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CDM+ 10.1.7

Released on June 20, 2018


Download for macOS
137 MB

Download for Windows
383 MB

Installation Steps

Step 1: Check system requirements

Check the CDM+ System Requirements to ensure all computers that will run the version version meet system requirements. This is especially important when upgrading between major versions.

Step 2: Backup your data

Back up all databases that will be updated to the new version. If you subscribe to CDM+ SAAS or Data Hosting you can contact support to make a backup or simply rely on the nightly backup.

Step 3: Download the installer

Click the link above to download the installer for your platform.

Step 4: Install the new version

Follow the Installing CDM+ guide to install CDM+. This will remove previous versions of CDM+ from your computer. 

Step 5: Update your database(s)

Open CDM+ and update your database(s) to the current version. 

Issues resolved in CDM+ 10.1.7


  • CDM-162 Bug - When printing the Income/Expense report, inactive accounts in the standard search disappear
  • CDM-168 Bug - Open/Close Periods does not handle a year with an ending date but no beginning date
  • CDM-172 Bug - Check Listing report is not finding entries when using advanced find
  • CDM-522 Bug - Accounts Receivable Payments are missing the record description that shows when deleting from the record frame
  • CDM-591 Bug - The Bank Reconciliation report will not show items cleared on future reconciliations unless voided items are included
  • CDM-784 Bug - The option to print a posting report when posting Accounts Payable invoices to the ledger does not recall its selection
  • CDM-798 Bug - The description overlaps the account number on the Account Payable Invoice Report
  • CDM-1138 Bug - There is an extra single quote on the report type options for Trial Balance
  • CDM-1315 Bug - Changing the account on a credit card payment invoice does not update the account on the credit card payment/accrual in the ledger
  • CDM-1470 Bug - Adding a line to an accrued invoice and then editing it produces and out-of-balance entry
  • CDM-1595 Bug - Checks are not printing the third line of the Vendor Address
  • CDM-4448 Bug - Attempting to save an empty beginning balance date produces an OK message with a -14
  • CDM-4450 Bug - Working in close/open periods in a database without a beginning balance date produces an error
  • CDM-5224 Bug - Create Recurring Ledger Entries lets you change the check number on recurring checks
  • CDM-5334 Bug - Budget Report shows YTD options for Monthly Detail type
  • CDM-5353 Bug - Unable to add missing account numbers in deposit processing on a Windows machine
  • CDM-5367 Bug - Check view in ledger window showing an extra line in detail section
  • CDM-5424 Bug - Paging the Ledger to Budget report by fund doesn't include the fund name in the header
  • CDM-5442 Bug - Type in results list displays Voided Check Number but on record frame it displays Accrual in Record Frame Window
  • CDM-5445 Bug - Ledger to Budget pages by fund code instead of fund balance
  • CDM-5448 Bug - Creating Ledger entries from Recurring ledger entries adds a check number
  • CDM-5451 Bug - Ledger to Budget report - Composite the lines between each of the budget categories 
  • CDM-1421 Story - Related record find on Recurring Accounts Receivable Invoices
  • CDM-1469 Story - When adding lines to an accrued AP invoice, don't mark the new lines as accrued
  • CDM-4904 Story - Upgrade the Ledger to Budget report to be responsive

Accounts Payable

  • CDM-1113 Bug - Accruing invoices under Advanced Fund Accounting does not enforce a proper fund code/asset combination
  • CDM-4757 Bug - Running the Merge Vendors special function enters an endless loop
  • CDM-4826 Bug - Unable to delete a vendor that does not have payments
  • CDM-5019 Bug - Cannot enter a vendor's address or phone number when the results list is on a vendor who is linked to an address record
  • CDM-5099 Bug - Code on Vendor Record can be changed to blank
  • CDM-5164 Bug - Deleting an accrued invoice deletes the ledger entry even if other line items have payments on it
  • CDM-5312 Bug - Accruing an invoice that has a different Vendor in the column ID Number/Vendor causes the ledger entry to use Vendor from that field rather than Payee field
  • CDM-5331 Bug - The Vendor List is empty when opening on subsequent occasions

