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About CDM+ Mobile

CDM+ Mobile is a companion app to CDM+ Church Management Software. With CDM+ Mobile, you can connect to  your CDM+ data in meaningful and useful ways wherever you are.

With CDM+ Mobile you can:

  • View personal and family information on Individuals in your CDM+ database
  • Call an Individual in your database, if using CDM+ Mobile on a smartphone
  • Send email or text messages to an Individual or a Group
  • See the Groups to which an Individual belongs
  • See a Map to a family's Address Record, tap the map to enlarge
  • See Photos of Individuals in your database, tap the photo to enlarge
  • Add Individual Photos to your CDM+ database from your mobile device
  • Enter Pastoral Notes and Visitation Notes on Individuals, see past notes detailing pastoral care and contacts
  • Schedule Reminders for yourself or others
  • Receive text alerts for Reminders on your mobile devices
  • Send Reminder alerts to other staff or group leaders on their mobile devices
  • View Reminders -- including those created for you by others -- by day, week or month
  • View birthday and anniversary Reminders on your mobile device
  • Track Attendance
  • Perform Check-In from your iPad® or Android™ tablet 
  • Perform Check-Out, optionally using your device's camera to scan barcodes
  • Send Mass Emails
  • Enter Receipts into Accounts Payable, including scans
  • And for regional users, view Church information.

The CDM+ Mobile app is free and requires CDM+ Data Hosting.

Each feature requires an underlying program in your CDM+ suite. For instance, personal information such as home address, phone numbers, email addresses, and birthdays are stored in CDM+ Membership, as is attendance; visitation, reminders, and pastoral information also require the CDM+ Membership program; CDM+ Contributions provides in-person and online giving history; and the multipurpose CDM+ Check-In/Check-Out program can be used with CDM+ Mobile for secure, staffed check-in and out for infants and children while also facilitating easy-to-use, self-serve check-in stations for teens and adults.

CDM+ Mobile works on devices running iOS or Android. You control access to data by provisioning each device for its intended use, and you can disable a device at any time. 

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