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CDM+ 10.1.0

Released on August 16, 2017


Download for macOS
142.4 MB

Download for Windows
332.4 MB

Installation Steps

Step 1: Check system requirements

Check the CDM+ System Requirements to ensure all computers that will run the version version meet system requirements. This is especially important when upgrading between major versions.

Step 2: Backup your data

Back up all databases that will be updated to the new version. If you subscribe to CDM+ SAAS or Data Hosting you can contact support to make a backup or simply rely on the nightly backup.

Step 3: Download the installer

Click the link above to download the installer for your platform.

Step 4: Install the new version

Follow the Installing CDM+ guide to install CDM+. This will remove previous versions of CDM+ from your computer. 

Step 5: Update your database(s)

Open CDM+ and update your database(s) to the current version. 

Issues resolved in CDM+ 10.1.0


  • CDM-369 Bug - The Tax Forms window does not require the user enter a date range for an I-9 or W-4 form
  • CDM-4453 Story - Relocate the Aatrix functions to the aatrix schema


  • CDM-186 Bug - Advanced Search on AP Invoice Report does not have any tables under related records
  • CDM-560 Bug - Entering or selecting an account number that is longer than 4 characters on Ledger Entries will truncate the account to 4 characters
  • CDM-1010 Bug - Restoring a deleted Accounts Payable invoice that was accrued does not un-delete the accrual ledger entry
  • CDM-2707 Bug - Check Listing report is not recognizing Check Number range when the range begins with 4 digits and ends with 5 digits
  • CDM-2933 Bug - Running the Monthly Summary without any accounts selected produces a SQL error
  • CDM-3652 Bug - A chart of account can be entered with a blank number
  • CDM-4143 Bug - Ledger Entry Data not showing any data under Entry or Check tabs when selected
  • CDM-4228 Bug - 'Type' field under Recurring Ledger Entries Setup window does not recognize items exist even though they are listed
  • CDM-4332 Bug - AR Invoice record frame displayed as '-14'
  • CDM-4432 Bug - Printing from the Bank Reconciliation report can produce an error
  • CDM-4530 Bug - Users cannot create record using Add/Multi-Add Check or Deposit
  • CDM-4581 Bug - Copy/Paste a Category into a Category field of Chart of Accounts does not save pasted item
  • CDM-826 Story - Enhanced the Ledger by Accounts report to use the available space

Accounts Payable

  • CDM-3584 Bug - Vendor Records doesn't gracefully handle a SQL error
  • CDM-4208 Bug - Vendor Records does not gracefully handle an error when deleting a vendor
  • CDM-4252 Bug - Dialog to post Accounts Payable Payments comes to front when user prints to screen
  • CDM-4325 Story - Add a default filter to Vendor records
  • CDM-4400 Story - Remove the Accounts Payable Payments report
  • CDM-4401 Story - Don't automatically create Accounts Payable invoices from the ledger

Accounts Receivable

  • CDM-4233 Bug - Posting accounts receivable payments can produce partial results
  • CDM-4380 Bug - Deleting an accounts receivable invoice does not delete all its invoice lines
  • CDM-4276 Story - Ability to jump from a customer record to its linked address record
  • CDM-4326 Story - Add a default filter to Customer records


  • CDM-1017 Bug - Administration should require you to save a new user before adding another one
  • CDM-1114 Bug - Adding a duplicate user in Administration can produce a SQL error
  • CDM-3561 Bug - Making a change to admin permissions and clicking the close button does not bring up save window
  • CDM-4398 Bug - Push notification does not appear till show reminders chosen
  • CDM-4225 Story - Ability for an administrator to delete saved searches


  • CDM-4122 Bug - Archiving doesn't include user field sets
  • CDM-216 Story - Remove the ability to archive using the results of a standard search


  • CDM-4216 Bug - After tabbing through family status on the Visitor Records individual list, the combo box does not redraw to show the full status
  • CDM-4261 Bug - Visitor Letter Assignment 'Print Letter' button has an Omnis icon
  • CDM-4365 Bug - Tabbing through the Individual List of Visitor Records does not allow user to create new individual
  • CDM-1124 Story - Change the "Add" button on event attendance entry to "Add New Visitor" and "Add New [term for Individual]"