Accounts Receivable

  • CDM-1581 Bug - The integrity check for statement dates has a grammatical error
  • CDM-2504 Bug - Invoice date can't be changed in the Grid on Accounts Receivable Invoices
  • CDM-2505 Bug - Customer balance can be modified via the Customer Records Grid
  • CDM-3984 Bug - You cannot change the date on recurring accounts receivable invoices when creating them
  • CDM-4183 Bug - When opening the Accounts Receivable Post Payments window and there are no payments to post an error message will appear
  • CDM-5221 Bug - Deleting an accounts receivable payment does not properly restore invoice balances
  • CDM-5222 Bug - Changing an AR payment to apply to an invoice corrupted invoice balances
  • CDM-5234 Bug - Adding an invoice saves an empty record.
  • CDM-5381 Bug - Generating Recurring Accounts Receivable Invoice generates invoices with duplicate invoice numbers
  • CDM-5017 Story - Add a Recurring Invoices custom listing
  • CDM-5269 Story - Create triggers to cascade AR payments to invoices and customer balances.

Activation and Serialization

  • CDM-5111 Story - Remove the platform check


  • CDM-1703 Bug - Child permissions are not displayed inset or enabling/disabling off their parent 
  • CDM-4741 Bug - When limiting a user to check-in/check-out only, the investments permissions header still shows


  • CDM-364 Bug - Archive warning message disappears when user goes to Administration window or SQL Command Line
  • CDM-1004 Bug - When a user is in an Archive database, the user can setup CDM+ to archive within the database that they are currently logged into
  • CDM-1344 Bug - The archive warning has some visual issues


  • CDM-1115 Bug - An error occurred when printing Attendance by Individual involving a duplicate section
  • CDM-4404 Bug - Changing attendance dates on List Attendance Entry doesn't redraw the Members list
  • CDM-5110 Bug - Attendance Labels/Envelopes report is not sorting based on Sort Option
  • CDM-5214 Bug - When a person is signed in for attendance in the same group multiple times, it should not raise any error.

COG Regional

  • CDM-5315 Bug - COG Church Directory is not showing the District (Region in Master COG database) Code next to the church code

COG Voting

  • CDM-1250 Bug - Election Setup always asks if you want to save changes after saving changes
  • CDM-1251 Bug - Selecting a candidate after loading candidates but before saving jumps the candidate list to the top
  • CDM-1253 Bug - Saving changes to individuals when there are un-saved candidates removes the unsaved candidates
  • CDM-1316 Bug - Adding an election without initial positions creates the initial session as an alternate
  • CDM-3550 Bug - Adding a minister to a session setup for manual voting displays a different number than on their individual record
  • CDM-3630 Bug - Clicking the reports on the voting toolbar doesn't always open the report

Change Sets

  • CDM-5128 Bug - Changeset preferences show for all users
  • CDM-5219 Bug - When processing change sets in DOC General, generating the window to send email notifications is slow.
  • CDM-5239 Bug - When processing minister change in DOC General, notification window has -14 title
  • CDM-5170 Story - Alphabetize list of regions for changeset processing


  • CDM-5138 Bug - The chaplaincy reference PDF is illegible

Chart of Accounts

  • CDM-1539 Bug - Duplicating a chart of account with copy the Data Entry Default value and create two accounts with the same number marked as defaults
  • CDM-4775 Bug - Cancelling when adding an account set still adds the set.
  • CDM-5313 Bug - When saving the chart of accounts, a validation error from the Category tab does not display that tab

Check Scanner

  • CDM-4472 Bug - When loading a contribution with the Check Image window open, the new contribution's check image doesn't appear


  • CDM-4855 Bug - Adding a new individual under Staffed Check-in window has an issue with the Staffed Checkin window coming forward before the process is complete
  • CDM-5053 Bug - Adding individual check-in notes as a staffed check-in validation field causes a SQL error when checking in an individual
  • CDM-5260 Bug - Show All on Check In/Check Out Event Records generates SQL and Omnis errors
  • CDM-5443 Bug - CICO is not displaying the label report properly
  • CDM-5471 Bug - Self Check-in window does not display list of names until user swipes mouse across area where names should display


  • CDM-3127 Story - Allow customizing the result columns when finding a link's destination record


