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CDM+ 8.2r12

Released on August 18, 2010


CDM+ 8.2r12.915
Download for macOS
235 MB

CDM+ 8.2r12.915
Download for Windows
140 MB

Installation Steps

Step 1: Check system requirements

Check the CDM+ System Requirements to ensure all computers that will run the version version meet system requirements. This is especially important when upgrading between major versions.

Step 2: Backup your data

Back up all databases that will be updated to the new version. If you subscribe to CDM+ SAAS or Data Hosting you can contact support to make a backup or simply rely on the nightly backup.

Step 3: Download the installer

Click the link above to download the installer for your platform.

Step 4: Install the new version

Follow the Installing CDM+ guide to install CDM+. This will remove previous versions of CDM+ from your computer. 

Step 5: Update your database(s)

Open CDM+ and update your database(s) to the current version. 

Issues resolved in CDM+ 8.2r12


  • (Bug Fix) Adjusting column width on Modify Check window causes a Divide by Zero error if no columns are selected
  • (Bug Fix) Change category or sub-category codes or fund balance account numbers does number update FullAccount for related accounts
  • (Bug Fix) Changing the number on an account when there are other accounts with that same number will corrupt related records
  • (Bug Fix) Error when hitting 'Vendors' button in invoice window when there are no invoices
  • (Bug Fix) Error when using an advanced search with standard on audit Trail
  • (Bug Fix) Fixed a sporadic error that could occur when inserting records.
  • (Bug Fix) Getting Unable to delete error when saving bank rec
  • (Bug Fix) Monthly Comparison Composite report show zeros for Monthly % of Budget and YTD % of Budget
  • (Bug Fix) Posting report picking up extra stuff, perhaps with other posting references
  • (Bug Fix) Unmarking AP items that have been paid is very slow on Data Hosting

Accounting, Report Framework

  • (Bug Fix) 'Print Summary List' report from the Write Checks window was grouping all 'Auto Draws' in to a single item

Accounting, Statistics

  • (Bug Fix) Stats Field Decimal checkbox is not activating the ability to add decimals in List Statistics


  • (Bug Fix) Fixed an error assigning visitor letter when there is no status assigned.

Attendance, Notices

  • (Bug Fix) Missing Analysis Report is not sorting visitors properly by Alpha

COG Regional

  • (Enhancement) Added a special function to re-sync all minister's and treasuer's online reports
  • (Enhancement) MR and TR Import - look for existing from the database records, not from a saved list of files
  • (Bug Fix) COG Minister Report Form is not printing the phone numbers properly.
  • (Bug Fix) COG TR if you have the window options set to load last find and the last record is 'Posted' the Other Giving fields are disabled when doing an 'Add'
  • (Bug Fix) COG Voting Session setup not filtering by 'Do Not Print'
  • (Bug Fix) COG Voting Summary shows numbers a numerics
  • (Bug Fix) Finding on some 'Check Box' (ie 'Do Not Print') fields Produces a SQL error
  • (Bug Fix) On COG TR/MR Download will now validate that the file is not zero K after download
  • (Bug Fix) Regional Programs 'RANK' was showing as a code option on church reports when it should not as it is an Individual Option.

COG Regional, DOC Regional

  • (Bug Fix) Regional Church Directory not always paging by code


  • (Bug Fix) Added test to prevent the entering of a contribution record without a giving unit.
  • (Bug Fix) Adjusted Report of Giving to show more of lengthy Type Breakdowns
  • (Bug Fix) Advanced Search ONLY in the Daily Report of Records always brings back 'No Matching Records Found'
  • (Bug Fix) All counts and totals are the same on Pledge Summary Custom Listing Report
  • (Bug Fix) Batch Contributions window is saving only the last contribution entered when in Multi-Add.
  • (Bug Fix) Clicking the close box on the advanced find window gives the following error: ""Do method command without valid method name.""
  • (Bug Fix) Finding a giver by name where the last name had a space in it would not work
  • (Bug Fix) Giving reports will not print just one Giver Code when 'Use Ranges' is checked and The first range amount is zero.
  • (Bug Fix) Inactive Giving Units are listed in the 'List' window of Contributions entry
  • (Bug Fix) On the Online Giving Notice Setup window, the change button doesn't move as the window is vertically resized
  • (Bug Fix) Pledges Detail Report not accurately printing Frequency and showing Period Amount as zero
  • (Bug Fix) Regionals will now Lookup on church giving unit on city during contribution entry
  • (Bug Fix) Saved Search Issue fixed in search refactoring
  • (Bug Fix) Some Giver Code range finds failing
  • (Bug Fix) Type to find in Giving Unit List in Batch Contributions Entry inconsistant. Did not recall last giving unit and sort

Contributions, Notices

  • (Bug Fix) On Online Giving Notices, the CC Transaction Number field isn't working

