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CDM+ Mobile 2.7.1 (iOS)

DateMay 3, 2022
7 issues
iOS Build Number1195
Android Build Numbern/a

Important highlights from this release

  • Bug fix release

All updates for this release


  • MOBILE-1145 Bug - Individual Record Photo is NOT changing to the correct photo when it is changed in Engage or CDM Desktop
  • MOBILE-1176 Bug - Cannot remove group membership (iOS)
  • MOBILE-1180 Bug - Icons for individual sections are blurred on iOS 5th generation iPad


  • MOBILE-1171 Sub-task - Swapping between iOS and Android for demo database doesn't work (iOS)
  • MOBILE-1174 Bug - Entering a transfer code incorrectly does not give an error in iOS


  • MOBILE-1152 Bug - App crashes when saving receipt in iOS 9.3


  • MOBILE-1164 Bug - When accessing individuals from reminders, cannot enter new visitation or pastoral records
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