  • CDM-647 Bug - Line items for invalid fund code/asset number pairings will not show on the Contributions Posting Report preview when using Advanced Fund Accounting
  • CDM-684 Bug - The Year Ending value on Canadian Receipts displays a full date on the first receipt
  • CDM-947 Bug - Incorrect grammer on the Transfer Contributions window
  • CDM-998 Bug - The Merge Giving Funds special function name does not use the term for Giving Funds
  • CDM-1596 Bug - Contribution Detail report is not printing Primary Phone when setup for Comp Address - Giving Fund
  • CDM-2044 Bug - Mark Receipt as printed is not saving the first time selected 
  • CDM-2135 Bug - Giving fund can be deleted when there are recurring detail settings attached to them
  • CDM-2737 Bug - Printing giving receipts can give an error the report position is out of range
  • CDM-3034 Bug - Double-clicking a Pledge from the Giving Unit Record does not open the pledge
  • CDM-3614 Bug - A SQL error can occur loading a find in Giving Unit Field Maintenance
  • CDM-3824 Bug - Text Color does not change in Giving Unit Drop Down of Batch Contributions window
  • CDM-4034 Bug - The receipt note on Canadian Tax Receipts can overlap the giver's name
  • CDM-4192 Bug - Scanned Check Listing report is not printing the checks correctly
  • CDM-4200 Bug - When viewing a check image and clicking Change, the check image window closes
  • CDM-4774 Bug - When canceling creating or editing a giving fund set, the window closes before the prompt to save and the prompt will not close.
  • CDM-4995 Bug - Selecting Giving Unit User Field Maintenance from the Contributions menu does not bring it to the front
  • CDM-5132 Bug - Updating a 9.3.6 database to 10.1.6 on a Windows server causes errors trying to add Contributions
  • CDM-5155 Bug - Attempting to save a duplicate giver's code where the existing giver has square brackets in their name causes an error
  • CDM-5163 Bug - Removing the Name Header on Contributions Statements will not print a range or all Contribution Statements
  • CDM-5231 Bug - contributions.get_recent_contributions should only return contributions with an accountscheduleguid
  • CDM-5289 Bug - Clicking View Contributions with no pledge record selected causes SQL error
  • CDM-5325 Bug - Contribution Receipts need more space in top section
  • CDM-5193 Story - Add a separate option to Giving Statements to control printing the date

DOC Church

  • CDM-5004 Bug - DOC Regional reports are appearing on DOC General menus
  • CDM-5166 Bug - A duplicate id error occurs when adding a new church in DOC General.
  • CDM-5265 Bug - Hovering over the jump button on Church Association pops up incorrect message
  • CDM-5129 Story - Prevent duplicate church PINs
  • CDM-5343 Story - Remove the automatic jump to the first unreviewed church from the Church Association tool

DOC Ministers

  • CDM-4670 Bug - User can update ordination date without change
  • CDM-4738 Bug - DOC Regional database can have same minister PIN on multiple records.
  • CDM-5137 Bug - Ministerial change can cause 'unexpected end of string' SQL error
  • CDM-5140 Bug - Submitting ministerial changes without mapped positions can cause an error
  • CDM-5253 Bug - In DOC General, simple find on Church will generate SQL error
  • CDM-5258 Bug - Editing ordination date in changeset to duplicate value can cause SQL error.
  • CDM-5266 Bug - Clicking regional email address in Process Minister Changes does not include minister name in subject
  • CDM-5291 Bug - DOC Regional user can switch to other windows when change submission is in process
  • CDM-5319 Bug - Entering a minister PIN in DOC regional causes core executable on Windows
  • CDM-5320 Bug - Minister Association not working in 10.2
  • CDM-5368 Bug - On Windows in DOC General, the list of fields for simple finds on Minister Records is empty
  • CDM-5415 Bug - DOC Regional OCV data not displaying in Windows
  • CDM-5423 Bug - In DOC General Minister Records, sidebar Profile does not activate correctly
  • CDM-5339 Story - Make Miscond Prev available for search and export in DOC Regional databases
  • CDM-5340 Story - Remove the automatic jump to the first unreviewed minister from the Minister Association tool

Database Browser

  • CDM-3138 Bug - Program won't quit if Choose Database is open
  • CDM-5374 Bug - Database Browser won't allow you to start a stopped server

Direct Deposit

  • CDM-4269 Bug - Payroll that is no longer marked for auto draw is not removed from an In process direct deposit
  • CDM-4369 Bug - The setup validation for direct deposit processing does not honor the "Do Not Post to Accounts Payable" setting on deductions

