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CDM+ 9.0r19

Released on September 21, 2011


CDM+ 9.0r19.1875
Download for macOS
212 MB

CDM+ 9.0r19.1875
Download for Windows
158 MB

Installation Steps

Step 1: Check system requirements

Check the CDM+ System Requirements to ensure all computers that will run the version version meet system requirements. This is especially important when upgrading between major versions.

Step 2: Backup your data

Back up all databases that will be updated to the new version. If you subscribe to CDM+ SAAS or Data Hosting you can contact support to make a backup or simply rely on the nightly backup.

Step 3: Download the installer

Click the link above to download the installer for your platform.

Step 4: Install the new version

Follow the Installing CDM+ guide to install CDM+. This will remove previous versions of CDM+ from your computer. 

Step 5: Update your database(s)

Open CDM+ and update your database(s) to the current version. 

Issues resolved in CDM+ 9.0r19


  • (Bug Fix) AR Invoice report has find fields for AR Payments
  • (Bug Fix) Changing AR invoice amounts by adding a new detail line does not apply payments correctly and creates balance discrepancies
  • (Bug Fix) Custom Fund Activity Report (detail) is listing the items in a random date order.
  • (Bug Fix) Deleting AR Invoices does not re-apply payments correctly and creates balance discrepancies
  • (Bug Fix) Deposit Processing Window should not take a long time to open every single time
  • (Bug Fix) Error 'Payroll item is linked to a Ledger entry that does not exist.' When trying to Change Auto Draw Status on an employee
  • (Bug Fix) Error in vendor records when double clicking on Payments list with no payments showing.
  • (Bug Fix) Error when trying to edit a posted AR Payment
  • (Bug Fix) Error when trying to run the Special function Clear AR Statements
  • (Bug Fix) Fixed a cosmetic issue on the Fund Activity Report
  • (Bug Fix) Fixed an issue where opening a deposit processing window with a large number of deposits would be slow.
  • (Bug Fix) Fixed an issue where the "Test Mode" bar on Deposit Processing would be visible while the window loaded when it shouldn't be visible.
  • (Bug Fix) If a user decides not to add a check, deposit or JE and click the 'Close' button, then the Ledger Entries window will be in a state where information can be entered but not saved.
  • (Bug Fix) Import Accounting Special Function Error if both files have checks set up.
  • (Bug Fix) Intermittent Error 'Do method command without a valid method name' When trying to delete a line item in ledger entries
  • (Bug Fix) Posting multiple AR Payments as a single ledger entry doesn't assign the ledger reference number to all payments‚ only to the last
  • (Bug Fix) Re-worked the Accounts Receivable Statement creation routine to be more efficient only create statements if all could be created. Also fixed an issue that prevents AR Detail Statements from printing.
  • (Bug Fix) Switching accruing modes for AR removes the transaction date from posting
  • (Bug Fix) The type 'Accrual' is not being displayed in the Results list of the Ledger window even though it is marked Accrual under the type field.
  • (Bug Fix) Wrap AR accruing in a transaction. Fail if any SQL command generates an error


  • (Bug Fix) CREATE VIEW vgarchive_fastatements Error when trying to archive AR Customers
  • (Bug Fix) Reduced the load of the archive process to be more compatible with older computers running Windows XP


  • (Bug Fix) Advanced search with multiple groupings do not always give accurate results
  • (Bug Fix) Fixed an integrity violation error regarding blank window keys when opening certain windows
  • (Bug Fix) Fixed an invalid window title for Visitor Letter Assignment
  • (Bug Fix) Fixed an issue where the window to add a new attendance date/event was disabled
  • (Bug Fix) Missing Letter Notice hangs when 'One per Household' is selected.


