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CDM+ 11.0.1

Released on January 21, 2020


Download for macOS
218 MB

Download for Windows
443 MB

Installation Steps

Step 1: Check system requirements

Check the CDM+ System Requirements to ensure all computers that will run the version version meet system requirements. This is especially important when upgrading between major versions.

If using macOS

macOS 10.13 High Sierra is the minimum required version of macOS to run CDM+ 11.0.x. macOS 10.13 or later can be installed on any Mac released from 2010 or later using the App Store.

CDM+ 11.0.x WILL NOT run on macOS 11 Big Sur or later. Please review the CDM+ System Requirements for supported versions for your operating system.

If using Data Hosting or SAAS

CDM+ Mobile 2.2 or later is required to access CDM+ 11.0.x databases.

Step 2: Backup your data

Back up all databases that will be updated to the new version. If you subscribe to CDM+ SAAS or Data Hosting you can contact support to make a backup or simply rely on the nightly backup.

Step 3: Download the installer

Click the link above to download the installer for your platform.

Step 4: Install the new version

Follow the Installing CDM+ guide to install CDM+. This will remove previous versions of CDM+ from your computer. 

Step 5: Update your database(s)

Open CDM+ and update your database(s) to the current version. 

Issues resolved in CDM+ 11.0.1


  • CDM-7043 Bug - Description is not showing up in Deposit Processing
  • CDM-7049 Bug - The Asset description is missing off of the Bank Reconciliation Report
  • CDM-7060 Bug - There is not a toolbar option for the reports under the Accounting report menu
  • CDM-7118 Bug - Performing a Standard and Advanced Find on Category and Sub-Category report causes SQL Error

Accounts Payable

  • CDM-7146 Bug - Delete a Recurring Payable - when click save - vendor record message appears
  • CDM-7157 Bug - Adding a new vendor record and recurring transactions at the same time causes a SQL error
  • CDM-7158 Bug - Keystrokes in empty Vendor User Field Maintenance window causes SQL Error
  • CDM-5927 Story - Add User Fields to Accounts Payable Invoices

Accounts Receivable

  • CDM-6997 Bug - Detail Statements pull statements that do not match the configured search
  • CDM-7125 Bug - Apply to first invoice button is active when not in Change mode 
  • CDM-7206 Bug - Looking up customers is slow
  • CDM-7214 Bug - Recurring tab on Customer Records doesn't stretch
  • CDM-6886 Story - Add Sales Orders to the end of the AR Email Statements report
  • CDM-7107 Story - Rename the totals to "Invoices" and "Payments" on the AR Detail Statement
  • CDM-7137 Story - On the Detail Statement Report, add a new column labeled 'Credits' to the Summary section and separate the credits from the invoices


  • CDM-6939 Bug - Add User and Delete User buttons are too close on Administration until redraw


  • CDM-7093 Bug - Attendance Worsheet by Date - members who are not in specified class are showing in the report and the enrolled members are not showin gin the report.

Check Scanner

  • CDM-7056 Bug - Check Image Scanner doesn't work on Windows


  • CDM-6937 Bug - Cannot save changes to Giving Funds
  • CDM-7045 Bug - Cannot set the date format for Last Contribution Date in Giving Unit Letters
  • CDM-7068 Bug - Pledge fields are not available to add to notices
  • CDM-7110 Bug - Opening Advanced Search window causes multiple SQL Error windows to appear
  • CDM-7128 Bug - You have to select the Contribution Batch Date several times on the Daily Report of Contributions before it will accept the date
  • CDM-7188 Bug - Giving Funds window can be resized so that buttons overlap each other
  • CDM-7239 Bug - Editing Giving Units in Giving Unit Field Maintenance causes a SQL error
  • CDM-7163 Story - Relabel the sort by order button on the Giving Funds window, and toggle it so that it is only enabled when necessary

DOC Ministers

  • CDM-7071 Bug - Opened Flag/Sent tab does not retain its position when selecting a different record from the results list.
  • CDM-7230 Bug - "Title" field requires selection before exiting field, even if there are no options
  • CDM-5956 Story - Add user fields to Minister Records
  • CDM-7090 Story - Add cascade deletes to doc.minister and sac.language for sac.minister_language and foreign key checks on sac.minister_language
  • CDM-7095 Story - Add sac_language_id column to profile and reference tables

DOC Regional Ministry Positions

  • CDM-7059 Bug - There is a print button on Ministry Position Records, but there are no reports for it
  • CDM-7100 Bug - Ministry Position Committee Member Custom Listing and Export incorrectly called 'Ministry Position Custom Listing and Export'
  • CDM-7101 Story - Add Ministry Position Custom Listing and Export

Database Browser

  • CDM-7170 Bug - Some users can get an error message about the temp database name when restoring a database 

Event Registration

  • CDM-7210 Story - Validate activity categories


  • CDM-7075 Bug - The Advanced Find window is not unique for each User Field Maintenance window
  • CDM-7079 Bug - Arrowing up and down the find field list can skip lines
  • CDM-7138 Bug - The new Find window goes below the macOS Dock
  • CDM-7155 Bug - Performing a related record search on a specific user field will search all user fields of the same type
  • CDM-7062 Story - Close the search drop down menu after single clicking the search option
  • CDM-7204 Story - Don't drop down the field list when pressing tab
  • CDM-7205 Story - Select the current find field when dropping the find list 


