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Register for an Event

When an Engage user selects Events from the Engage menu, Engage will take them to the Event Registration screen. The Event Registration screen displays all future events which have not been closed (based on the Event information in CDM+), and which have a Single Event Registration Tool that has been published to Engage.

To begin registration for an event, the Engage user will click or tap on the Register button for the event. This will launch the published Single Event Registration Tool. The tool assumes that the person with the Individual Record corresponding to this Engage account is registering for the event. If that person has not already registered for the event, Engage will populate the form with information from the Individual and Address Records.

If the person is already registered for the event, Engage will display a red warning box and will not populate fields on the form.

The Engage user can choose to register themselves for the event or register someone else. To register as someone else, tap or click the Click here to register as someone else link. If the Single Event Registration Tool allows the link to CDM+ Membership, the tool displays the Select Individual button to look up an Individual Record in CDM+ and connect the registration to that individual.

Clicking Next Step will continue to activity selection and payment according to options select on the Single Event Registration Tool.

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