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Entering Attendance for a Class

To enter attendance for a class, select Class Attendance from the Attendance menu or click the Class Attendance button on the Windows pane of the Welcome to Attendance window. The Class Attendance Entry window will open.

Begin by clicking the Add button at the bottom left of the window. Once the date and class have been selected, you are ready to enter attendance. If you have selected "Auto load class into 'Attended' list" under Attendance System Preferences, those enrolled in the class will automatically display on the right hand side of the window as seen above. To mark attendance with the auto load feature selected, remove people who were not present that day from the right hand list by double-clicking each name or by selecting multiple names and clicking the Clear Selected button at the bottom of the window.

If you have other people attend the class who have not been marked as members, select either the Individuals or Visitors tab, load names, and mark them as present. When you are done marking the class attendance, click Save.

Entering Class Attendance with a Barcode Scanner

To enter attendance using a barcode scanner, you must use the Barcode Worksheet to mark attendance. If you are going to enter attendance for a class using a barcode reader, do the following:

After you select an Attendance Date and Class Code, click the Scan Barcode button at the bottom of the right-hand panel (see below). Then use the barcode wand reader to scan the barcodes of the enrolled members NOT present on the Barcode Worksheet (assuming the Auto load class into ‘Attended’ list is clicked in Attendance System Preferences)

Contact CDM+ Sales at 877-891-4236 for more information about barcode scanners that are compatible with CDM+.

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