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CDM+ 9.0r10

Released on March 07, 2011


CDM+ 9.0r10.1312
Download for macOS
215 MB

CDM+ 9.0r10.1312
Download for Windows
145 MB

Installation Steps

Step 1: Check system requirements

Check the CDM+ System Requirements to ensure all computers that will run the version version meet system requirements. This is especially important when upgrading between major versions.

Step 2: Backup your data

Back up all databases that will be updated to the new version. If you subscribe to CDM+ SAAS or Data Hosting you can contact support to make a backup or simply rely on the nightly backup.

Step 3: Download the installer

Click the link above to download the installer for your platform.

Step 4: Install the new version

Follow the Installing CDM+ guide to install CDM+. This will remove previous versions of CDM+ from your computer. 

Step 5: Update your database(s)

Open CDM+ and update your database(s) to the current version. 

Issues resolved in CDM+ 9.0r10


  • (Bug Fix) 1096 form is not checking the Final Return checkbox on the printed form even though it is checked in the report setup.
  • (Bug Fix) AP Invoice entry will not clear out an existing account from a detail line if a vendor is changed and that vendor does not have a default account
  • (Bug Fix) Account Balances report. Added Dates are not being recalled in date order. Recalled in added order
  • (Bug Fix) Accounts Receivable Payment Summary report is not printing 'Type' or 'Note' fields.
  • (Bug Fix) Advanced Fund Accounting Payroll is not saving vendor liability changes on employee pay items.
  • (Bug Fix) Integrity check on Accts Payable for payment amounts for un-accrued invoices
  • (Bug Fix) Invoices with payees that share the same name did not organize consistently into groups on Mark Invoices to pay
  • (Bug Fix) Ledger Journal entries not defaulting to Today's date on the first entry
  • (Bug Fix) Processing Pending Gifts after processing their corresponding deposit in the ledger should no longer generate an error.
  • (Bug Fix) Save Set button on Select Accounts window closes window without saving
  • (Bug Fix) Setting up a Recurring Invoice in Customer Records and Create Recurring invoices not working
  • (Bug Fix) Users should no longer encounter a message box when opening the Deposit Processing window that says you cannot modify a transaction that has been posted to the ledger.
  • (Bug Fix) Using Enter Key in AP Invoices does not move the cursor after entering a payee if preference is turned on.

Advanced Find

  • (Bug Fix) Fixed an issue where updating a database to 9.0r9 would corrupt certain saved searches.


  • (Enhancement) When archiving to a database on the same server, using as the destination server address
  • (Bug Fix) A problem with archiving on Windows has been addressed.
  • (Bug Fix) Archiving will no longer hang up on a failure.
  • (Bug Fix) Fixed a problem where deleting certain data at the end of an archive would fail


  • (Enhancement) Attendance reports have been optimized to run faster
  • (Enhancement) Refactor attendance views to be skinny for speed purposes
  • (Bug Fix) Attendance Membership Custom Listing report is printing e-mails and phone numbers that are not associated with the individual listed.
  • (Bug Fix) Customized attendance reports Last Attended report and Attendance for Period report were not working. Search pane missing
  • (Bug Fix) Multiple attendance allowed you to open Advanced find for an individual then click back on attendance window and then click on Advanced find for VIsitor. Find would then generate an error.
  • (Bug Fix) Select Status and Select Care Group buttons on Attendance reports do not hold the 'Clear All' command.


  • (Enhancement) Automatic Backup databases
  • (Bug Fix) When selecting Backup from the File menu you get the error box. Backup the proceeds fine

COG Church

  • (Bug Fix) Preferences >Treasurer Report>Category reads Sunday Worning Worship rather than Sunday Morning Worship

COG Regional

  • (Bug Fix) COG Imported Minister Reports report button not enableing.
  • (Bug Fix) COG Min Report Import will Change the phone format coming from the international office to the default phone format.
  • (Bug Fix) COG Regional. Updated Discipleship Training terminology on Women's Quarterly reports


  • (Bug Fix) Expiration option is not working in CICO
  • (Bug Fix) Search description on the CICO log is incorrect
  • (Bug Fix) Visitors missing check-in information on CICO reports


  • (Enhancement) Canadian Receipts can now be generated multiple times on one day. Also, once a gift is linked to a receipt, it will not show up when generating receipts until the original receipt is cancelled or deleted.
  • (Enhancement) Make Giver lookup a contains for Salutation and Mailing Name
  • (Bug Fix) Daily Report of Giving will not print Landscape. if less than 5 columns are selected
  • (Bug Fix) Detail Scanner logging not working
  • (Bug Fix) E-mailing Giving Statements is not sending the e-mail to the CC address.
  • (Bug Fix) Error in advanced finds if an advanced find was never done before
  • (Bug Fix) Error when including individual names in Giving Custom Listing/Export and chooseing ranges
  • (Bug Fix) Lagging Giver's report title is showing as Directory of Giving Units
  • (Bug Fix) Pledge Letter Notice field Pledge/Giving to Date is not populating letters.
  • (Bug Fix) Regional Program. Error when doing an advanced find only in contributions on Church Related Records.
  • (Bug Fix) Regional. Error when doing a giving search with non givers and adding an advanced search on churches


  • (Enhancement) Customized Treasurer's Report Summary Report (10332)
  • (Enhancement) Giving Statement with Return Slip (211)
  • (Bug Fix) NECC Customization Database-level integrity check for Other Information set types

DOC Regional

  • (Bug Fix) DOC Search And Call Minister Sync showing 'Ignored' Minsters each time window opened.