  • (Bug Fix) A problem with the FTP sync has been fixed.
  • (Bug Fix) After restoring or disabling a Database the Login window comes to the front instead of staying in the back
  • (Bug Fix) CDM+ hangs on setting Automatic Backup Settings after picking a folder if the folder is only one level below root (Ie c:\Backup)
  • (Bug Fix) Making a backup of a database, then restoring that backup back to the same server with the original database still there does not change the Unique index for the new database
  • (Bug Fix) When selecting the destination folder for automatic backups on Windows Vista or later, CDM+ will now correctly set ownership on the folder so that the database server can backup to it


  • (Bug Fix) CICO Event Sets will now require either manual check-in, barcode check-in or both.
  • (Bug Fix) Error in check in when 'Last Name' is selected as the alternate individual Lookup Field.
  • (Bug Fix) Fixed a bug during multiple check-in where assuming the first event would sometimes display the wrong codes
  • (Bug Fix) The self check-in window will now fit correctly on a 800x600 screen
  • (Bug Fix) When multiple check-in is enabled, scanning an address barcode will proceed directly to the screen to select family members to check-in

COG Church

  • (Bug Fix) COG Treasure report submit, in church version, not working due to ip address change at national office.
  • (Bug Fix) Phone field on Treasurer Report,Treasurer/Remarks tab is not allowing complete entry of a phone number.

COG Regional

  • (Bug Fix) COG Process Minister Reports not showing Some email addresses
  • (Bug Fix) Fixed a SQL error when running some COG Regional reports
  • (Bug Fix) Selected the Imported Treasurer Report form, but it said Treasurer Report form


  • (Bug Fix) Batch Report does not print.
  • (Bug Fix) Database migration $146 can take a long time on database with large number of giving records.
  • (Bug Fix) Error on process pending gifts window when trying to print when there are no gifts to print.
  • (Bug Fix) Fixed an issue where window that include report searches and options would not function properly
  • (Bug Fix) Giving Search is giving no records found if Non givers selected in Config ranges and Use ranges is not checked
  • (Bug Fix) Migration 167 hangs on a database with 730k+ giving detail records
  • (Bug Fix) Prevent Locking up on Ethernet check scanner
  • (Bug Fix) When you click on the blue I - information icon on Giving Unit Information - Notices to open the Giving Unit Sent Notices window, the Recipients tab doesn't display the Giving Unit names.
  • (Bug Fix) While you can query on Receipt # and Receipt Printed, you can't display either of these in the results area - those fields are not listing in the drop-list.


  • (Bug Fix) Conversion attempts to delete a ledger entry tied to a non-voided payroll
  • (Bug Fix) Error during 8.1 conversion, relation ffReservation does not exists
  • (Bug Fix) Fixed a migration error when converting 8.x databases
  • (Bug Fix) Fixed an error that could occur when converting fgPreference records from CDM+ 8.x.
  • (Bug Fix) Migration 74 doesn't bail if the disable trigger does not return ok


  • (Enhancement) Modification to High Desert's State Wage & Withholding Report

Data Import

  • (Bug Fix) Data import window does not cast character lookups properly
  • (Bug Fix) Re-enabled the ability to import groups for giving units

Demo Download

  • (Bug Fix) CDM+ Demo is over limit in Pledges and will not let you move off the warning window.
  • (Bug Fix) Increased limit of individuals in Demo to 200

DOC General

  • (Enhancement) DHM Verbiage Changes


  • (Bug Fix) A problem with the test email button has been fixed.
  • (Bug Fix) Error when trying to resend an email from the out box
  • (Bug Fix) Fixed an issue where some event registration confirmation e-mails and some online giving notices would not send correctly.
  • (Bug Fix) Fixed an issue where testing SMTP settings always gave a false negative
  • (Bug Fix) More Options for giving statement e-mail notices will no longer allow you to adjust recipients