Contributions, Record framework

  • (Bug Fix) Giving Unit Custom Listing is now available to print from Giving Unit Information


  • (Enhancement) Provide feedback to the user during ImportMappedBlobs()
  • (Bug Fix) CDM+ 8.0 database to CDM+ 8.2. Sequences were off after conversion. Unique Index violation errors when trying to log in.
  • (Bug Fix) ERROR: relation "fgcontbarcode" does not exist when converting from 8.0 to 8.2


  • (Enhancement) Turn On Northwest Haiti Customs for User 12072

DOC General

  • (Bug Fix) Church of Call does not auto-complete with a tab
  • (Bug Fix) Duplicate address check for church records not working
  • (Bug Fix) Importing Background Check for DOC General does not delete the e-mail upon import
  • (Bug Fix) Preferences tab on the minister profile window was not showing any information

DOC Regional

  • (Bug Fix) DHM Office: Error Sending EMails
  • (Bug Fix) DOC Regional SAC Office Circulation List does not display list of published dates
  • (Bug Fix) Error when you do an export/Custom List search on a built in code and your export/custom list has a List Assignment field in it.
  • (Bug Fix) Fixed an error that could occur towards the end of an 8.1 to 8.2 conversion on Windows.
  • (Bug Fix) Regional Program error on address searches with church criteria in Advanced find and a build in code selected in the standard Seach

Data Import

  • (Bug Fix) Optimized the Data Import, especially for large files.
  • (Bug Fix) Fixed an error when importing fcGivingDetail.
  • (Bug Fix) Fixed an issue where the data import would try to import an additional record.


  • (Bug Fix) Email outbox window click on recipients error column header caused error
  • (Bug Fix) When testing a SMTP server, the ok message has ""successfull"" instead of ""successful"".

Event Registration

  • (Enhancement) Activate Post Registration Income for all users
  • (Bug Fix) Loading past activities in a new Event Record when you have already added activities causes the existing activities to duplicate.
  • (Bug Fix) Times in events increment several hours on some hosted users

Event Registration, Notices

  • (Bug Fix) Emails should no longer have orphaned attachments (attachments that are stored with the email in the database, but don't show up on the email more options window.)


  • (Enhancement) Invalid database check for no system row
  • (Enhancement) Progress bar when saving personal preferences
  • (Enhancement) Use Time Without Time Zone in lieu of Time With Time Zone
  • (Bug Fix) CDM+ will now detect errors of the type ""software caused connection abort"" as a disconnect and attempt a reconnect.
  • (Bug Fix) Creating a new database in Mac OS X leaves the progress window open.
  • (Bug Fix) Data Import: Two records with the same ID and Insert/Replace enabled, the second record attempts an insert instead of an update
  • (Bug Fix) Error during backup: ERROR: function setsuranusername(integer) does not exist
  • (Bug Fix) Importing data into CDM+ 8.2 is slow
  • (Bug Fix) The messages that appears when checking invalid hosting credentials is not proper English.
  • (Bug Fix) User cannot print a PDF to a local directory — they are authenticating against Active Directory


  • (Bug Fix) Address Line 1 not available not an available field to import in the Mailing Version
  • (Bug Fix) NCOA process window will now show current address from Address Record not the address when submitted. It will also distinguish between primary and alternate
  • (Bug Fix) Second line of the tray tag is not printing when it is a scheme.
  • (Enhancement) Added Delivery Point Validation to the CASS import


  • (Bug Fix) Error on media label setup if List is double clicked when there are no labels set up


  • (Bug Fix) AADC on Non Automated Letters; Non Auto 3dg Not Totaling on bottom
  • (Bug Fix) Added validation that a Name badge is selected when edit is pressed
  • (Bug Fix) Address Labels is not sorting by zip code when using 'Current Address' option
  • (Bug Fix) Address Record Results List does not maintain the sort column after a simple find or find all.
  • (Bug Fix) Carrier Sort not working on Individual Labels When searching on a build in code
  • (Bug Fix) Error on Phone Maintenance window when save is hit and this is the fist time entering any other phone
  • (Bug Fix) Error when including Individual names in address custom listing and Find is on a user defined code
  • (Bug Fix) Fixed a SQL error with the OI sets customization.
  • (Bug Fix) Fixed a problem finding on partial date fields containing a full date.
  • (Bug Fix) Fixed a problem finding on phone numbers.
  • (Bug Fix) Fixed potentials SQL errors when timers fire off
  • (Bug Fix) Individual Yearbook Directory: Individual's name appearing replicated when using an advanced find only
  • (Bug Fix) Individual names on one-per-household lumping all names together when done from individual window
  • (Bug Fix) Record frame panes that resize vertically but not horizontally will now appear correct within the record frame.
  • (Bug Fix) Swapping address will not clear certified flag
  • (Bug Fix) The display of the Grade field on individual record window in catholic version made wider
  • (Bug Fix) Zone Edit on mailing setup window will not allow the deleting of entries

Membership, Notices

  • (Bug Fix) The Notices tab on Individual Records will now display the correct notices.