  • (Bug Fix) Error in attendance email when Individual name fields are used in the letter

Event Registration

  • (Bug Fix) Error in deposit processing if Registration entry does not have a last name.
  • (Bug Fix) Wi-N MI AG, Switching between registrants or adding a registrant will cause error if individual has a giving unit.


  • (Enhancement) Improved ability to adjust the Windows Registry
  • (Enhancement) Store database description in fgSystem
  • (Enhancement) Uniquely ID databases
  • (Enhancement) When logging on with OmnisSQL_DAM, reset fgSequence
  • (Bug Fix) Built-in codes for Roommate will now display a type of "Roommate
  • (Bug Fix) Settings.df1 imported from CDM+ 8.1.2 will not smoothly switch between hosting and direct server


  • (Enhancement) Refactor the Login window to recall the last host and database used and connect directly instead of getting a list of all databases from every server. To see the list of databases, click the database icon on the login window.


  • (Bug Fix) The CDM+ installer CD will now launch the CDM+ installer automatically on Windows
  • (Bug Fix) The background image will once again display correctly on the CDM+ CD on OS X


  • (Bug Fix) Discount Mail Issue with Periodical Flats not sorting scheme's
  • (Bug Fix) Fixed a SQL error in the mailing program


  • (Bug Fix) Address Barcodes on Individual Name Badges are actually individual barcodes
  • (Bug Fix) CASS Import is de-certifiying Address that have address changes coming in as part of the CASS file
  • (Bug Fix) Error in custom listing generated from window when selected sort field pertains to a different search
  • (Bug Fix) Error on converted saved search of Last entry or First Entry
  • (Bug Fix) Individual PhoneTree Notice 'One per Household' option is not exporting just one per household.
  • (Bug Fix) Removing a person from built-in Address Code (i.e. Mailing Codes) in Address List Maintenance does not change the Mailing Code on the Address Record.
  • (Bug Fix) The School field is not reflecting a change made from the Default in System Preferences.


  • (Bug Fix) Advanced Fund Accounting Payroll Total Asset on payroll posting report incorrect
  • (Bug Fix) Calculate Hourly Payroll window is not sorting employees by Name and then by Pay Type
  • (Bug Fix) On Macintosh Payroll Posting report is shifting to the right and cutting off the right margin


  • (Bug Fix) PhoneTree System preference is not holding delimiter changes

Record framework

  • (Bug Fix) Improved the screen redraw when selecting On this Computer in the Database Browser

Report Framework

  • (Bug Fix) Customized Attendance for Period report missing horizontal lines separating rows.
  • (Bug Fix) The drop-down list for field Event/Code/List in Advanced Search for Related Record = Attendance does not have any Event Codes listed.


  • (Bug Fix) Roommate Advanced Recurring event does not display when saved
  • (Bug Fix) Roommate Event Export report maintain the short abbreviate date form (ie Feb 23 2011) even when 02/23/2011 is selected under the General tab
  • (Bug Fix) Roommate monthly calendar print out showing 1st, 2nd, 3rd, etc on printed calendar
  • (Bug Fix) Scrolling on days on the monthly view of the Event Schedule now works


  • (Enhancement) Added logging and defensive coding during server initialization
  • (Enhancement) CDM+ will no longer appear to be unresponding when uninstalling Suran Server on Windows. Also, progress messages will be displayed during an uninstalled.
  • (Enhancement) If there is an IP address under IP Address or domain name and the IP address is the IP address of the Server computer, the Database Browser will display both Server and On this computer along the left hand side.
  • (Bug Fix) CDM+ will no longer display the "Run As" dialog when running processes on XP that require elevated privileges, such as server installs


  • (Enhancement) CDM+ will now reset when installing updates on Vista/7 when not installed in a standard location
  • (Bug Fix) Fixed a problem with loading one of the components for the update on Windows. This will prevent the message "Omnis cannot read the library file" when opening CDM+ after an update.
  • (Bug Fix) Fixed a sporadic error applying migration 150.


  • (Bug Fix) Event Registrations that come from Web Ministry Tools will no longer show up in Post Income from Event Registrations. They will also show a source of "Web Ministry Tools" in the Registration entry window.
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