Event Registration

  • (Bug Fix) Activity Name Badges is saying it needs a Badge Name to print then gives the error
  • (Bug Fix) AF on registration payments is missing fields for posted information
  • (Bug Fix) Auto Load of Email in event registration will test for a '@' in email in case Email type is being used for other purposes
  • (Bug Fix) ER Welcome Window - Reports shows an "Attendance Reports" option in standard CDM+.
  • (Bug Fix) Error when trying to use 'Source' as a result column in registration payment reports
  • (Bug Fix) Event Registration Reports-Name Badge-Edit Label-Label Setup: the window is not showing the Mark Favorites
  • (Bug Fix) Event Registration. Number registered on activity list not refreshing after deleting a registrant. Counts were getting updated but not reflected on the window.
  • (Bug Fix) Unable to find class rgCustomReport_ when attempting to print ER Name Badge


  • (Enhancement) Windows positions in CDM+ will be recalled even if CDM+ crashes (except for windows open at the time of a crash)
  • (Bug Fix) Auto-resized headed list boxes (like the Giving Unit List off Batch Contributions Entry) will now correctly auto-size to their list contents
  • (Bug Fix) CDM+ r18 does not show up as a Macintosh app under a Standard User. The user will see a folder with a do not open icon.
  • (Bug Fix) Clear records has selections for "*_checksmtpsettings"
  • (Bug Fix) fgWindowPreferences is bloated. We need to clean it out and lock it down with integrity checks
  • (Bug Fix) Fixed an error that type "hstore" does not exist
  • (Bug Fix) Fixed an error when opening the database picker while configured with an invalid server
  • (Bug Fix) Fixed an issue where creating a new database could duplicate fgDB_Info records
  • (Bug Fix) Fixed an issue where the database browser would always appear on top of other windows
  • (Bug Fix) Fixed an issue where you could not bring the Login window to the front if the Database Browser window was open, nor could you minimize the Database Browser
  • (Bug Fix) Improved resizing on the preview window
  • (Bug Fix) Phone number on ACH Setup activation screen is incorrect. It should be 877-891-4236.
  • (Bug Fix) Progress bar in windows XP is not showing any border.
  • (Bug Fix) Sort on the headed list box (vendors is an example) is slow.
  • (Bug Fix) Sporadic ERROR: duplicate key value violates unique constraint "fgpreference_key_fguser_id_class" when Logging out
  • (Bug Fix) When opening the About CDM+ window while not connected to a database, a SQL error will no longer occur


  • (Bug Fix) Installing CDM+ will now install and registers the MTMicrImage.ocx component for use with the MagTek check image scanner. Installers for the driver will also be installed, but will not be run.
  • (Bug Fix) The r18 installer for Mac is installing with 0700 permissions, instead of 0755


  • (Bug Fix) Periodical bundles need to show 'M' when there is a mix of In county and out County.
  • (Bug Fix) Periodical mailing report issues
  • (Bug Fix) Suffix will be used when creating the label name, in Import, in mailing program.
  • (Bug Fix) Tray/sack labels no longer are printed in the same order as the sortation report.
  • (Bug Fix) USPS Discount mail setup does not allow for a 9 digit Mailer ID


  • (Enhancement) Remove the membership system preferences for local dialing and Palm. Also remove Palm Export
  • (Bug Fix) Barcodes are too long on some addresses
  • (Bug Fix) CDM+ did not warn you if the attachments are not not found when sending email
  • (Bug Fix) Cleared out searches that had invalid operators.
  • (Bug Fix) Error when trying to do a find on Mailing Code in address Records in COG Regional
  • (Bug Fix) Error when trying to print a CICO Report with no report selected.
  • (Bug Fix) Error When trying to send church email on a user defined group.
  • (Bug Fix) ERROR: null value in column "superclass" violates not-null constraint when trying to save a name badge
  • (Bug Fix) Individual Yearbook shows an individual photo instead of the family one
  • (Bug Fix) Letter Notices If the One per Household is checked, the first name is reading the individual field options for middle name when there is multiple people in the family in the search.
  • (Bug Fix) Partial date fields on Individual Records did not check for valid date when all three date components are entered


  • (Bug Fix) Error when creating new notices in Event registration
  • (Bug Fix) Paper Size will default to US Letter for enhanced notices.


