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Is My CDM+ Current?

The development team for CDM+ works hard to add new features and functionality to CDM+ as well as to fix bugs and known problems. New releases of the program incorporate this development work, and so it's important to keep your CDM+ program up to date. 

What is the current version?

You can navigate to the Download section of the Help Center and click Latest, but the easiest and quickest way to check the current release of CDM+ is to click Download Latest at the top right of this page. This will take you to the current download page. In this example, the current release is version 11.0.3.

What Version of CDM+ Am I Using?

You can check your version of CDM+ by choosing About CDM+ from CDM+ menu (Mac) or the File menu (Windows). Go to the System Information tab, and look at the CDM+ Version. If your version number matches the version number from the Downloads page, you are using the current version of CDM+.

How Do I Update?

If you are currently enrolled in Premier Support, there is no charge to update your CDM+ program. Return to the Help Center, and click Download Latest for the current release. Then click the Windows 7+ link to download the installer for Windows, or click the macOS link to download the installer for your macOS computer.

If you are upgrading from a version of CDM+ older than 10.0, please read Upgrading from CDM+ 8.2 or later before attempting to update CDM+. If your CDM+ is older than version 8.2, call CDM+ Support at 1-800-633-9581. Our Data Services department will need to assist you with that upgrade. 

If you are updating from CDM+ 10.0 or later, though, run the installer on your computer, then open CDM+. CDM+ will prompt you to update the database. Click Install Update to complete the process. Any other users of CDM+ will be prompted to update their program when they open CDM+.

If you are not on Premier Support, call CDM+ Sales at 1-877-891-4236. Our sales team can give you a price to renew Premier Support or to purchase the upgrade.

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