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Engage Event Setup

Engage Events provides the ability to register and pay for events within Engage. When a user is logged into their Engage account and chooses to register for an event, Engage will populate the registration tool with information from their Individual and Address Records.

Events available for registration are created using the Single Event Registration Tool (SERT) within Web Ministry Tools. When a SERT is published to Engage, it becomes available for registration until either registration for the event is closed in CDM+ or the event starting date has passed.

Create the Event

Engage Events creates a registration entry for Event Records in CDM+. To add an event to Engage Events, start by creating the Event Record in CDM+.

Create the Registration Tool

Engage Events provides the registration form using the Single Event Registration Tool in Web Ministry Tools. The second step in adding an event to Engage Events is to create a Single Event Registration Tool.

Publish the Registration Tool to Engage

Choose the Publish action on the Single Event Registration Tool to publish the event to Engage.

At the bottom of the Publish window, check the box labelled Publish this tool to Engage. This will make the event available to Engage Events users until the registration is closed or passed.

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