Bindery Mailing Program

  • CDM-4339 Bug - Logging out of the Mailing program doesn't remove the Mailing menu

COG Regional

  • CDM-4237 Bug - COG Minister Directory is not printing the 'Position' when selected

Change Sets

  • CDM-4550 Bug - A SQL error can occur when applying change sets
  • CDM-4560 Bug - There is an error trying to compare DOC regional ministers with the OCV minister records
  • CDM-4413 Story - Change the radio button icons to checkbox icons in when applying change sets
  • CDM-4414 Story - Add buttons to select all changes and deselect all changes
  • CDM-4415 Story - When reviewing changes allow clicking the email address to compose an email
  • CDM-4417 Story - Allow processing a change set in stages
  • CDM-4418 Story - When viewing the an applied change set show the status for each record and column

Chart of Accounts

  • CDM-4526 Bug - Changing an asset number with existing accounts payable invoices throws an error under Advanced Fund Accounting


  • CDM-796 Bug - Add an integrity check to ensure check-ins link to a valid group
  • CDM-2754 Bug - The name badge print server can produce a SQL error
  • CDM-4408 Bug - Cancelling an edit on label settings always asks if you want to save changes
  • CDM-4409 Bug - When editing a dymo label the edited version does not replace the stock version on the label list
  • CDM-4651 Bug - An error message that appears when a Dymo check-in report can't print is mis-spelled
  • CDM-2100 Story - Enhance the validation fields on Event Records to include the individual record email address

Congregational Profile

  • CDM-4438 Story - Add tables for Congregational Profiles


  • CDM-96 Bug - The Check Number field on Giving Statements does not accommodate long check numbers
  • CDM-559 Bug - You cannot reliably enter an asset into a batch contribution batch setup if the account number is longer than 4 characters
  • CDM-954 Bug - Clearing pledge ending date on giving fund gets stuck on a Yes/No message
  • CDM-1296 Bug - The total line on the pledge report needs terms support
  • CDM-1322 Bug - Configure Range window needs terms support
  • CDM-1377 Bug - User receives SQL error when performing an advanced search in Giving Unit Email Maintenance
  • CDM-2132 Bug - The Process Pending Gifts window title needs terms support
  • CDM-3353 Bug - The individual list on Address Records -> Giving Units tab has a -14 tooltip
  • CDM-3361 Bug - The tabbing order on Recurring Contribution Setup is wrong
  • CDM-3648 Bug - Process Pending Gifts has text that needs changing
  • CDM-3805 Bug - Looking up a giver on batch contributions entry produced a SQL error with a missing WHERE keyword
  • CDM-4154 Bug - Posting Contributions can reload Contributions without a SELECT keyword and cause a SQL error
  • CDM-4161 Bug - The Contributions Welcome window uses the wrong plurality on the Enter Contributions button
  • CDM-4182 Bug - Cascade deletes from fmcontactnumber to fmemaillink
  • CDM-4195 Bug - Running Pledge Labels for those over their pledge will produce a SQL error
  • CDM-4197 Bug - When attempting to run Contributions Statements Line without a selected fund the OK message has code embedded
  • CDM-4243 Bug - When attempting to un-post contributions cleared on a bank reconciliation by deleting the posting, the contributions can still be un-posted
  • CDM-4254 Bug - Contribution Breakdown field does not consistently list all the giving funds and their amounts
  • CDM-4259 Bug - Jumping to contributions from Unpost Contributions opens the Ledger
  • CDM-4350 Bug - 'Leave Blank' language on Contribution Statements may be confusing
  • CDM-4351 Bug - Extremely long messages will not print on a giving statement
  • CDM-4488 Bug - Updating a chart of account number that was used on gifts linking to invalid fund will produce an error
  • CDM-4506 Bug - Selecting yes to adding a giving unit to a new address record does not create the giving unit
  • CDM-4522 Bug - Cannot adjust the top margin on Contribution Statements Line
  • CDM-4604 Bug - Clicking Unmark for Processing does not change the button text
  • CDM-1518 Story - Add ability to include organization logo to giving statement reports
  • CDM-4558 Story - Assign the code on new giving units via a database trigger

