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CDM+ 9.0r18

Released on June 30, 2011


CDM+ 9.0r18.1673
Download for macOS
212 MB

CDM+ 9.0r18.1673
Download for Windows
151 MB

Installation Steps

Step 1: Check system requirements

Check the CDM+ System Requirements to ensure all computers that will run the version version meet system requirements. This is especially important when upgrading between major versions.

Step 2: Backup your data

Back up all databases that will be updated to the new version. If you subscribe to CDM+ SAAS or Data Hosting you can contact support to make a backup or simply rely on the nightly backup.

Step 3: Download the installer

Click the link above to download the installer for your platform.

Step 4: Install the new version

Follow the Installing CDM+ guide to install CDM+. This will remove previous versions of CDM+ from your computer. 

Step 5: Update your database(s)

Open CDM+ and update your database(s) to the current version. 

Issues resolved in CDM+ 9.0r18



  • (Enhancement) Provide the ability to open deposit processing against the test server for Suran users
  • (Bug Fix) AR Invoices created from recurring not setting Detail Line item Sort order
  • (Bug Fix) Error When opening up the vendor pick list for the first time
  • (Bug Fix) Renaming a miscellaneous vendor without any active invoices now works.
  • (Bug Fix) Sequence for faAcctPayable.POReference is stored as ""POReference"", not ""faAcctPayable_POReference""


  • (Bug Fix) Error when adding an advanced find to an attendance search that includes attendance fields in the search.
  • (Bug Fix) Visitor Letters are printing the last name when the 'One per household' is selected and salutation used for the opening of the letter.
  • (Bug Fix) Visitor Letters are putting the Last Name first in the address portion of the letter even though that is not selected under Format tab.


  • (Bug Fix) A database restore did not produce an error in CDM+ saying the restore failed.

COG Regional

  • (Bug Fix) COG Award calc. Added Warning if no Treasurer report range is selected
  • (Bug Fix) COG FL Insurance Deposit listing is totaling on check number and not by person and check number.
  • (Bug Fix) COG Ministers Directory. Error printing directory when showing groups and doing an advanced find only
  • (Bug Fix) Church Position is not printing on the Individual Name Badge report for Regional programs.
  • (Bug Fix) Divide by Zero error when printing COG church awards.
  • (Bug Fix) Regional program is not showing church fields in the Individual Name Badges report.


  • (Enhancement) Multiple self check-in customization for NECC


  • (Bug Fix) 'Specified report position is out of range' Error on Contribution Check Listing
  • (Bug Fix) Batch Contributions window is allowing a 0.00 entry with no Giving Unit associated with it.
  • (Bug Fix) Error when archiving pledge records using an advanced find
  • (Bug Fix) Error when running giving history report and no histories are selected.
  • (Bug Fix) Getting duplicate pledge description warning when on the modify pledges window even though there are not
  • (Bug Fix) Giving Fund Sets are not populating properly, upon opening, on giving report search window
  • (Bug Fix) Pledge Custom Listing produces an error if option to include address under column 1 is selected
  • (Bug Fix) The dialog 'The total contribution amount is $0.00, do you want to continue has the 'Yes' button as the default. It should be 'No'.


  • (Enhancement) Drop indexes before converting from 8.0 for speed and to handle bad data in the old version
  • (Bug Fix) ""Verifying"" is cut off in the setup assistant 'validating list' when converting an 8.1 database
  • (Bug Fix) CDM+ will no long fail conversions of 8.x databases with duplicate fgPreference records.
  • (Bug Fix) Conversions from 8.1 fail on migration 37


  • (Enhancement) Created a ""Catholic"" sub-version for CDM+ Regional

DOC General

  • (Enhancement) Annual Chaplaincy Report in DOC General software
  • (Enhancement) Database-level integrity check for historical dates for Search And Call references
  • (Enhancement) Database-level integrity check for non-historical Search and Call references

DOC Regional

  • (Bug Fix) DOC Search and Call. Expanded find fields on minister profile window

Data Import

  • (Enhancement) Data import Utility not showing Church Other Information Text fields in mapping section