  • (Enhancement) Adjust default column size on E-Mail Outbox
  • (Enhancement) Button on the E-Mail outbox to delete an entire e-mail.
  • (Enhancement) Improve the sending e-mail window to resize to fit error messages
  • (Enhancement) SMTP test setup button
  • (Bug Fix) E-mail Notice (non-Enhanced Notice version) shows all e-mail recepients in Confirmation window even though only a few were selected under 'More Options'
  • (Bug Fix) E-mail getting error ""-1 Error Sending E-mail No Sender Address"" on Emails without enhanced notices
  • (Bug Fix) Explode the Notices tab from Individual Records and then restore it. The tab does not re-appear
  • (Bug Fix) Letter/Email notices (Non-Enhanced Notice) when you go through the Record window does not maintain formatting
  • (Bug Fix) Specifying an alternate (non-system default) SMTP server on a one-off e-mail does not use that server
  • (Bug Fix) When re-sending an e-mail from the outbox that had an error on the first send, the progress window will display that error instead of ""Sending e-mail x of y""
  • (Bug Fix) When sending a one-off e-mail from Other Phones/E-Mail, if there is an attachment and ""Leave window open after sending"" is enabled, each subsequent e-mail replicates the attachment


  • (Bug Fix) 941 Schedule B description text not printing properly in Windows and showing zeros
  • (Bug Fix) Changes made to other deduction amounts on view payroll are not saving
  • (Bug Fix) Double clicking check number in Paid Payroll either changes the number to a date or removes the number from the column.
  • (Bug Fix) Unmarking payroll items that have been paid is very slow on Data Hosting
  • (Bug Fix) When adding a new employee, pay items do not save

Payroll, Accounting

  • (Enhancement) Need to guarantee that a Payroll item is linked to a valid ledger entry.
  • (Enhancement) Posting Payroll need to run inside a Transaction
  • (Enhancement) Prevent the deleting of ledger items that are connected to a non-voided Payroll.

Payroll, Record framework

  • (Bug Fix) Fixed issue where the RF would not select records after a Change


  • (Bug Fix) Menus do not show up in General User Preferences

Record framework

  • (Enhancement) Improved how record frames resize
  • (Enhancement) Rebuilt saved and simple searches to be more solid and save when closing windows instead of while saving personal preferences
  • (Bug Fix) Fixed a problem where corrupted personal preferences would cause an error when opening a record frame set to load the last find.
  • (Bug Fix) Fixed a problem where the results list and results count would be positioned incorrectly on Windows.
  • (Bug Fix) Fixed several issues with using the grid after deleting a column.
  • (Bug Fix) On window column selection grid rows were resizable
  • (Bug Fix) Print destination icons in 'Show Preview' part of the window will disappear or become unreadable when sizing the window smaller.
  • (Bug Fix) Tweaked the border on the drop-down lists for the search and the giver lookup to appear better under Windows.

Record framework, Simple Find

  • (Bug Fix) Simple searches will once again work for user-defined groups.

Report Framework

  • (Bug Fix) Report windows would open too large.
  • (Bug Fix) The Individual Labels/Envelopes report opens with a title of ""Individual Labels""


  • (Bug Fix) Event time in Roommate is adding 1 hour when creating or modifying an event record
  • (Bug Fix) Fixed an error that could occur when checking an event for conflicts.
  • (Bug Fix) Horizontal lines will now display correctly on the Grid Calendar report for larger font sizes.
  • (Bug Fix) Roommate schedule not recognizing character and space formatting from preferences
  • (Bug Fix) Some fields on the Event entry/Modify in roommate will not activate the save button unless you type in twice in the field. Change to dates will now activate without having to tab out of the field
  • (Bug Fix) The Resource icon on the Roommate toolbar does not open Resources window.

Simple Find

  • (Bug Fix) Drop-down check lists for simple searches will now hide horizontal and vertical scrollbars when they are not needed
  • (Bug Fix) Error on giving unit window when doing a find on First/Last Entry made
  • (Bug Fix) Fixed an issue where loading older previous searches would cause a SQL error.
  • (Bug Fix) Keyboard enter or return does not process text just entered into a criteria field of wg_search
  • (Bug Fix) Simple search on unit user-defined groups isn't building a list of user-defined groups
  • (Bug Fix) fixed Finding on Gender produces an error


  • (Enhancement) Ensure that fgUpdateComponent (and data) cannot be cleaned out once populated
  • (Bug Fix) Error: Insufficient memory available when loading function from resources.df1 on Windows
  • (Bug Fix) Fixed an issue where web and network updates would not update the program version for Windows Vista and Windows 7 users authenticated against an Active Directory account.
  • (Bug Fix) The progress bar on network updates is now much smoother.
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