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CDM+ 10.0.0

Released on October 27, 2016


Download for macOS
136.4 MB

Download for Windows
320.1 MB

Installation Steps

Step 1: Check system requirements

Check the CDM+ System Requirements to ensure all computers that will run the version version meet system requirements. This is especially important when upgrading between major versions.

Step 2: Backup your data

Back up all databases that will be updated to the new version. If you subscribe to CDM+ SAAS or Data Hosting you can contact support to make a backup or simply rely on the nightly backup.

Step 3: Download the installer

Click the link above to download the installer for your platform.

Step 4: Install the new version

Follow the Installing CDM+ guide to install CDM+. This will remove previous versions of CDM+ from your computer. 

Step 5: Update your database(s)

Open CDM+ and update your database(s) to the current version. 

Issues resolved in CDM+ 10.0.0

Activation and Serialization

  • CDM-3154 Story - Reduce the size of the serialization pane

Check Scanner

  • CDM-2702 Story - Remove QuickTime dependency


  • CDM-3062 Story - Re-working the automatic printer switching on macOS


  • CDM-2828 Epic - Connections


  • CDM-3252 Bug - Finding against contributions source can produce an error
  • CDM-3385 Story - Restore the ability to set a PDF password on Contributions Email Statements

DOC Ministers

  • CDM-2237 Bug - Working in the Minister Association Tool can cause CDM+ to crash
  • CDM-2967 Story - Change electronic ministerial information to send from

Database Integrity

  • CDM-2955 Story - When displaying the warning "This ledger entry cannot be deleted" show the reference number


  • CDM-646 Bug - The DeployFirstRunInstall.exe command can fail to function properly


  • CDM-2940 Story - Support application icons that are high-definition and more modern
  • CDM-3002 Story - Add language to the About screen for non-CDM+ productions saying it's powered by CDM+
  • CDM-3077 Story - Update calls to gzip and tar to use 7zip
  • CDM-3502 Story - Update references to macOS from Mac OS X


  • CDM-1038 Bug - Uninstalling CDM+ when it is installed in Program Files\Suran will delete the data cluster
  • CDM-1938 Story - Update the screen resolution minimums in the Windows installer
  • CDM-3039 Story - Create the Windows 64-bit install for CDM+ 10.0
  • CDM-3051 Story - Update the app version to 10.0 on macOS
  • CDM-3052 Story - Ensure the macOS installer requires 10.9 or later


  • CDM-2954 Bug - Voiding a bank interest ledger entry prevents saving changes to that bank reconciliation


  • CDM-1039 Bug - The login window can truncate the current version of the database
  • CDM-2828 Epic - Redesign the Choose Database Server window
  • CDM-293 Story - Use Ferret to find a hosting server
  • CDM-665 Story - Use Ferret to get a list of client databases
  • CDM-3085 Story - CDM+ 10.0 should load the database servers configured in CDM+ 9.x
  • CDM-3331 Story - Add a high-res logo

Mobile Provisioning

  • CDM-3087 Story - Bump the minimum mobile build number to 1.8/1.1
  • CDM-3306 Story - Add an option to mobile provisions to limit the ability to send SMS messages


  • CDM-3207 Epic - Direct Deposit (coming soon)

Record Frame

  • CDM-2214 Bug - Resizing a record frame window below the minimum size causes visual issues
  • CDM-2847 Story - Move record controls to a sidebar
  • CDM-3073 Story - Remove the split feature on Record Frame windows
  • CDM-3074 Story - Move the Print button to the sidebar
  • CDM-3075 Story - Move the Window Options button to the Utility button
  • CDM-3076 Story - Move the Grid button to the sidebar
  • CDM-3160 Story - Update the record frame layout to use a larger vertical divider that's easier to grab

Report Frame

  • CDM-2854 Story - Add a sidebar to report frames
  • CDM-2855 Story - Always show the preview
  • CDM-2920 Story - Remove the Report File print destination
  • CDM-2939 Story - Update the look and feel for Choose Report Destination
  • CDM-2941 Story - When saving a report to a PDF or text file use the report title for the file name
  • CDM-2950 Story - Remove the ability to print export reports to the screen
  • CDM-3055 Story - Combine the General and Format options on the report frame
  • CDM-3056 Story - When printing a report to the screen use a unique window title
  • CDM-3058 Story - Add the ability to find within screen report content
  • CDM-3059 Story - Ability to show a page list on screen reports
  • CDM-3060 Story - Ability to zoom screen reports
  • CDM-3293 Story - Open the Report Destination window in the center of the screen


