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Create an Invoice

Add Sales Order Income Account

In order to create an invoice from a Sales Order payment, you will need to first add a Sales Order Income account.

  1. Go to CDM+  Preferences  CDM+ System

  2. Select the Sales Orders tab

  3. Click the Select Account icon - the Select Account window will open

  4. Select an income account and click OK

  5. Click Save

Create an Invoice

Once you have created the Sales Order Income Account, you can create Sales Orders with an Invoice payment type.

  1. Go to Program Sales Orders Sales Order Records

  2. Click Add on the sidebar

  3. Enter Customer code or name

  4. Enter Sales Order Line Items

  5. Under the Payments section, click on the Method dropdown and select Invoice

  6. Enter the remaining payment information if necessary

  7. Click Save

This will create an AR Invoice which can then be posted to Ledger.

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