Discount Mailing

  • CDM-815 Bug - Last Performed dates do not show on Address/Membership Utilities after importing CASS data
  • CDM-950 Bug - Importing CASS-certified addresses does not clear the certification flag on all addresses in the system
  • CDM-5204 Story - Remove IMb Calculation from exportable address fields


  • CDM-5203 Story - Deploy database support for text giving/registrations to hosted users
  • CDM-5305 Story - Migration to set the preferred account on giving units

Event Registration

  • CDM-325 Bug - Registration entry shows registrations to activities with a capacity of 0 as overbooked
  • CDM-373 Bug - Making changes to a registration record causes the sort order of the Registration window to revert to some default setting.
  • CDM-2978 Bug - Activity Labels/Envelopes primary Advanced Search drop-down is empty 
  • CDM-4510 Bug - Church Record fields showing for find in non-Regional version
  • CDM-4893 Bug - User fields on the Master List Details display True/False in place of Yes/No
  • CDM-5185 Bug - ER Payment report only displays totals
  • CDM-5216 Bug - Master List report is displaying the word 'Female' for gender equal to unknown
  • CDM-5243 Bug - Prevent a fgStewardshipTechnologiesTransaction record from being created, if it's for a Processing Fee Correction registration payment
  • CDM-5427 Bug - Add and Multi-Add on Event Registration no longer open Select Individual
  • CDM-5433 Bug - Event Registration displays the previous record when there is no record to display.


  • CDM-548 Bug - The search on Advanced Find does not include the name of the primary table
  • CDM-1877 Bug - The 'Match Primary OR Related Record Finds' is not working in Membership
  • CDM-5191 Bug - Advanced Find refresh may generate SQL error for missing mgetpt() function
  • CDM-5241 Bug - Advanced Find save can retain spinning cursor on Windows
  • CDM-5176 Story - Enhance the Advanced Find window to use a sidebar and common record frame code
  • CDM-5310 Story - Adjust the sidebar actions on Advanced Find
  • CDM-5458 Story - Remove the filter option from the Advanced Find configuration

Girls Club Reports

  • CDM-612 Bug - Girls Club find and export fields do not include statistics fields


  • CDM-4863 Bug - Installing CDM+ on macOS doesn't register all fonts
  • CDM-5006 Story - Require Windows 7 SP 1


  • CDM-5435 Bug - Generate interest causes program to crash

Investor's Heritage

  • CDM-5080 Bug - Investors Heritage Annual Reports with 2-pages and 5 address lines don't sort properly
  • CDM-5232 Bug - Investors Heritage statements extract an invalid scan line for reinstatements with 4 line addresses
  • CDM-5323 Bug - Heritage Printout is not printing 5 line address records in the top portion correctly
  • CDM-4857 Story - Handle importing addresses that did not sort
  • CDM-5157 Story - Display address fields for Investors Heritage in uppercase


  • CDM-3791 Bug - Deleting a custom ledger type causes entries with that type to display a blank type in the results lists
  • CDM-4494 Bug - Creating a Check Number from 'Create Ledger Entries' does not enter a check number in sequence
  • CDM-5117 Bug - Editing a journal entry can change the entry type
  • CDM-5195 Bug - The check tab on Create Recurring Ledger Entries is shifted to the right
  • CDM-5196 Bug - The Create Recurring Ledger Entires window title is incorrect
  • CDM-5197 Bug - Saving changes to a recurring check incorrectly identifies a debit and credit mismatch
  • CDM-3865 Story - Optimize the Ledger to Budget report
  • CDM-5311 Story - Ledger Import for UID 12763


  • CDM-3406 Bug - Connecting to a database can try to reorganize functions in the weasel suran_database_manager
  • CDM-5142 Bug - Concurrent license limit reached message is incomplete

Master Coding System

  • CDM-2563 Bug - When scrolling to the bottom of a Group Type list to make a selection, the window will automatically scroll back up to the area where it started
  • CDM-2935 Bug - Clicking within the code field in the Master Coding System undoes any changes
  • CDM-3422 Bug - When creating a new database, code types appear as -22 and -14


