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Assigning Position Codes to Individuals

For each church in your state or region, you will need to assign one of the two permissible Position codes to the persons who will be using the Women's Report Tool to submit their reports/payments electronically.

Find the person in Individual Records and click on the Church tab. This pane of the Individual Records window in the COG Regional version is used to indicate a person's Church affiliation and any Position held there.

If the person does not have a church already listed in the Church column, click the Add Church button and select the church from the drop list. Then select the appropriate Position code from the drop list under Position. Click Save.

If the Individual already has a church assigned, click the Change button and select the appropriate Position code from the drop list under Position. Click Save.

Valid Email Address Required

Each person who will be submitting Women's Reports electronically through CDM+ Web Ministry Tool must have a valid email address to be able to log in to the tool.

Before leaving this person's Individual Record, click on the Phones/Email tab and ensure that you have a good email address listed there.

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