancement) Who's Where Export: Ability to choose multiple deductions to export into a single deduction field
  • (Bug Fix) High Desert Dedicate Accounts Report - date changes sometimes when printing to printer after screen
  • (Bug Fix) High Desert Dedicate Accounts Report Date Header show January 2031 or February 2028.
  • (Bug Fix) The Four Square Nigeria reports will no longer throw a SQL error.

DOC Regional

  • (Bug Fix) ERROR: missing FROM-clause entry for table fmindvgroup when doing a report Advanced find only

Event Registration

  • (Bug Fix) A database error some users have experienced when saving Event Registration records has been fixed.
  • (Bug Fix) Event Registration Grade field will now accept alpha numeric characters to be consistent with individual records
  • (Bug Fix) Registration entry not showing age correctly for Camp events


  • (Enhancement) Added the ability to set the verbosity of CDM logging for the current session. Also added SQL-level logging for diagnosing and debugging
  • (Enhancement) Reduce load on server after logging into CDM+
  • (Bug Fix) E-Mail Tech Support and Visit the CDM+ Website from the Support menu are once again working on Windows


  • (Enhancement) When CDM+ cannot locate the installation files for Suran Server, the error message will now suggest re-installing the program as a solution.


  • (Bug Fix) Manifest Mailing report crashes after installing upgrade when run the first time
  • (Bug Fix) Zone Link on mailing setup incorrect


  • (Bug Fix) Error on Event Master Listing in Catholic Version when there is no User Defined Field 'Diocese Code'
  • (Bug Fix) Family Address Records. Error during data entry and duplicate found and choosing Default selection on duplicate window.
  • (Bug Fix) Membership Summary One Per Household not working
  • (Bug Fix) Phonetree Export not enclosing fields in quotes
  • (Bug Fix) Return Address on Post Cards printing on a single line


  • (Bug Fix) Changing the gross amount does not change employer matching amount that is based on a percentage.
  • (Bug Fix) Payroll 1099's will now populate Box 4 (Federal Withheld) from taxes withheld by using the Add-on amounts
  • (Bug Fix) Payroll 941 Not figuring rounding figure correctly when there are HIRE Act Employees
  • (Bug Fix) View Payroll allowed you to delete all pay items
  • (Bug Fix) Voiding a Payroll check causes the offsetting entry for the employer portion to use the employee amount of FICA in the offset rather than the employer amount.

Record framework

  • (Enhancement) Improved time opening windows, especially for data hosting users

Report Framework

  • (Bug Fix) 941 Schedule printing did not use standard CDM+ printing routines
  • (Bug Fix) AP 1099 defaults to .556 for the bottom margin. It should be 0
  • (Bug Fix) Individual Name Badge report does not allow you to select a Report format when selecting from the Individual Records window.
  • (Bug Fix) Scroll bar for event list on Event Master Listing is not showing.


  • (Enhancement) CDM+ will now save log of the Suran Server installation on Windows
  • (Enhancement) Installing a database server now provides some feedback.
  • (Enhancement) Users can now use to test the bandwidth between their machine and one of Suran's hosting servers.
  • (Enhancement) When CDM+ cannot authenticate to a server, it will file a SQL warning instead of an error and return no databases.

Simple Find

  • (Bug Fix) Error executing a search. Begin With is embedded in the SQL


  • (Enhancement) Added logging to network update process to troubleshoot client locations that do not update smoothly.
  • (Enhancement) When installing an update via web update or network update on a Mac, other OS X users will be able to use CDM+ after the update is installed without having to reset permissions.
  • (Bug Fix) Fixed a possible error running migration 142.
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