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CDM+ 10.0.4

Released on January 03, 2017


Download for macOS
137.4 MB

Download for Windows
320.8 MB

Installation Steps

Step 1: Check system requirements

Check the CDM+ System Requirements to ensure all computers that will run the version version meet system requirements. This is especially important when upgrading between major versions.

Step 2: Backup your data

Back up all databases that will be updated to the new version. If you subscribe to CDM+ SAAS or Data Hosting you can contact support to make a backup or simply rely on the nightly backup.

Step 3: Download the installer

Click the link above to download the installer for your platform.

Step 4: Install the new version

Follow the Installing CDM+ guide to install CDM+. This will remove previous versions of CDM+ from your computer. 

Step 5: Update your database(s)

Open CDM+ and update your database(s) to the current version. 

Issues resolved in CDM+ 10.0.4


  • CDM-3823 Bug - Preparing Suran's W-2s in Aatrix causes the preparer to exit
  • CDM-3800 Story - Ability to print 1099-INT forms through Aatrix

Accounts Receivable

  • CDM-3647 Bug - Accounts Receivable Invoice window does not show a Change button after selecting an entry posted in a closed period
  • CDM-3852 Bug - Accounts Receivable Invoice window shows a Delete button when selecting an entry that is posted to ledger


  • CDM-3782 Bug - Change button is not consistently showing in Contributions Maintenance

DOC Yearbook

  • CDM-3794 Bug - The DOC yearbook statistics import can re-assign existing statistics for churches
  • CDM-2186 Story - Update the Congregational Record report for DOC Regional

Database Browser

  • CDM-3843 Bug - Authenticating from the Database Browser can fail

Discount Mailing

  • CDM-1239 Bug - Tab characters in address fields will produce a NCOA/CASS file that cannot be processed

Error Reporting

  • CDM-3846 Story - Require an email address when sending errors and feedbacks


  • CDM-3486 Bug - Mousing over some of the buttons on the Welcome window doesn't show a description


  • CDM-3857 Bug - Web updating the tax manager on Windows doesn't install new tax tables
  • CDM-113 Story - Download the tax manager update via HTTP
  • CDM-1445 Story - Expand New York withholding tax calculations to handle exemption allowances correctly

Server Configuration

  • CDM-3838 Story - When switching from a hosting account to self-hosted show a blank address

Stewardship Technology

  • CDM-3764 Story - Reconcile deposits properly regardless of the gift date
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