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2024-06-24 Release Notes


June 24, 2024


23 issues

Important highlights from this release

  • Enhancements to Merchant in settings

  • Various minor enhancements and fixes

All updates for this release

Data Import

  • API-1890 Bug - Ledger Import continues to spin even though file contains all required fields.

  • API-1897 Bug - Ledger Import spins endlessly when an integer is used for the Transaction Date field

  • API-1898 Bug - Receiving Error for Vendor Import for Not Required Fields


  • API-1889 Bug - designation_detail_with_contact_info does not return correct results


  • ENG-3240 Story - Change "Cancel" to "Back" and "Delete to Cancel" on pop-up confirming stopping a recurring schedule

Payment System

  • ENG-3053 Story - Add payment type box to registration payment and billing payment pages

Push Notifications

  • FER-240 Story - Migrate legacy Firebase Cloud Messaging credentials and endpoint to service account and HTTP v1


  • ENG-3154 Story - Merchant Engage Settings Polish

Tech Stack

UCC Data Hub

  • ENG-3231 Bug - Opening conference details throws "An error occurred"

  • API-1707 Story - Handle errors creating/updating a V3 record

  • API-1813 Story - CRUD endpoints for optional web presence

  • API-1884 Story - Only return displayed prof_dev_trainings columns in other_detail_preferences

  • API-1885 Story - Add end year to conference staff returned fields

  • API-1900 Story - Fix association declarations to `Ucc:Church` model

  • ENG-3067 Story - Decrease vertical space in prof dev training to be like conference staff

  • ENG-3071 Story - Create Header for Professional/Dev Training Column

  • ENG-3115 Story - Add End Year Column for Staff with Historical or All Filters are selected

  • ENG-3120 Story - Use collapsible table for worship times

UCC Profiles Portal

  • API-1895 Story - Handle nil values in update_ministry_position_support

  • API-1896 Story - Handle nil values in update_ministry_position_reflection

  • ENG-3238 Story - Set input back to 0 for Salary when it is blank

  • ENG-3239 Story - Set input back to 0 for hours in meetings when blank

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