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2024-06-10 Release Notes


June 10, 2024


20 issues

Important highlights from this release

  • Various minor enhancements and fixes

All updates for this release

Chaplain's Forms

  • DHM-606 Story - Add a confirmation message when clicking Renew Regional Reference


  • API-1872 Story - Create Controller, Modal, Serializer, and FM3 config for `` resource


  • WMT-1659 Story - Add more wording while processing payment so registrant knows it might take a minute and to not hit the back arrow or refresh button


  • ENG-2567 Bug - Giving Statement Batches on Admin menu for databases without Contributions


  • ENG-3050 Bug - Engage does not load at the top of page on transition

Payment System

  • API-1880 Story - Update expense_account_number to expense_account_id

  • API-1882 Story - Add fraud checks for adding/editing payment methods

  • ENG-3201 Story - Add fraud checks for adding/editing payment methods


  • ENG-3175 Story - Update expense_account_number to expense_account_id

Suran Web Framework

  • ENG-3195 Story - Build `type-to-search` inputs and UI Controls

  • ENG-3202 Story - Add `type-to-search` components to Component Store

  • ENG-3182 Sub-task - In Safari, drop-list needs to fit the size of the component's border

Tech Stack

  • ENG-3216 Story - Replace TinyMCE

UCC Data Hub

  • ENG-3104 Bug - When you "Add" options under Conference Finance, the text box are not following the same pattern as the other finance fields.

  • ENG-3208 Bug - Unable to open or add conference finance records

  • ENG-3033 Story - Add Fields to Church's Details Component

  • ENG-3135 Story - Provide the ability to clear the value in the Multi-Conference field

  • ENG-3141 Story - Add Tool Tip for "Add Record" for Conference Finance

UCC Profiles Portal

  • ENG-3111 Bug - Draft view of minister profile URL shows 'Minister Profile'

  • ENG-3119 Story - Rename "Save and Quit" button and remove "Go Back" on LCP

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