Custom Listing

  • CDM-2809 Story - Allow administrators to administer custom listing and export sets

DOC Church

  • CDM-4184 Bug - User Fields cannot be added to churches in the DOC General version
  • CDM-4420 Story - Churches tab on DOC Minister should omit times on the dates and add a calendar icon
  • CDM-4421 Story - Expose the physical address on the DOC General church tab

DOC Ministers

  • CDM-2569 Bug - In DOC Regional, Submit DoC Ministerial Changes does not pick up the address override on the individual record if one exists.
  • CDM-4368 Bug - Since change to DOC Minister Change Submission, cannot type in Notes field
  • CDM-4377 Bug - The Churches tab on DOC Ministers misspells Position
  • CDM-4405 Bug - You cannot link a DOC Minister to two churches with the same position
  • CDM-4410 Bug - When submitting a change that clears the middle name the current name isn't listed
  • CDM-4521 Bug - Address lines for ministerial change have duplicate information
  • CDM-4541 Bug - Regions sometimes cannot submit ministerial changes
  • CDM-4578 Bug - DOC Minister change set reports Ethnic Codes as NULL and uses a master code ID instead of text
  • CDM-4590 Bug - On DOC minister change sets, use the term 'Gender' instead of 'Sex'
  • CDM-4618 Bug - Minister Directory report columns do not wrap correctly
  • CDM-2453 Epic - Electronic Ministerial Change Notifications
  • CDM-4124 Story - When clicking submit, ministerial information changes are filed in the DOC General database
  • CDM-4125 Story - In the DOC General database you can open a window showing submitted changes
  • CDM-4126 Story - When selecting a ministerial change in the DOC General database you can see the details of that change
  • CDM-4127 Story - You can apply a change to the local record in the DOC General database
  • CDM-4129 Story - You can see a history of changes on a minister record in the DOC General database
  • CDM-4130 Story - You can see a history of changes to an individual minister in a DOC Regional database
  • CDM-4131 Story - Expand the ministerial information to contain all fields except church links
  • CDM-4132 Story - Update the change set smartfield visuals
  • CDM-4419 Story - Update the DOC Minister record icon to be a chalice
  • CDM-4426 Story - Remove the On Yearbook column from DOC Ministers
  • CDM-4427 Story - Add a credential option to mark a minister record as "Can Access Minister Directory Only"
  • CDM-4428 Story - Ability to jump from Process Ministerial Changes to the minister in Minister Records

DOC Regional Ministry Positions

  • CDM-4477 Bug - Finding against regional ministry positions produces a SQL error
  • CDM-4548 Bug - Regional Position Email is not showing up
  • CDM-4429 Story - Rename the Congregations in Process window to Ministry Position Records
  • CDM-4430 Story - Rename the table to sac.ministry_position
  • CDM-4434 Story - Add a status to Ministry Position Records

Database Browser

  • CDM-4121 Bug - Database Browser inconsistent with Choose DB Server
  • CDM-4275 Bug - Removing a server from the Choose Database Server doesn't refresh the database list

Direct Deposit

  • CDM-4210 Bug - Adding an account to an employee setup with an invalid routing number can display a duplicate account on the screen
  • CDM-4211 Bug - Unable to change an employee's auto draw election if they have transmitted direct deposits
  • CDM-4232 Bug - Check stubs cannot be printed for transmitted direct deposits
  • CDM-4268 Bug - Jumping to an employee's address record from Direct Deposit Processing in a regional version produces an error
  • CDM-4565 Bug - Cannot print check stubs for direct deposit employees

Event Registration

  • CDM-1837 Bug - Gender, Age, and Contacts do not print on the Master Listing Detail Report
  • CDM-2092 Bug - Event Registration events can be created with a begin date that is after the end date
  • CDM-3954 Bug - Including Church City/Name on the Activity Custom Listing produces a SQL error
  • CDM-4309 Bug - Selecting a church for a registrant in Registration Entry does not remain after saving
  • CDM-4340 Bug - The Individual Master Listing, Activity List Detail and Master List Detail reports need terms support for the Show User Fields options
  • CDM-4387 Bug - User Field heading in the Master List Detail report appears to contain code snippet
  • CDM-4329 Story - Add a default filter to Event records


