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Payment Processing

If you have a merchant account for use with a Suran product, you will be subject to the Terms and Conditions and Privacy Policy of the processor for your merchant account.


Paragon, a subsidiary of Paya and Nuvei, became Suran’s payment processing platform in March 2023.

A copy of the notice provided to clients with a Stewardship Technology merchant account is provided here.

For clients who added a merchant account after the move to Paragon, ignore the first page of this notice. You can also consult your merchant account onboarding documentation for a copy of the contract you signed.

StewardshipToParagon Merchant Services Agreement and Addendum Final.pdf

Stewardship Technology

Stewardship Technology was Suran’s payment processor for payments from 2010 through April 2023. Stewardship Technology still provides Payroll Direct Deposit processing.

A copy of the merchant application is provided here to reference the included Terms and Conditions.

Stewardship-CDM+ Application.pdf

Stewardship Technology Privacy Policy

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