  • CDM-1248 Bug - Adding an individual to Address Records without a first name does not add a blank line for a new individual when tabbing through Family Status
  • CDM-1878 Bug - Address Yearbook Directory not printing full Church Name header
  • CDM-3088 Bug - The address lookup window does not close when the user presses the escape key
  • CDM-3309 Bug - Finding on a group for Individual Custom Listing produced a SQL error with no field
  • CDM-4370 Bug - When creating new visitation types on Visitation tab of individual record, user receives an error message
  • CDM-4650 Bug - Print Yearbook Directory without report options opens blank window
  • CDM-5026 Bug - The New Member Listing report doesn't allow you to leave the date range blank
  • CDM-5055 Bug - Logos do not print on the Address Yearbook Directory
  • CDM-5141 Bug - Deleting an address record for individual with an online username generates a SQL error
  • CDM-5186 Bug - Pastoral Record Listing report is showing the incorrect search on the report
  • CDM-5233 Bug - Selection of groups within group type for search does not display the groups
  • CDM-5246 Bug - A break code (/br) is showing under City, State, Zip field between zip and Country
  • CDM-5250 Bug - Visitor Record followup information cannot be entered without saving the new record first
  • CDM-5293 Bug - Address Lines field for Custom Listings and Exports does not include Address Line 3
  • CDM-5298 Bug - Built-in 4-Column Address Yearbook Directory only prints 1 column per page
  • CDM-5316 Bug - Individual Name Badge report will not display pictures when there are less than one full page of results
  • CDM-5317 Bug - Adding text fields next to a Photo field in Individual Name Badge report causes the photo not to print
  • CDM-5327 Bug - The Address Master Listing shows a string table look up for the User Fields list
  • CDM-5351 Bug - Special characters in address can mess up looking up coordinates for address
  • CDM-5358 Bug - New individual is lost when adding a new Address Record
  • CDM-5359 Bug - Printing Individual Name Badge Label 5096 produces a SQL error
  • CDM-5318 Story - Allow adding email addresses and phone numbers for just the individual to Individual Name Badges
  • CDM-5335 Story - Update Google Map lookup APIs to use a key

Memorial Gifts

  • CDM-4900 Bug - The address fields on Memorial Gifts Given do not enable during an add after viewing a gift linked to an address record
  • CDM-5146 Bug - Address Line 1 doesn't appear as an embeddable field for Memorial Gifts Given Letter Notices

Minister Reports

  • CDM-5215 Bug - The Minister Report Statistical Summary prints the minister's home state, not the state from the report
  • CDM-5364 Bug - Multi-Add on a Ministers Report does not let you tab through


  • CDM-4957 Bug - Printing a smart headed list box produced an error
  • CDM-5066 Bug - An email with unusual formatting doesn't render on iOS 11 mail correctly
  • CDM-5194 Bug - Image does not display in received email from Individual Email Notice
  • CDM-5288 Bug - Event Registration notice can generate SQL error
  • CDM-5322 Bug - Email sent from user is coming through blank in browser and on mobile devices


  • CDM-4965 Story - Try reverting the optional printer page setup on macOS
  • CDM-4966 Story - Update to Studio 8.1.4
  • CDM-4967 Story - Add diacritical support
  • CDM-5275 Story - Update to Studio 8.1.5


  • CDM-1055 Bug - The count of payroll master records in About -> Record Structures includes deleted and voided payroll
  • CDM-4235 Bug - When updating an employee liability vendor if you choose no to add the new vendor the window still opens
  • CDM-4628 Bug - Printing Payroll Employee Summary to the Clipboard will not display the content of the report when pasted into Excel or Numbers
  • CDM-5150 Bug - W-2 may not contain state wages if pay item marked exempt for state 
  • CDM-5292 Bug - Employer Match deduction is not adhering to the frequency that is set for it
  • CDM-5366 Bug - Taxable Income Summary isn't showing the total employees for State and Local or FICA/Med Employer
  • CDM-5436 Bug - Post Payroll to Ledger is not opening up when selected from menu
  • CDM-5455 Bug - Employee Information doesn't display the street address when linking to an Address Record
  • CDM-5470 Bug - User receives AccountNumber is Required (-1152) message when enabling encryption
  • CDM-5210 Story - Add discrete headers for employee ID and name on the Taxable Income reports
  • CDM-5296 Story - Factor superclass from oyPayrollCalculations for shared methods between CDM+ and DBPayroll
  • CDM-5472 Story - When encryption is enabled, require unlocking the database when opening Payroll Tax Forms


