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SAAS vs. Traditional

Traditional licenses are no longer available for purchase. Traditional plans are available for clients who previously purchased a traditional license.

What is SAAS and Traditional?

Software As A Service (SAAS) and Traditional are different types of licenses. These licenses affect how CDM+ is purchased, how you access your data if you no longer want to use CDM+, and which services are bundled with the software license.


Virtually all purchases from 2015 and later

Purchases from 2014 and earlier

Cost of CDM+Built into the monthly feeOne lump sum paid up front
Cost of ServicesHigher than Traditional since software is included Lower than SAAS since software isn't included 
Phone and Email SupportIncludedOptional
Can Self-HostNoYes
When Cancelling Service Can obtain a CSV data dumpCan move data in-house it not already present

Can I move from SAAS to Traditional?

Yes, by purchasing a Traditional license at 40% of the cost of a new purchase ($200/program, $60/license).

Can I move from Traditional to SAAS?

Yes, by forfeiting your Traditional license. This usually only makes sense if you are upgrading from an old version of CDM+ or if one of the new plans offers a cost savings.

How do I know if I have a SAAS or Traditional License?

In CDM+, go to CDM+ (macOS) or File (Windows) About CDM+ System Information. Your license model is listed here.

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