  • (Enhancement) Convert Void Payroll to make AP Offsetting entries instead of editing existing
  • (Bug Fix) Adjusting the gross amount of a payroll detail item does not redraw totals on the Summary tab
  • (Bug Fix) Error when adding a new 941 and the previous 941 has an invalid Date
  • (Bug Fix) View Payroll. Change the gross amount on a payroll detail item and also adjust the Federal tax withholding. When saving changes, the change to the Federal amount is not held

Report Framework

  • (Enhancement) Report settings in CDM+ will be recalled even if CDM+ crashes (except for reports open at the time of crash)
  • (Bug Fix) Attendance Summary report not holding the Membership drop-down selection.
  • (Bug Fix) Attendance worksheets (All) does not have any drop down for events/class lists.
  • (Bug Fix) Fixed an errorr when doing TR Custom listing and selecting Print Address Under Col 1 Option
  • (Bug Fix) Report Frames in Windows XP are not maintaining their saved preferences
  • (Bug Fix) Sort fields not working on custom listings


  • (Bug Fix) A problem with recurring events not recurring on the first saturday of a month has been addressed.
  • (Bug Fix) Advanced Recurring Event Displays default dates wrong on some months where the day is valid in the last week but the next month
  • (Bug Fix) Changing the date of an event doesn't always update the dates for room assignments correctly
  • (Bug Fix) Events not loading on inspector when changing dates.
  • (Bug Fix) Issues with the preview calendar on a recurring setup
  • (Bug Fix) Open Room directory report. Select all, then click prent to screen, says please enter a valid search. If you select just one room it will print fine. If you now select all, the report will print fine.
  • (Bug Fix) The Room Export report will now open
  • (Bug Fix) When there are no result on the Contact Directory, the message "There are no results" will now appear instead of "Please enter a valid search"


  • (Enhancement) Enhancement to ensure all databases in a cluster will be visible in Database Browser and the database pick list
  • (Bug Fix) CDM+ will now refuse to initialize a remote server
  • (Bug Fix) Fix a SQL error that could occur accessing Choose Database Server on a client install
  • (Bug Fix) Fixed an issue where re-installing the database server would cause databases to not appear in the Database Browser and database picker windows
  • (Bug Fix) When Suran Server creates a new database cluster, custom configuration files like suran_postgresql.conf will now have the correct ownership


  • (Bug Fix) Error when using an advanced search on list Statistics


  • (Bug Fix) ERROR: type "fcgivinghistorysetup" does not exist updating from 8.2r15 to 9.0r19
  • (Bug Fix) ERROR:relation "fgwindowpreferences" does not exist' When updating from 8.2r15 to 9.0r19 on Mac
  • (Bug Fix) Fixed a problem were amending the search path would fail
  • (Bug Fix) Fixed an error when attempting to update from 1646 to 1760 during database migration 193
  • (Bug Fix) Fixed an issue reorganizing older databases
  • (Bug Fix) Fixed an issue that would prevent 9.0r17 and earlier clusters from updating to the latest release
  • (Bug Fix) Fixed an issue updating 8.2 servers to 9.x
  • (Bug Fix) Fixed an issue updating certain older databases
  • (Bug Fix) Fixed an issue where updating a database and the cluster simultaneously would not save the new version in the database
  • (Bug Fix) Fixed an issue where upgrading a server on Windows would fail
  • (Bug Fix) If CDM+ is disconnected from a hosted server while logged out of a database, the connection to the hosting server will now re-authenticate when re-connecting
  • (Bug Fix) Migration 74 can take a long long on a database with a large number of ledger entries
  • (Bug Fix) Migrations failing updating from r6 to r19
  • (Bug Fix) Updating upgrading a server, the login window will correctly reload the last database.
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