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Mobile Barcode Attendance

Tap the Barcode Attendance icon on the Launcher page to open the Barcode Attendance feature of CDM+ Mobile.

This feature is not available for devices that do not have a camera.

The Barcode Attendance setup page will allow you to change the attendance date by tapping the date and selecting your new date. 

You can set the barcode attendance scanner to Kiosk Mode using the Kiosk Mode switch. Kiosk Mode will require you to enter in your PIN to exit the Barcode Attendance app, or to flip the camera.

Select a Group to start the scanner.

The scanner will scan for individual barcodes. If it finds a valid barcode, it will mark that individual for attendance. Otherwise it will display an error.

By tapping the Flip icon in the bottom right corner (on Android press the + button first), the camera will flip between back and front cameras.

The Flip function is only available for devices with both front and back cameras.

You can produce name badges with attendance barcodes using the Individual Name Badges report in CDM+.

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