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Post Contributions

If you own CDM+ Accounting and have linked Contributions to Accounting on the Contributions Setup window, the Post Contributions to Ledger menu item will appear on the Contributions menu.

When you have finished entering contributions, select Post Contributions to Ledger from the Contributions menu.

Turn on the checkbox next to the deposit dates of contributions that you wish to post to the ledger. Enter the transaction date either by typing or by clicking on the calendar icon and selecting a date.

If you select multiple deposit dates to be posted, they will be posted to one ledger entry. 

You may preview the posting report by clicking on the Report Preview tab or by clicking on the Print Posting Report Preview button at the bottom of the window. Both of these options allow you to check the posting report on your screen before printing the report. Clicking the Print Posting Report Preview button also gives you the option to send the preview report to your printer. If you see an error in the report, you can correct it before posting the deposit.

Click on the Report Options tab and specify the header, alignment, footer, font and date format options for the posting report.

The Un-Post Contributions tab gives you the ability to un-post ledger entries that have been posted through this window.

After checking the Report Preview for accuracy, click the Post button to execute the posting of the batch totals to the ledger.

Print the final posting report after the posting is complete.

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