  • CDM-4344 Bug - Investment Record frame displays 'Subwindow class not found'
  • CDM-4345 Bug - Finding against balance for date on investments produces a SQL error
  • CDM-4551 Bug - Loans do not load on the Loan Payments Window when selecting a church.
  • CDM-2976 Story - Show a more graceful error when the deposit and payment asset account isn't configured
  • CDM-4066 Story - 1099 Export for Investment Interest
  • CDM-4336 Story - Add a default filter to Investments
  • CDM-4337 Story - Add a default filter to Loan records

Investor's Heritage

  • CDM-4523 Bug - Spacing around the reinstatement notice for Investors Heritage statements is missing
  • CDM-4601 Bug - Investors Heritage Statements with 5 address lines don't print properly
  • CDM-4602 Bug - 4-line heritage statements overprint the IMb
  • CDM-4627 Bug - The return slip for Investor's Heritage position the address properly for a windowed envelope
  • CDM-4064 Story - Heritage Stock Report
  • CDM-4395 Story - Ability to import Investor's Heritage data files
  • CDM-4468 Story - Ability to export the thickness and weight for Investors Heritage statements
  • CDM-4469 Story - Ability to print statement data on the stock repot
  • CDM-4475 Story - Ability to update Investors Heritage statement data from AquaMailer
  • CDM-4480 Story - Add a Jobs window
  • CDM-4509 Story - Ability to export mailing data for multiple jobs
  • CDM-4515 Story - Add a summary report for Investors Heritage
  • CDM-4569 Story - Add the Trinity Life stock to Investors Heritage Statements
  • CDM-4591 Story - Add the Family Heritage stock to Investors Heritage statements
  • CDM-4652 Story - Add the Family Benefit stock to Investors Heritage Statements


  • CDM-3807 Bug - Create Recurring Ledger Entries windows allows user to create an entry with no account number
  • CDM-4188 Bug - The entry memo on Ledger Entries overlaps the difference value
  • CDM-4250 Bug - Navigating from a check or deposit in Ledger Entries to a journal entry does not redraw the entry tab
  • CDM-4528 Bug - The right edge for the Ledger by Accounts report is clipped
  • CDM-4566 Bug - Written To column on Ledger by Accounts report does not wrap
  • CDM-4636 Bug - Adding a ledger entry does not show results at the top

Master Coding System

  • CDM-4491 Bug - Upgrade a DOC General database to 10.1 removes master codes
  • CDM-4224 Story - Ability to move groups between group types of the same program
  • CDM-4361 Story - Split out phone types and email types in the Master Coding system
  • CDM-4444 Story - Combine All and General in the Master Coding System
  • CDM-4496 Story - Add a button to move types between Phones and Emails


  • CDM-277 Bug - Change menu item Membership Utilities to [Term for Membership] Utilities
  • CDM-467 Bug - The Visitation Followup menu item opens a window entitled Visitation Reminders
  • CDM-704 Bug - Pastoral Records Listing report needs cleanup
  • CDM-1297 Bug - "The Visitation Reminder" checkbox is does not re-position to support longer terms
  • CDM-2028 Bug - New Member Listing report is not filtering list by date joined
  • CDM-2361 Bug - Getting a null value error when closing Detail by Staff, Detail by Individual, or Visitation Summary
  • CDM-2669 Bug - User receives a SQL Error when attempting to move an individual to another Address Record
  • CDM-2746 Bug - The program does not gracefully handle errors that occur when saving changes to an Individual's Giving Units
  • CDM-4120 Bug - The user list for visitation access includes disabled users
  • CDM-4217 Bug - The photo isn't saved when adding an address
  • CDM-4257 Bug - Double-clicking Visitation reminder does not jump to Visitation Record
  • CDM-4266 Bug - The Use Preferred Name field is truncated on Mac OS
  • CDM-4270 Bug - Receives Directory is truncated in Address Record window
  • CDM-4324 Bug - Under 'File Delimiter' on Address Utilities, 'Tab' is truncated
  • CDM-4341 Bug - The Individual Master Listing shows a string table look up for the User Fields list
  • CDM-4342 Bug - Deleting an individual doesn't un-link them from employee records
  • CDM-4462 Bug - List of users with access to visitation in User Preferences shows disabled users
  • CDM-4500 Bug - Updating an address can generate a SQL error relating to memorial gifts
  • CDM-4613 Bug - Occupation type and school reverts to blank when choosing from dropdown list
  • CDM-4617 Bug - Opening Individual Records for a user who can't access Event Registration disables the Attendance tab
  • CDM-634 Story - Remove the View All Pastoral and View All Visitation features
  • CDM-4169 Story - Push changes to fmvisitation to ferret notifications
  • CDM-4396 Story - Catholic version of CDM shows married in "priest's name"

