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Before You Begin

Before rolling Engage out to members of your church or organization, it is important that, to the best of your ability, you make sure you have current email addresses attached to individuals in your CDM+ database.

When a person creates an Engage account, Engage will ask them for an email address. Engage will then use the email address to see if the person already exists in your database. If so, the person's Engage account will be connected to their records.If Engage does not find a matching email address or if the individual chooses to create a new account, the following records will be created in CDM+:

  • Individual
  • Address
  • Contact Number (email)
  • Giving Unit

See Processing new accounts in CDM+ for instructions on how to handle these new accounts.

Doing the up-front work to have current email addresses can prevent unnecessary creation of duplicate records.

Once you've reviewed your CDM+ database, begin by Administering Engage.

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