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2024-02-07 Release Notes


February 7, 2024


46 issues

Important highlights from this release

  • Public API Enhancements

  • Engage Navigation Polish

  • Groundwork for next-generation development

  • Online Giving Statement Enhancements

  • UCC Profiles Portal and Data Hub Enhancements

  • Bug Fixes

All updates for this release

API Integration

  • API-1715 Story - Show the expected date format in the documentation for all exposed endpoints that take a date as a parameter

  • API-1739 Story - Add deposit date to pay/check_gifts_report output


  • API-1733 Story - Replace `EmailLinkController` with `ContactInfoController`

Data Access

  • API-1700 Story - Optimize V3 index requests (response time target: < 4 sec)

  • API-1752 Story - Results count should factor in filters

Data Import

  • API-1678 Story - import_config endpoint


  • ENG-1223 Bug - Giving Sets Not in the Same Order

  • API-1732 Bug - Cannot create a giving statement batch with a single quote in memo

  • API-1738 Bug - Other giving sets not updated when creating new giving set

  • API-1753 Bug - New Gift can save same Giving URL on creation

  • ENG-2453 Bug - "Email All Published" success swal gives total number of giving statements, not the number emailed

  • ENG-2638 Bug - New Gift URL can have duplicate URL upon creation

  • API-1703 Story - Enhance online contribution statements batch delete endpoint to handle soft delete

  • API-1744 Story - Add total_published to get giving statement batch endpoint

  • ENG-2351 Story - Allow soft-deletion of giving statement batches

Minister Profile Web

  • DHM-569 Story - Handle nil value of censure


  • ENG-2585 Story - Don't highlight the user name when working under user menu items

  • ENG-2586 Story - Always drop down the menu when clicking a primary menu item

Payment System

  • API-1680 Bug - Error when trying to open options of SERT when a database has NULL credentials


  • ENG-2603 Bug - YTD Payroll shows NaN instead of 0.00 for YTD Gross and YTD Net


  • API-1743 Story - Replace Email Link controller, model, serializer to be Contact Info Link

Suran Web Framework

  • ENG-2577 Story - Vertical Results Set

  • ENG-2578 Story - Build Card Component for Resource

  • ENG-2614 Story - Build SWF Breadcrumbs Dock v2

  • ENG-2615 Story - Build SWF Actions Dock V2

  • ENG-2624 Story - Build SWF contact component

  • ENG-2653 Story - Ability to edit resource

  • ENG-2656 Story - Ability to edit resource links

  • ENG-2688 Story - Ability to toggle various views

  • ENG-2587 Sub-task - Build Filter Bar Component

UCC Data Hub

  • ENG-2609 Bug - 'Details' component does not render as expected in Safari

  • ENG-2611 Bug - Data hub Card Details view requires page reload to expose email, phone, address

  • API-1685 Story - Update the way conferences and associations are retrieved for minister profile to use default code values

  • API-1731 Story - Expose `prof_dev_trainings` and `conference_finances`

  • ENG-2622 Story - Inline grid to add/edit professional/development training

  • ENG-2626 Story - Polish Address Component

UCC Profiles Portal

  • API-1735 Bug - Available Start Date Should NOT be a required field for Minister SnapShot

  • API-1736 Bug - Profile download records aren't inserted like expected

  • ENG-1943 Bug - Multiple web presences are added when doing a lot of adding/deleting

  • ENG-2610 Bug - UCC minister home page displays 'Validated' message for profiles that are not in circulation

  • ENG-2679 Bug - Choosing draft profile when have published profile highlights published profile

  • API-1737 Story - Return data about profile downloads

  • ENG-2375 Story - Display profile downloads to a minister

  • ENG-2618 Story - Update The ARDA and MissionInsite text in the UCC Profiles Portal

  • ENG-2619 Story - Update Text for Church Position Page to be Standard Profile and Short-Form Profile

  • ENG-2627 Story - Update a broken link on Ministry Essays on the UCC Minister Profiles portal

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