Minister Reports

  • CDM-232 Bug - The printed Ministers Report is missing the minister's rank and answer to "Do you pay tithes?"

Mobile Provisioning

  • CDM-3390 Bug - Mobile provision PIN can be high or lower than 4 digits
  • CDM-4156 Story - Push changes to the firebase_token to ferret
  • CDM-4170 Story - Push changes to fgmobileprovision to ferret notifications
  • CDM-4172 Story - Add a permission to mobile provisions to send notifications
  • CDM-4348 Story - When a new provision uses an old provision's firebase_token, set the old provision's firebase_token to empty


  • CDM-2447 Bug - Sending a church email to all group in a group type generates an error
  • CDM-4026 Bug - Dragging a selection outside the notice editor body corrupts the content on Windows
  • CDM-4255 Bug - Resizing a large image in Notices does not show properly in Owrite
  • CDM-4256 Bug - Card Notice is not adhering to the page orientation set in Page Setup


  • CDM-466 Bug - The Employee Information Deductions tab uses the term "Employer Matching Deduction" instead of Employer Tax
  • CDM-2564 Bug - Entering or selecting an account number that is longer than 4 characters on View Payroll will truncate the account to 4 characters
  • CDM-3717 Bug - When calculating payroll for an employee who has one that exists and you respond that you do not want to view the existing payroll it still displays
  • CDM-3830 Bug - Changing the state or marital status on an employee with payroll that has been posted to ledger can cause a SQL error
  • CDM-4114 Bug - The Who's Where Position field on Employee Information is missing
  • CDM-4187 Bug - Printing the Payroll Employee Detail to clipboard merges the Medicare and State headers
  • CDM-4212 Bug - A payroll marked for auto draw can print a direct deposit payroll check when the employee record shows auto draw as false
  • CDM-4244 Bug - When adding a new employee the time off tab isn't cleared
  • CDM-4277 Bug - Payroll Deduction cannot be saved when the 'Calculation' tab has been selected
  • CDM-4319 Bug - Calculating Payroll while View Payroll is in change mode doesn't prompt to save changes
  • CDM-4563 Bug - Taxable Income Detail report doubles Federal taxes when an employee has multiple pay item of the same frequency
  • CDM-1482 Story - Add a Page by Employee option to the Payroll Employee Summary report
  • CDM-4050 Story - Change the Written to on direct deposit postings to blank
  • CDM-4311 Story - Convert the Payroll Employee Detail report to be column-based
  • CDM-4328 Story - Add a default filter to Employee records
  • CDM-4354 Story - Upgrade the Taxable Income Summary to be responsive
  • CDM-4397 Story - Upgrade the Payroll Employee Summary report to be responsive


