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CDM+ Mobile 2.4.0

DateJuly 21, 2021
30 issues
iOS Build Number1179
Android Build Number1111

Important highlights from this release

This update includes a number of bug fixes.

All updates for this release


  • MOBILE-992 Story - Smooth accessibility fonts


  • MOBILE-1058 Bug - Android incorrectly prompts to transfer in Demo mode
  • MOBILE-1032 Story - Update android UI for multiple provisions
  • MOBILE-1044 Story - Show the organization logo on the login window on Android


  • MOBILE-1072 Bug - Cannot use barcode scanning for Check-In when provisioned for a single event

Data Access

  • MOBILE-1081 Story - Mobile should use 443 port on ferret


  • MOBILE-1073 Bug - Android tablet crashes when accessing individuals
  • MOBILE-1077 Bug - "No map available" in demo mode iOS


  • MOBILE-1053 Bug - After logging out, if you press the android system back button, it logs you in without a pin
  • MOBILE-1059 Bug - iOS incorrectly prompts to transfer in Demo mode
  • MOBILE-1060 Bug - iOS freezes when switching from one provision to another
  • MOBILE-1075 Bug - Deleting provision while open in Android causes error
  • MOBILE-1076 Bug - Font glitching on login screen for iOS 12 & 13
  • MOBILE-901 Story - Show the organization logo on the login window
  • MOBILE-1017 Story - Update multiple provisions on iOS with better UI
  • MOBILE-1039 Story - Prevent using CDM+ Mobile without a supported plan
  • MOBILE-1047 Story - Show the organization logo in the login window


  • MOBILE-1008 Bug - Need a uuid check for provisions
  • MOBILE-1012 Bug - Installing iOS version with multiple provisions wipes provision data
  • MOBILE-1013 Bug - iOS hangs if you delete bad provision
  • MOBILE-1033 Bug - The warning screen about the provision being wrong needs a wording change
  • MOBILE-352 Story - Ability to easily switch between multiple provisions
  • MOBILE-1006 Story - Updating to the use multiple provision switching should not delete current provision


  • MOBILE-1031 Bug - Android loads wrong group for sms
  • MOBILE-1074 Bug - CDM+ Mobile for Android does not have the option to send SMS even though the user can send SMS messages from phone.


  • MOBILE-1064 Bug - iOS doesn't get visitation notifications after transfer
  • MOBILE-1020 Story - Enhance iOS multiple provisions to work with visitation


  • MOBILE-984 Story - Display blank rows on tables with a placeholder noting the record is blank
  • MOBILE-989 Story - Move FaceID/TouchID to a dedicated button
  • MOBILE-1019 Story - Update calendars on iOS
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