  • CDM-120 Story - Remove the "v" prefix from versions in the Web Update window
  • CDM-663 Story - Ability to automatically update using a full installer
  • CDM-903 Story - Change the wording on the message that appears when there are no web updates available
  • CDM-2865 Story - Remove the ability to convert CDM+ 8.1 databases
  • CDM-3078 Story - Enhance the web update on Windows to use the new deployment framework
  • CDM-3108 Story - Download the web update catalog via HTTP
  • CDM-3109 Story - Download core.tgz for web update via HTTP
  • CDM-3152 Story - Add a working message on Windows while extracting core.tgz
  • CDM-3247 Story - Change the current version to check build numbers

Release notes for 10.0 build 6513, released October 27, 2016


  • CDM-3556 Bug - CDM+ on x64 doesn't find the 32-bit Aatrix forms viewer


  • CDM-777 Bug - If an error occurs when saving changes on Accounts Payable Invoices, the program does not recover smoothly
  • CDM-1262 Bug - The Date Range group box on the Range Comparison report is truncated

COG Voting

  • CDM-3478 Bug - Attempting to mark eligible ministers for manual COG voting produces a SQL error
  • CDM-3479 Bug - Closing a manual voting session produces a SQL error
  • CDM-3480 Bug - Minister name is missing from the Eligible Minister Setup Session Setup portion of COG Voting
  • CDM-3482 Bug - Attempting to close a manual voting session without selecting a session produces a SQL error
  • CDM-3487 Bug - When individual record is marked as use 'Preferred Name', the first name is not displaying on the Eligible Ministers Setup window

Check Scanner

  • CDM-3551 Bug - An error occurred attempting a check scan in CDM+ 10.0


  • CDM-3530 Bug - Transfering all contributions only transfers the highlighted contribution
  • CDM-800 Story - Add User Fields to Giving Units

DOC Yearbook

  • CDM-3142 Bug - Importing DOC Yearbook Statistics clears out the minister names

Girls Club Reports

  • CDM-3579 Bug - COG Girls Club Bonus should not be added or deleted from the record frame


  • CDM-1271 Bug - After adding a code to MCS with Address List Maintenance window open, the Code drop down will include Address, Individual and Contribution Codes


  • CDM-3031 Bug - The Investment Activity Statement has the same page for general and report options


  • CDM-1211 Bug - Changing Membership Status caused a primary key error


  • CDM-3534 Bug - Jumping to View Payroll from Accounts Payable Invoices produced a SQL error
  • CDM-3320 Story - Ability to link an employee to an individuals

Record Frame

  • CDM-3124 Bug - Voiding a ledger entry with an offset leaves the window in multi-add mode
  • CDM-3507 Bug - When attempting to print the Grid the report produces an error message suggesting a column set is required
  • CDM-3522 Bug - When Windows scrollbar is present, longer terms like 'Create Recurring' are slightly cut off
  • CDM-3578 Bug - The horizontal divider is not present on the 64-bit version of Windows


  • CDM-3071 Bug - Cannot clear the church assigned to an address record

Report Frame

  • CDM-3501 Bug - Send Email icon on email notices windows blends too closely to title/toolbar color
  • CDM-3571 Bug - Printing to a PDF can produce an error that the file is not found when the file name includes a path separator

Search and Call

  • CDM-519 Bug - The Yearbook Directory will not open from the Reports menu if the Yearbook Directory Text report is also open and vice versa
  • CDM-520 Bug - The DOC General Yearbook Directory and Yearbook Directory Text report menu items have different names for the report
  • CDM-3542 Bug - Saving other phone numbers on minister records doesn't accept data entry
  • CDM-2878 Story - Display the commissioned region for commissioned ministers on the profile
  • CDM-3536 Story - Adjust the Region label on the minister profile

Setup Assistant

  • CDM-3440 Bug - During the initial setup assistant you can no longer install a local database server from Database Browser


  • CDM-3541 Story - Add update channels

User Fields

  • CDM-3343 Bug - When adding a record User Fields doesn't display a blank line for a new field and show a count of 1 under Loose
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