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Credit/Debit Cards and Bank Account Transactions

How can I try out my tool? I don't want to charge my credit/debit care or take any money out of my bank account.

Tools that accept payments have a mode that can be set on the tool's options page. Set the mode to Test

To test credit or debit card transactions, use:

  • this dummy credit card number -- 4111111111111111 (4 + 15 ones, no spaces or dashes)
  • any expiration month and year
  • any 3 digits in the CVV (security) code field

To test bank account transactions, use:

  • a valid routing number
  • a fake account number

After you are finished testing the tool, remember to go into Options and set the mode to Live.

I'm using test mde but getting an error when I try to charge a card. What do I do?

Make sure you are using the correct dummy credit card number with no spaces or dashes. Refer to the email you received with your WMT and merchant account login information.

How do I void (refund) a transaction?

Use the 2021-01-07_15-27-23_Payment Administration feature.

How do I get an account with a payment processor?

Talk to our sales team ( (877) 891-4236) who can provide information about setting up an account with Stewardship Technology for payment processing.

How do I process online gifts made with credit cards in CDM+ Contributions and Accounting?

Refer to the CDM+ Electronic Banking Transaction.

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