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2024-04-10 Release Notes


April 10, 2024


44 issues

Important highlights from this release

  • UCC Local Church Profile Work

  • UCC Data Hub Work

  • Engage for DBPayroll

  • Bug fixes and enhancements

All updates for this release


  • ENG-2483 Bug - Admin should not be able to email statement if "Email Statement" is false

  • ENG-2863 Bug - Gift date is not printing on receipt shown on the browser window after gift is submitted when given as a guest

  • API-1734 Story - Decrease waittime of giving set sorting operation


  • ENG-2691 Story - Universal Navigation for DBPayroll


  • API-1834 Story - Update Notification Emails for DBPayroll Engage to use DB Branding and links.

Payment System

  • API-1817 Bug - 'Sort Order' on transaction links is not always set


  • API-1751 Story - Ability to log into Engage with a DBPayroll Database

  • API-1827 Story - Endpoint to return time off totals

  • API-1830 Story - Ability to create a new engage account with DBPayroll database

  • ENG-2693 Story - Don't try to create account holder, account holder link or giving unit for DBPayroll databases

  • ENG-2955 Story - Add time off for DBPayroll to paystub

  • ENG-3014 Story - Add a note in Engage DBPayroll for time off explaining current balances

  • ENG-3015 Story - Add DB Branding to Engage Footer


  • API-1824 Bug - List of churches in Engage when editing the church you are connected to shows in random order

Suran Web Framework

  • ENG-2884 Story - Enhance relationship management in SWF | Association Finances -> Associations

  • ENG-2980 Story - Select contents of a entry field when entering the field

UCC Data Hub

  • ENG-2933 Bug - Housing allowance does not appear in draft view of local church profile

  • ENG-2941 Bug - Sidebar of local church remains on narrow screen widths

  • ENG-2970 Bug - Remove ending comma in Conference and Association Card View

  • API-1816 Story - API Changes for Adding Conferences

  • API-1818 Story - Create a Region Field for Conferences

  • API-1820 Story - Save/Return other_corporations for conferences

  • API-1825 Story - Return other_corporations and search_and_call for conferences as rich text types

  • API-1828 Story - Remove Region ID from Conference List View

  • API-1832 Story - Standardize Capitalization through Conference Finances

  • API-1833 Story - Update Conference Ministerial Dues Amount Per Member

  • ENG-2623 Story - Ability to manage conference finances

  • ENG-2817 Story - Have the Address Types aligned horizontally

  • ENG-2946 Story - Companion to API-1818

  • ENG-2947 Story - Add Other Corporation Field to Conferences

UCC Profiles Portal

  • ENG-2888 Bug - Attempt to save Church Finances page appears to hang Engage

  • ENG-2966 Bug - 'Who Is God Calling to Minister with Us?' section does not appear in view mode

  • API-1821 Story - Save/Return capital campaign file or link

  • API-1823 Story - Remove columns that are used in Check if Yes

  • ENG-2885 Story - Make Section Headers match Sidebar Menu Titles

  • ENG-2892 Story - Replace all "&" with "and"

  • ENG-2913 Story - Gray out other options when "None" is selected for Just World Covenant Partners

  • ENG-2932 Story - Listing Information shows No Response for compensation guidelines in draft view

  • ENG-2934 Story - Remove "Check if Yes" box in Compensation Table

  • ENG-2936 Story - Hide Replaced profiles on the Church Positions page

  • ENG-2937 Story - Include Capital Campaigns section in draft view of local church profile

  • ENG-2940 Story - Make other additional reimbursements appear in left column without markup in draft view

  • ENG-2943 Story - When displaying links in view mode, display Type value from MCS

  • ENG-2951 Story - Show budget file in church finances on view version

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