  • CDM-7089 Bug - Using the enter (return) key does not move over a name in Individual List Maintenance


  • CDM-7234 Bug - Windows install fails if the user profile has a single quote in it


  • CDM-7014 Bug - Totals on the Loan Statement print at the bottom of the page
  • CDM-7134 Bug - Investment Activity Statement prints carriage returns for addresses

Investor's Heritage

  • CDM-7207 Bug - Investors Heritage import doesn't handle an extra section marker for reinstatements
  • CDM-7218 Story - Replace Family Heritage logo with Globe Life


  • CDM-7065 Bug - Adding a check doesn't set vendor as the current field
  • CDM-7097 Bug - In Ledger Entry Records, the last digit is not totally visible for the amount
  • CDM-7153 Bug - The option to search by "line item last modified by" is missing
  • CDM-5929 Story - Add User Fields to Ledger Entries


  • CDM-7150 Bug - Seasonal logos aren't appearing


  • CDM-7033 Bug - Saving a record with improperly formatted email will cause a SQL Error
  • CDM-7072 Bug - Printing Uncertifed Addresses report causes SQL Error
  • CDM-7098 Bug - Finding on individuals by baptized date does not produce the correct results
  • CDM-7117 Bug - Advanced find for Date Joined greater than 'blank' gives a SQL Error in Individual Custom Listing and Export report
  • CDM-7171 Bug - Address Custom Listing and Export report gives a SQL Error
  • CDM-7208 Bug - Occupation fields not saving
  • CDM-7203 Story - Don't attempt to geo-locate an empty address

MinPro PDF Server

  • CDM-7212 Bug - Disclaimer on Profile report missing
  • CDM-7186 Story - Ability to print DHM PDFs in specific languages

Minister Reports

  • CDM-6956 Bug - Adding a Minister Report Record does not place cursor in the first field of each tab

Mobile Provisioning

  • CDM-7092 Bug - Administration Mobile Selected Groups Screen collapses when you choose a group
  • CDM-6851 Story - Ability to choose payment methods available for mobile receipts


  • CDM-6999 Bug - Pledge emails are generated with foreign keys to the giving unit instead of the pledge
  • CDM-7057 Bug - Resizing picture inside notice cuts off the picture instead of resizing it
  • CDM-7233 Bug - Password protected PDFs do not require the password to open


  • CDM-7102 Bug - Payroll Period Detail Report Rounds Deduction amounts and the Summary Totals
  • CDM-7172 Bug - Pay Items tab is cutting off fields on the right side
  • CDM-7173 Bug - Order under the Employee Records Options tab has changed
  • CDM-7200 Bug - The Payroll Tax Forms button does not work in Welcome to Payroll Window
  • CDM-7183 Story - Support for 2020 W-4s
  • CDM-7198 Story - Enhance North Dakota tax calculations to support 2020 W4

Record Frame

  • CDM-7032 Bug - Sidebar buttons do not show up on Church Record Connections window when searching
  • CDM-7139 Bug - The list of user fields on the User Fields tab does not change when changing sets

Report Frame

  • CDM-6972 Bug - Line numbers export into Excel and Numbers even though setup is unchecked
  • CDM-7099 Bug - Export in Windows only does .txt
  • CDM-6971 Story - Use a better method to deterine if Excel is installed


  • CDM-7115 Bug - Saving an event in roommate can take over 5 minutes and sometimes it never saves.
  • CDM-7119 Bug - Start time and End time are reversed in roommate
  • CDM-7189 Story - Include Startup and Take Down times when checking for room conflicts

Search and Call

  • CDM-7211 Bug - enhance sync_from_old_profile to find profile based on language for DHM
  • CDM-4013 Story - Order of ministry changes on the 2016 minister's profile report
  • CDM-7053 Story - Extract text from profile pdf
  • CDM-7054 Story - Extract text from reference pdf
  • CDM-7083 Story - Correct spellings on the profile report


  • CDM-7064 Bug - Clicking load in Event Statistics causes a message "you must select an event"
  • CDM-7135 Bug - Event Statistics Report does not show average

Suran Omnis Framework

  • CDM-7185 Bug - Opening a relative window on Windows will perform a call to macOS defaults

Treasurer Reports

  • CDM-7038 Bug - Other Giving/Income Group Box is cut off


  • CDM-7094 Bug - The public.reset_giving_unit_gift_dates(integer[]) isn't created when restoring a backup
  • CDM-7229 Bug - Updating to 11.0.1 can encounter an error with orphaned visitation records
  • DW-277 Bug - Updating to 11.0.1 causes an error

User Customizations

  • CDM-7109 Bug - Get a SQL Error when opening Dedicated Reports

User Fields

  • CDM-7063 Bug - Assigning values to all lines in a User Field Maintenance window does not apply to the last line
  • CDM-7076 Bug - User Field Maintenance Window does not manage discarded changes properly
  • CDM-7078 Bug - The Assign Column Values window is formatted for entering text when assigning values for a date field
  • CDM-7081 Bug - Saving user fields with one value per row with a user field with multiples values per row only saves the field with multiple values
  • CDM-7124 Bug - The User Field related record only has the generic type options
  • CDM-7175 Bug - When the API creates a Mobile Scan user field type, CDM+ won't see it until logging out and back in
  • CDM-7052 Story - Dynamically resize the 'Name' fields in the User Field Maintenance Windows


  • CDM-7179 Bug - Running the 'Validate FICA/Medicare' Special Function causes an error
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