  • CDM-228 Bug - Require an address link on individual contact numbers
  • CDM-4381 Bug - A contact number record can be created without any foreign keys
  • CDM-4411 Bug - Deleting a phone type deletes linked phones instead of clearing the type
  • CDM-4412 Bug - Deleting an email type doesn't clear it from contact numbers
  • CDM-4454 Bug - Print Description and Print Type only apply to phone types
  • CDM-4455 Bug - Print Type and Print Description settings are not retained
  • CDM-4456 Bug - Phone type and description both printing regardless of Select Phones/Emails setting
  • CDM-4483 Bug - Phones and emails can link to invalid records
  • CDM-4490 Bug - The Phones tab on Minister Records doesn't expand to use the full pane
  • CDM-4512 Bug - Phone and Email tabs for Individual Records do not redraw when a new record is selected
  • CDM-4514 Bug - Primary Phone appears on the Alternate address tab
  • CDM-4529 Bug - Empty Individual Record frame shows all address phones and emails
  • CDM-4571 Bug - Email columns in export/listing datasets do not migrate to 10.1
  • CDM-4586 Bug - Phones and Email tabs still use the term Add Other Phone/Email
  • CDM-4587 Bug - An error occurs producing an export with the Email Addresses field
  • CDM-4654 Bug - Cannot add phone and email types on the fly
  • CDM-4356 Epic - Split Phones/Emails
  • CDM-4357 Story - Add a primary flag to contact numbers
  • CDM-4358 Story - Populate the primary and alternate primary phones from the phones/emails tab
  • CDM-4359 Story - Separate the Phones/Emails tab into two tabs
  • CDM-4360 Story - Use common Phones and Emails tabs for address and individual records
  • CDM-4362 Story - Add primary phones for existing records
  • CDM-4363 Story - Ability to add phones and emails to the results list columns and find fields
  • CDM-4402 Story - Update Other Phone formatting for split types.
  • CDM-4484 Story - Add function driven field for phone and email blocks for custom listings/exports
  • CDM-4539 Story - Polish Individual contact numbers
  • CDM-4626 Story - Remove the "Email Addresses" field on individuals.

Record Frame

  • CDM-433 Bug - Pressing the Enter/Return key from the find field on a Record Frame does not trigger a find
  • CDM-3097 Bug - The title for the sort window accessed through the record frame grid should be Configure Sorts
  • CDM-3783 Bug - Record Frame windows that have been expanded to be longer will not retain the position of the horizontal divider upon re-opening
  • CDM-3968 Bug - Saving changes on contributions maintenance can re-sort the results list
  • CDM-4107 Bug - The record frame isn't loading the last find when it's an advanced find
  • CDM-4146 Bug - Clicking the column headers in a record frame results list don't sort the list
  • CDM-4281 Bug - Show All causes Recent Searches to lose searches performed since window was opened
  • CDM-4315 Bug - When adding an initial find to a record frame for the first time the find is not saved
  • CDM-4323 Bug - Unable to jump to record frame based related records from the account usage window
  • CDM-4343 Bug - After jumping to a record frame that did not change the results list, up or down arrows do not select the next record in the list
  • CDM-4375 Bug - When toggling between filtered and unfiltered results the filter status does not reposition
  • CDM-4519 Bug - Window doesn't fit properly nor does it resize correctly
  • CDM-4545 Bug - After performing a find we are unable to navigate the results list using the arrow keys
  • CDM-4599 Bug - Results columns do not redraw after Configure
  • CDM-4133 Epic - Record Frame Filter
  • CDM-4134 Story - Add default filter to Individual Records
  • CDM-4135 Story - Ability to choose record frame filter preference
  • CDM-4136 Story - Ability to add a custom filter to a record frame
  • CDM-4155 Story - Update calls to open a record frame to use the ogRecordFrameManager
  • CDM-4191 Story - Hide the find when opening a record frame from a jump
  • CDM-4193 Story - When jumping to a record frame by primary key select the record in the existing list if present and don't change the results or find
  • CDM-4194 Story - Update the ogRecordFrameController.$openRecordFrameByID calls to call ogRecordFrameController $openRecordFrameByPrimaryKey
  • CDM-4264 Story - Ability to set a specific find to load when opening a record frame window
  • CDM-4278 Story - Add a default filter to Visitor Records
  • CDM-4279 Story - When there is no saved filter option use the "Default" option when available
  • CDM-4284 Story - Adjust terms on the record frame options
  • CDM-4316 Story - Add a default filter to Giving Unit records
  • CDM-4334 Story - Add a default filter to Church records
  • CDM-4335 Story - Add a default filter to minister records
  • CDM-4372 Story - Display the full advanced search description in the record frame simple search area
  • CDM-4373 Story - Move the Previous Searches button to the Record Frame sidebar
  • CDM-4589 Story - Add a None option under Show on the record frame sidebar


  • CDM-2081 Bug - Church drop-down list on Address Record shows inactive churches
  • CDM-4248 Bug - Regional Users can access church areas without permission
  • CDM-4379 Bug - The members tab on Church Records truncates its contents
  • CDM-4355 Story - Add a regional feature to show church positions