  • CDM-1274 Bug - Saving a photo from the photos tab does not prompt to overwrite but clobbers existing files


  • CDM-3205 Bug - The Revert Displayed Settings on System Preferences Terms does not change the Terms to the default values

Record Frame

  • CDM-988 Bug - When deleting contributions from Contributions Maintenance, the delete progress window says 0 records were deleted
  • CDM-1185 Bug - Saving changes in a record frame can generate a SQL error
  • CDM-2661 Bug - Changing the results columns loads a different result list after jumping to a record frame
  • CDM-3933 Bug - When selecting a column with yes/no radio buttons on the grid the button labels have a white background
  • CDM-4549 Bug - When the simple find has been hidden clicking find doesn't select the correct records
  • CDM-4592 Bug - CDM+ can attempt to sort a record frame by a blank column
  • CDM-4945 Bug - In DOC General, pane explode icon appears as a black square
  • CDM-4990 Bug - Entering information using the Grid will cause a Core Executable when you save
  • CDM-5021 Bug - Record frame window always opens to show all records when configured to Load Last Find
  • CDM-5156 Bug - Sorting record frame results list by vendor 1099 Form creates a SQL error
  • CDM-5242 Bug - Arrowing through the results list doesn't keep the focus on the list
  • CDM-5245 Bug - Divider bar info reflects the previous selection rather than the current selection
  • CDM-5272 Bug - Pressing the return key from the simple find criteria on Record Frames does not execute the find
  • CDM-5276 Bug - When adding a record from Select Records that record should be automatically selected
  • CDM-5361 Bug - Record Frames do not start where they should when using add or multi-add on a PC 
  • CDM-5432 Bug - Void option is not visible in View Payroll after an initial view
  • CDM-5438 Bug - When adding new givers in Batch Contribution Entry, Select Address criteria are not recalled
  • CDM-5473 Bug - Configuration on Address Record is reverting back to 'Show no Records' after closing window
  • CDM-5198 Epic - Common Results Lists
  • CDM-5161 Story - Ability to add a new record on the "Select [record]" subwindow
  • CDM-5162 Story - Replace the "Select Address" and "Select User" windows with dynamic "Select [record]"
  • CDM-5177 Story - Limit the ability to add new records from the select record window by permission
  • CDM-5178 Story - Ability to jump from select record to the selected record
  • CDM-5201 Story - Create a Common Results list smartfield.
  • CDM-5225 Story - Enhance the select record window to use default filters
  • CDM-5230 Story - Optimize working in record frames
  • CDM-5255 Story - Replace the search fields on record frames with a new wg_Find smartfield.
  • CDM-5440 Story - Recall settings on Select Record windows based on their primary server table


  • CDM-2501 Bug - When adding a new Address Record, the church added on the record is not automatically added under the Church tab of Individual Record
  • CDM-5147 Bug - Adding a new church with giving units causes a loop prompting to add giving units.
  • CDM-5256 Bug - Printing the Church Minister Address Directory produces an error

Report Frame

  • CDM-1912 Bug - When a label is selected to be skipped, the Individual Card Notice is not pushing the card data down, it is skipping those cards
  • CDM-2158 Bug - Sorting a custom listing by an other information date field uses an alphabetical sort 
  • CDM-2724 Bug - Skipping labels on a name badge with photos causes photos to not print properly
  • CDM-2811 Bug - Sorting by function-based fields with options can cause a SQL error
  • CDM-3294 Bug - Adding group to an individual export or custom listing when searching with an advanced find can cause a SQL error
  • CDM-3326 Bug - Export, labels, checks, posting reports and custom listings don't use the report title for the file name
  • CDM-4722 Bug - Printing a report to a PDF with a PNG logo with an alpha (transparency) channel produces a black logo in the PDF
  • CDM-4822 Bug - Printing responsive reports can produce error 101500: Unexpected error (debugger)
  • CDM-5218 Bug - Advanced Find is not holding the last search configured
  • CDM-5329 Bug - In any Export window, a SQL error is generated if clicking Export button when in Load/Save window.
  • CDM-5330 Bug - Printing reports to the clipboard causes some data to double-print
  • CDM-5344 Bug - The advanced search description does not load when opening a report with an advanced search configured.
  • CDM-5380 Bug - Label content does not print when positioned more than 1" to the left 
  • CDM-5449 Bug - Adress Labels #5962 are printing on top of each other


