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2024-02-20 Release Notes


February 20, 2024


33 issues

Important highlights from this release

  • Groundwork for next-generation development

  • UCC Profiles Portal and Data Hub Enhancements

  • Bug fixes and other minor enhancements

All updates for this release

API Integration

  • API-1762 Story - Make `multi_conference_id` non-required when making a POST req


  • API-1754 Story - Make `address2` non-required for address records


  • DHM-604 Story - Add logo for CDM-11867


  • UPD-29 Story - Update the Confluence API to work with Cloud

Data Access

  • API-1760 Story - Enhancements for managing resource links (ENG-2654)

Field Manager

  • API-1759 Story - Fieldmanager enhancements for managing resources


  • ENG-2684 Bug - Giving statements emailed message reads undefined instead of count

Master Coding System

  • API-1756 Story - Add endpoint for `prof_dev_training` master codes

  • API-1761 Story - Only return groups that are groups for Mobile


  • FER-244 Story - Populate type for mobile.provisionlookup


  • ENG-2536 Bug - Privacy Settings does not have a consistent banner color


  • FER-237 Story - Track provision type in ferret

Suran Web Framework

  • ENG-2697 Bug - No contact info message reads "no addresses linked to this record"

  • ENG-2641 Story - Ability to see header bar as user scrolls on list views

  • ENG-2650 Story - Build Show Actions

  • ENG-2652 Story - Ability to add a new resource

  • ENG-2654 Story - Ability to Manage Resource Links

  • ENG-2658 Story - Ability to Delete Resource

  • ENG-2675 Story - Build a Resource Detail Array Component

  • ENG-2744 Story - Improve error handling on `:POST` & `:PUT` requests

  • ENG-2655 Sub-task - Ability to add new resource links

  • ENG-2657 Sub-task - Ability to delete resource links

  • ENG-2660 Sub-task - Ability to show none

  • ENG-2708 Sub-task - Generalize related resource class to handle all link records

Tech Stack

  • UPD-30 Story - Update ruby version to 3.1.2 and rails to 7.0.3

UCC Data Hub

  • ENG-2574 Bug - Add new in conference details does not remove associated records

  • ENG-2616 Bug - No phone/email messages do not display correctly in Data Hub details

  • ENG-2695 Bug - In Safari, the details view in edit mode displays a spinner

  • ENG-2696 Bug - If a conference has no finance or training records, the container displays 'No address records'

  • ENG-2673 Story - Ability to add Professional/Dev Training record

  • ENG-2678 Story - Build Professional/Dev Training component

  • ENG-2694 Story - Ability to edit Professional/Dev Training record

UCC Profiles Portal

  • ENG-2590 Story - Remove blue question mark icons on the Ecclesiastical Authorization for Ministry page

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