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2023-12-05 Release Notes

DateDecember 5, 2023
63 issues

Important highlights from this release

  • Essentials registration confirmation notice enhancements
  • UCC Data Hub underlayment
  • Fixes and minor enhancements

All updates for this release

API Integration

  • API-1682 Story - Refactor commented out endpoint tests that were really slow
  • API-1683 Story - Build endpoint for mock configuration data

Access Control Policies

  • API-1671 Story - Add new ucc view columns to mock ACP data


  • API-1704 Story - `address2` should not be required when creating an `address.address`

Data Access

  • ENG-2520 Bug - [Hotfix] Do not call acps endpoint when individual is undefined


  • FER-242 Story - Add function to return status for NAG-110
  • WMT-1646 Story - Add function to return status for NAG-110
  • API-1686 Story - Fix UCC tests

Error Handling

  • API-1706 Story - Handle when there are errors deleting a V3 record


  • API-1711 Bug - Extra transaction link created for fee assist
  • API-1713 Bug - Text Giving has extra transaction link from fee assist


  • ENG-2502 Story - Create a component to manage physical addresses

Master Coding System

  • API-1692 Story - Add `address_types` method to `MasterCodesController`


  • ENG-2530 Bug - No log out option when on Payment Methods, Privacy Settings or Profile page
  • ENG-2531 Bug - Incorrect page highlighted for Privacy Settings and Payment Methods
  • ENG-2532 Bug - Payment method button is white
  • ENG-2550 Bug - More menu not closing when submenu is selected
  • ENG-2460 Story - Use universal navigation interface in SWF
  • ENG-2504 Story - Universal Navigation for the Data Hub


  • API-1651 Bug - Event Registration Notification emails display UTC time rather than the time for the correct timezone
  • API-1690 Bug - Payment information not displaying correctly on confirmation email
  • API-1595 Story - Create notification and endpoint for CDM-11390
  • API-1645 Story - Enhance expiring cards emails to use fcgivingunit description
  • API-1676 Story - Remove extra Response from failed transaction emails
  • API-1684 Story - Show the time and timezone for essentials event registration emails if the event is not an all day event

Payment System

  • API-1657 Bug - Error thrown when there isn't a payment merchant when trying to get available payment methods
  • API-1537 Story - Ignore the error about not being able to delete first ACH account and just mark as inactive
  • API-1644 Story - Replace use of sst.database_in_live_mode() with pay.live_mode()


  • API-1191 Bug - Error thrown when accessing individual_groups_controller#can_access_group
  • API-1402 Bug - Convert `change.first` to int in `app/views/staff_mailer/birthdate_updated.text.erb`


  • API-1691 Story - Add `phone_link` model, controller, and serializer

Record Results

  • ENG-2507 Story - Add 'Simple Filter' to 'Index' page
  • ENG-2533 Story - Extend SWF index page container to full-screen width

Single Event Registration Tool

  • WMT-1562 Bug - Embedding an event registration tool causes the event times to show in UTC
  • WMT-1624 Bug - Overbooking unchecks each time you view SERT options
  • WMT-1637 Bug - Entering a large number for amount of an activity can crash the SERT
  • WMT-1649 Story - Change event registration payments to call API endpoint directly so timezone header will be passed

Suran Web Framework

  • ENG-2463 Story - Build resource pages based on access
  • ENG-2466 Story - Build resource actions based on access
  • ENG-2517 Story - Expose SWF only in 'development' and 'main'
  • ENG-2519 Story - Fit SWF interface into UN interface

Tech Stack

  • API-1415 Story - Stub network calls to Tempe in tests

UCC Data Hub

  • API-1607 Story - Enforce JSON API spec within the API
  • API-1611 Story - Endpoint for region and church resources
  • API-1647 Story - Endpoints for `ucc.[association, conference, multi_conference]`
  • API-1663 Story - Expose UCC Regional data
  • API-1664 Story - Include Phones and Emails when pulling data for a single UCC Regional resource
  • API-1665 Story - Include addresses with UCC Regional records
  • API-1666 Story - Link Professional/Development Training to a Conference
  • API-1672 Story - Ability to search results from API index call
  • API-1673 Story - CRUD enpdoints for association finances
  • API-1674 Story - CRUD enpdoints for conference finances
  • API-1675 Story - CRUD enpdoints for other finances
  • API-1705 Story - Fix required params for `multi-conferences`, `conferences` and `associations`
  • API-1712 Story - Set the tableName to `regional.region` for UCC View in FMC
  • ENG-2414 Story - Expose data hub in Engage based on access
  • ENG-2416 Story - Expose resources based on access (scaffolding)
  • ENG-2462 Story - Expose `ucc.[association, conference, multi_conference]` resources to SWF

UCC Profiles Portal

  • API-1669 Bug - Viewing a particular snapshot in the UCC profiles portal throws an error
  • API-1698 Bug - Updating small/local church profile option does not save
  • ENG-2190 Bug - On the Local Church Profile, Engage displays 'false' for Other Expectations
  • ENG-2534 Story - Allow access to all churches in the conference when choosing Conference only for a local church validator position

WMT Administration

  • WMT-1635 Bug - Editing WMT users shows old tools
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