  • CDM-936 Bug - Using the date/time picker to select start and end times for a room does not assign the date or time
  • CDM-3613 Bug - Event Export field list includes 'Total Pledge' field under Room fields list
  • CDM-4868 Bug - Mailing Codes appear in configurations on Room Directory
  • CDM-5114 Bug - Deleting an event with square brackets in its description causes an error

Search and Call

  • CDM-4331 Bug - The Areas of Ministerial Practice section on the 2016 profile are truncated
  • CDM-496 Story - Add a unique index to the minister PIN

Search and Call Regional

  • CDM-5286 Bug - In Minister Export, the fields available export include *Email Addresses and *Phone Numbers.

Setup Assistant

  • CDM-5252 Bug - A clean install on a clean Windows 10 box will not open the login screen


  • CDM-1070 Bug - The Event field on Event Statistics uses the wrong field style
  • CDM-5078 Bug - Event statistics not saving the offering breakdown correctly

Stewardship Technology

  • CDM-5056 Bug - Changing the chart of account number number for the SST asset will cause future SST deposits to not populate the asset on contributions properly

Suran Omnis Framework

  • CDM-624 Bug - When the current field is multi-line entry read-only smart field, keyboard shortcuts are not respected
  • CDM-790 Bug - Drop down menu for Related record finds is extending off screen when a toolbar is present.
  • CDM-3815 Bug - The disconnected message on windows refers to an Exit button but the button uses the term Quit
  • CDM-5314 Bug - When resetting an idle connection, the database environment isn't reset
  • CDM-5370 Bug - The entry field on the password window doesn't expand fully
  • CDM-5371 Bug - Select Record missing zoom and minimize boxes
  • CDM-1167 Story - If using a hosted connection, track database executes. If the last execute is more than 15 minutes ago, automatically reconnect before running any SQL
  • CDM-4871 Story - Find a way to handle the longitude and latitude inconsistent test failures
  • CDM-5321 Story - Only expose Encryption features if encryption is available

Treasurer Reports

  • CDM-1685 Bug - Changing the church when entering Treasurer Reports does not stick when saving
  • CDM-1686 Bug - Entering a church code when entering Treasurer Reports does not load the church detail
  • CDM-3409 Bug - The Over/Short Export report opens with the title Church Export


  • CDM-5131 Bug - Updating a 10.1.5 database to 10.1.6 can produce an error
  • CDM-5152 Bug - Update from 9.3.6 to 10.1.6 may give "column posted_by does not exist" SQL error
  • CDM-5174 Bug - An error can occur updating a 9.1r8 DOC Regional archive to 10.1.6
  • CDM-5208 Bug - Updating a 9.1r19 database to 10.1.6 generated an error
  • CDM-5236 Bug - Updating to a new build doesn't load an updated fieldmanager
  • CDM-5461 Bug - A error can occur updating a 8.2r10 database to 10.1.7
  • CDM-5462 Bug - An error occurred updating a 9.1r6 database to 10.1.7
  • CDM-5463 Bug - An error occurred updating a 9.0r3 to 10.1.7
  • CDM-5464 Bug - An error can occur updating a 9.2.14 database to 10.1.7
  • CDM-5465 Bug - An error occurred updating a 9.1r6 database to 10.1.7
  • CDM-5466 Bug - Updating a 9.1r12 to 10.1.7 generated an error
  • CDM-5467 Bug - Updating a database from 9.1r5 generated an error
  • CDM-5479 Bug - Reorganization error updating from build 7838 to 7855
  • CDM-4038 Story - When updating the program to the database's version look for available web updates even if they aren't in the catalog
  • CDM-5342 Story - Pass custom version to the update handler
  • CDM-5420 Story - Ability to show a custom URL as a web update

User Fields

  • CDM-5279 Bug - Cannot enter negative 2-decimal place user fields
  • CDM-5281 Story - Increase the maximum size for raw data user fields to 100 MB


  • CDM-1767 Bug - The Utility window Clear Records function generates a SQL error with schema qualified tables
  • CDM-5460 Bug - Opening SQL Commands can leave the window invisible
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