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Receiving Gifts from Engage

When a gift is made through Engage, a number of steps occur.

Email confirmations

When a giver makes a gift through Engage, the giver will receive a few different emails.

Thank You Email

As soon as the gift is created, a "Thank You" email will be sent to the giver with information about the gift.  That email will look something like this:

Staff notification

Any staff email addresses entered in the Engage Giving options in WMT will receive an email notifying them of the new gift. The formatting is slightly different for a gift from a guest versus a logged-in user.

Recurring contribution has been processed

CDM+ will send an email for recurring contributions that have been processed as CDM+ creates a contribution record for that transaction. This email will be sent to the giver's preferred email address and to all staff email addresses.

This email looks like this:

Normally, these emails will be sent around 6:00 a.m. Eastern time when a schedule jobs detected the gift has been processed that day and inserts contributions records for the transaction. In care this schedule job doesn't run, perhaps due to a server outage, this email will not be sent. However, contributions will be created when Deposit Processing is next opened.

How transactions appear to the giver

When funds are withdrawn, the giver may see a slightly unusual charge on their credit card or bank statement. The church or organization's name will appear, but the city of Mount Vernon, Ohio will be listed. This is because Stewardship Technology is based in Mt. Vernon, OH.

Merging duplicate records in CDM+

If the giver created a new account, you will have these new records in CDM+:

  • Address
  • Individual
  • Giving Unit
  • Email address

It's possible one or more of these records will be duplicates of an existing record in CDM+. You can follow this process to merge these duplicates and maintain clean data.

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