  • CDM-948 Bug - Reorganizing a database will fail to remove indexes that are not in the search path

Report Frame

  • CDM-386 Bug - The label selection can produce an error if a label configuration does not have any rows defined
  • CDM-596 Bug - CDM+ does not gracefully handle printing a report to a file that is not accessible
  • CDM-3900 Bug - Loading a saved report setup using the Load button crashes the program
  • CDM-4205 Bug - Prevent custom label types with a blank description
  • CDM-4460 Bug - Saved reports are not loaded when user clicks 'Load' button or double-clicks the save report in the list
  • CDM-4619 Bug - Ministers Directory report can produce an Omnis error
  • CDM-4219 Story - Remove the automatic refresh on reports when other windows update related data
  • CDM-4481 Story - Display the footer consistently on responsive reports
  • CDM-4573 Story - Only show the formatting warning on responsive reports when column headers wrap


  • CDM-4499 Bug - Creating an event without a room will give an error
  • CDM-4576 Bug - Monthly Calendar report opens but then hangs before displaying the report window

Search and Call

  • CDM-4552 Bug - DOC users get SQL error attempting to view references

Search and Call Flagging

  • CDM-4536 Bug - SQL Error occurs on DOC Regional minister record Flag/Sent tab
  • CDM-4516 Story - Rename doc.church_minister_link to sac.ministry_position_minister
  • CDM-4517 Story - Rename links to ministry positions

Search and Call Regional

  • CDM-4505 Bug - Result Count and Filtered icon not showing on Minister Record window
  • CDM-4367 Story - Avoid running the minister sync job in non-DOC regional databases

Server Configuration

  • CDM-3832 Bug - Choose DB Server won't show Local if it's removed, unless you go to DB Browser first
  • CDM-4058 Bug - Local showing multiple times

Setup Assistant

  • CDM-4247 Bug - Configuring CDM+ to use a hosting account during setup doesn't add that hosting configuration

Stewardship Technology

  • CDM-4632 Bug - Marking a recurring gift as disabled causes an Error
  • CDM-1758 Story - Update the nightly sync for recurring gifts to use sst
  • CDM-1772 Story - Update stewardship technology function calls in fewomensreport_ach to use sst schema
  • CDM-4173 Story - Extract verify transaction in create_charge to it's own function
  • CDM-4174 Story - Function to create transaction with SST and verify it's result
  • CDM-4313 Story - Eliminate the stewardshiptechnologies schema
  • CDM-4314 Story - Change the sst.sync_transactions_to_recurring_giving function to work off sst.donors_transaction_history
  • CDM-4382 Story - Migrate triggers on fgstewardshiptechnologiestransaction to the sst schema
  • CDM-4383 Story - Migrate StewardshipTechnologies.ActiveDonationMethods to sst.active_donation_methods
  • CDM-4384 Story - Migrate the preference key functions from stewardshiptechnologies to sst
  • CDM-4385 Story - Migrate SST functions that call stewardshiptechnologies functions to call SST functions
  • CDM-4386 Story - Eliminate the sst_tap_seams schema
  • CDM-4439 Story - Migrate calls to stewardshiptechnologies in the public schema to use their sst counterparts

Suran Omnis Framework

  • CDM-1332 Bug - The prompt when removing duplicates on the grid has a misspelling
  • CDM-4112 Bug - A popup window with a check list can omit the vertical scroll bar on macOS
  • CDM-4544 Bug - Combo boxes on a smartfield do not assign the id automatically
  • CDM-4556 Story - Remove the deprecated method ogFieldManager.$getFieldRowByID
  • CDM-4649 Story - Add a Print option to all smart lists


  • CDM-4540 Bug - Problems upgrading from 10.0.9 to 10.1
  • CDM-4559 Bug - After updating a database to 10.1 errors occur calculating payroll
  • CDM-4595 Bug - An error can occur attempting to update a database to 10.1

User Fields

  • CDM-3003 Bug - The OK button on the User Field Maintenance window does not appear to do anything

Women's Reports

  • CDM-2741 Bug - Posting Women's Reports can produce a SQL error
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