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Labels/Envelopes and Name Badges

Go to Reports Membership Reports Labels Individual Labels/Envelopes.

On the Search tab, run a search for the specific group you want to create labels for.

Next, click on the Labels/Envelopes tab. Click on the arrow beside the word Labels to see dozens of label options, most of which correspond to Avery or Avery-equivalent labels commonly available through office supply retailers. Select the one you want by clicking on it once.

After selecting the labels, preview the results by clicking the Refresh icon.


Please note these additional items on the Label report window:

Mark/Un-Mark Fav. - If you use the same label setup often, you can mark it as a Favorite to promote it to the top of your list of available options. If you no longer use that label setup, un-mark it as a Favorite and you'll no longer see it at the top. 

Click labels to skip them on the first page - If you are starting with a partial sheet of labels, click to highlight where the missing labels appear on your sheet and CDM+ will skip those spaces. This applies only to the first sheet of labels.

To add your own label, click Add on the bottom of the list of labels. To edit an existing label, click Edit on the bottom of the list of labels. Fill in the correct information and click OK when you are finished.

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