Demo Download

  • (Enhancement) Update CDM+ 9.0 demo master to 2011 dates
  • (Enhancement) Update the CDM+ Demo to 9.0


  • (Enhancement) Include CDM+ log in feedback datafiles
  • (Enhancement) Include Suran Server log in feedback datafiles for non-hosted clients
  • (Enhancement) Migrate Field Manager to PostgreSQL for speed and future enhancements
  • (Enhancement) Upgrade to Studio 5.1.1


  • (Bug Fix) Error when trying to resend an email out of the E-Mail Outbox
  • (Bug Fix) Fixed an issue where multiple embedded fields in a row in an enhanced notice would cause an error sending the notice

Event Registration

  • (Bug Fix) Contact Info not printing on Event Master List Detail
  • (Bug Fix) Text Other Information field from Event Registration is printing as a ""0"" on Activity Reports


  • (Enhancement) Password field will now Horizontally scroll on long passwords
  • (Enhancement) Replaced our custom dragging xcomp with a superior product
  • (Enhancement) Tweaked how CDM+ resets a disconnected session
  • (Bug Fix) An issue with users who have their databases in a different time zone (i.e. data hosting) has been resolved
  • (Bug Fix) Copying selected text from view-only mutli-line fields now works
  • (Bug Fix) Fixed issue where it was possible to mark all users as CICO users except one and also disable the login that remaining user, thereby preventing access to User Management
  • (Bug Fix) In Windows the Authentication window does not have initial focus upon opening.
  • (Bug Fix) kSessionNotLoggedOn error when working in the database picker


  • (Bug Fix) The settings for printing tray tags are not correct and do not stay when changed
  • (Bug Fix) Tray/sack labels not printing in the same order as the sortation report.


  • (Bug Fix) Address email is not printing on Address or Individual Name Badges.
  • (Bug Fix) COG Process Treasure reports. Error if list is clicked on without actually selecting a record
  • (Bug Fix) Family Info Sheet report name on setup window says FamilyStatus rather than Family Information Sheet.
  • (Bug Fix) The field Address/Individual Names is not populating when printing an Individual Letter Notice.
  • (Bug Fix) The missing address directory only showing one per address with the last individual's name
  • (Bug Fix) When using Multi-add in Address Records, the program prompts for Giving Unit with first addition, but subsequent additions do not prompt to add Giving Units.
  • (Bug Fix) When using a birth date of 2/29/xxxx, you get an Age of 255 instead of blank (because there is no year) displayed on the individual window.


  • (Bug Fix) SQL Error for ER Confirmation Email notices that include the start time on an event
  • (Bug Fix) Standard notices limit expanded to 10000000 Characters
  • (Bug Fix) Visitor Letters (using Standard Notices), one per household are not using the setup for the Salutation field as specified.


  • (Bug Fix) Removed the middle initial from the first name column of the Who's Where Export
  • (Bug Fix) The pay type will now export correctly for the Who's Where Export
  • (Bug Fix) View payroll allowed you to change pay period to a blank date

Record framework

  • (Enhancement) Improved redraw when resizing the Event Schedule

Regional General

  • (Bug Fix) Regional Program. Error when trying to add a giving Unit to a Church and the church name has a quote in it


  • (Enhancement) Re-worked variable-height lists in Roommate to be standard Omnis lists
  • (Bug Fix) The Day View of the Event Schedule will now appear correctly
  • (Bug Fix) When saving a day long event, Start and End times (incl. setup and takedown) will now be cleared
  • (Bug Fix) When you make a change to any recurring event and apply it to just the one event, CDM+ will delete that event and keep the others.


  • (Bug Fix) Transaction will now work against Stewardship Technologies accounts that have payment types disabled.


  • (Enhancement) Fixed an issue where reconnecting to the database manager would not re-authenticate against the database


  • (Bug Fix) Fixed an issue where CDM+ would crash when loading a cluster update on Windows
  • (Bug Fix) Suran Database Migration 16 (formerly 14) will now work on stock Suran Server installs
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